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Guys, who even cares about the Arnie/Mia or Arnie/Maisie drama anymore? Maisie's got MFCBTO now. I admit I disliked Arnie when the drama was actually happening, but I mean MFCBTO is 100 times more fun.

this entire generation is based solely on bowling so idk why people are still trying to take me so seriously

Peterick For Beginners

Is the closest mankind will ever get to angels on earth, has at most two low quality shirtless photos of himself available on the internet, once wrote an entire song about a prostitute in his solo career and still used the word “crap” instead of shit.


  • Yugyeom: i just wish we can all get along like we used to when we trained. i wish that i can bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we'd all eat it and be happy.
  • Jin: he doesn't even go here!
  • Namjoon: are you even with bighit..?
  • Yugyeom: no.. i just have a lot of feelings.
  • Jungkook: Yugyeom...go home..
Stranger Things- Snowball 1984 Headcanons
  • Everyone is talking about the Snowball, like one month before it.
  • Nancy decides what Mike will wear but Mike dont like any of this, so she just gives him a black suit and a bow tie. ‘’Seriously Nancy? A bow tie!?’’
  • The boys found the bow tie funny but Eleven thought that it was cute. So he wore it. 
  • Nancy decides to go to Snowball with Jonathan… and Steve…
  • Will is the one who takes care on El’s hair. ‘’It HURTS Will’’, ‘’Yes, El of course iit hurts, because you move ALL the time!’’
  • Joyce goes to find a dress for Eleven. El actually dont like any of this but Joyce really wants to find something good for her so they buy a white fluffy dress.
  • Max wore a purple suit because she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinnion. I already love her tho.
  • While Will is doing El’s hair she asks him ‘’So… do you want to dance with Mike?’’ because poor Will doesn’t have anyone to dance with. Will feels really bad and embarassed. But El smiles and comforts him. ‘’You know you can dance with him if you want i don’t have a problem.’’ ‘’Really?’’ ‘’Sure Will.’’
  • Mike gives to Eleven a sunflower he found in his garden. She wear it in her hair. ‘’Still pretty?’’, ‘’Pretty… always pretty.’’
  • Lucas laughed when he saw Eleven with the dress ‘’The weirdo looks like a girl!’’ 
  • Max does a lot of copliments to El because GIRL SUPPORT!!
  • Dustin is actually late because he was buying some supplies (chocolate pudding)
  • The snowball starts and Lucas and Max are for sure the best couple of their class. They are dancing better than everyone else because Lucas wanted to pratice with Max, almost three weeks before the ball.
  • Also El and Mike are the power couple of the night because they are both stunning aff. 
  • Everyone is talking about that pretty girl they have never seen before, beside Mike. 
  • ‘’You know it isn’t that bad to just stay and watch the others dancing. I think that Lucas looks so funny with this suit.’’ Dustin said to Will to cheer him up. But the other boy is in a really bad mood, with his face on his hands looking the rest of the school dancing. 
  • Mike and El get closer to the two boys. ‘’Dustin, come to dance with me!’’ El proposes closes her eye to Will and Dustin goes with her. 
  • ‘‘So i guess we can dance?’‘ Mike asks with a goofy giggle and Will is really happy. 
  • Dustin is a really bad dancer, he steps in El’s toes like twenty times in the rest of the night.
  • Mike and Will are doing way better than El and Dustin. And it isn’t as awkward as they thought. 
  • Dustin and El are doing gestures to Will when Mike is not looking. Yup they are this kind of friends. 
  • Nancy is dancing one moment with Jonathan next with Steve. This girl needs to decide. 
  • Joyce and Hoper are in the ‘’parents area’’ and while Joyce is dancing with him she’s so happy to finally see her sons being so happy. 
  • They all eat cakes made of  rainbows and smiles and go home laughing.
  • Everyone is happy. Everyone is so so so happy. 

This is probably not going to happen but oh boy let me dream.

The Starks (Chapter 1)

The Starks Chapter 1

Relationships: Tony!Father x Reader!Adoptive daughter

             Peter Parker x Reader

A/N The time is currently set about 7 months prior to Captain America: Civil War. So starts before Peter got his power, since he said it has been about 6 months since he got his power in the Civil War. I’m not a huge fan of Marvel universe but I wanted to write MCU version of my original story ‘Noah Sterling’ because the main character has similar personality to Tony. Hope you enjoy this

Not much story in this chapter so I will upload the next soon.


[Name] Stark is not her real name. But that doesn’t matter. She was just a normal girl, suffering through school because of bullies, suffering at the orphanage because of the director, and suffering through the never-ending nightmare that seem to torture her endlessly. That’s when her supposedly savior came.

Tony Stark never intended to have a child. Never. Children were nuisance. And with him being a world-wide famous playboy, he thought having a child would just mean having mini version of himself running through the house, which was quiet annoying even from the thought of it.. But things changed that day when he saw tuff of white hair -more than usual- and decided that he at least needed a successor to the Stark Company. And that was why he searched through the whole orphanage of New York and finally found a ‘perfect’ figure –a teenager, he would never have someone younger than 13, with brilliant mind that he expected was enough to keep the Stark Industry from dying.

When [Name] arrived at the Avengers Tower for the first time she was 15 and the first thing that greeted her was the voice of an AI, F.R.I.D.A.Y.

“Welcome to the Avengers Tower, Miss [Name]. F.R.I.D.A.Y. at your service, ma’am.” The polite voice of the system made her smile.

“Come to the elevator and I will lead you to your room.” [Name] nodded to the invisible assistant? Butler? She doubted he would like those descriptions.

[Name] carried her bag to the elevator and it went up. She didn’t have much to bring, just some of her text books, a teddy bear, and journals. After all, her new parent did tell her there’s no need of bringing clothes or anything like that. So she didn’t.

She examined her reflection in the elevator door. Certainly not an image you would want from Stark. Messy hair, dull eyes, bags under them, and the cloths. Technically didn’t seem like cloths at all. They were just rags. But not wearing a makeup made her look slightly younger than her age. Still, her cloths bothered her to some point, being automatically compared to the place she was in. She sighed but she decided long ago not to mind that. No one cared anyway.

With a bright ‘ding’ sound the elevator door opened.

“Welcome to the 72nd floor, this is where the Avengers members stay, except for the boss.”

For a moment, she couldn’t believe her eyes and just stayed there.

“Is anything wrong ma’am?”

The voice made her come back to Earth and she got off the elevator. She had never seen such an amazing apartment flat, it was gorgeous.

Starting from the elevator, there was some kind of ‘catwalk’ with two steps on the either side of it. The walk crossed the floor to the other side, dividing it in half.

“Can I take a look around?” She asked.

“Of course, ma’am.”

[Name] took a look around. On the left side of the walk was the living room. She carefully stepped down, the ‘living room’, it had square mahogany coffee table in the middle, soft rug covered the floor and two couches with very dark shade of red was next to the table. Both facing the table, one faced the catwalk and the other faced the wall.

Speaking of the wall, the wall on the side of the building was made of glass. So she could see the beautiful view of Manhattan when it becomes night time. The other wall, the one that the couch was facing, had huge television hanging on it.

[Name] stared at it for a moment and then headed to the other side.

It was kitchen she was in now. All the cabinets, sink, fridge, etc. were all in beautiful shade of burgundy with silver edges. They were covering up half of the wall and right next to the window – taking up the other half of the wall- was counter, replacing the need for dining table. There were 3 stools on the either sides of the counter in rainbow color. She smiled and stroked the top, made of marble. Next to the stool was the dining table, it wasn’t huge but it was big enough for 10 people to eat at the same time.

But both the living room and the kitchen were empty. She wondered where were the other members went.

“The other members have went to train.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said, as if she read [Name]’s mind.

“I see.” [Name] said.

She then headed back to the catwalk and went to where it led to. The walk soon became a hallway and the light turned on itself, there numerous amount of doors on either side of the wall. The door all had different colors, the member’s signature or favorite color.

“Your room is at the end of the hallway.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. instructed.

[Name] walked down the hall which seemed to be endless until she reached the door, literally signaling the end. She opened it and for a moment she didn’t move.

The room was a giant rectangle. But it was more like a small apartment or a fancy hotel room than a teenage girl’s room. There were two doors on the wall left to the place she was standing, and one on the right. The door on the right led to a small room and except for those doors, it was just a room.

She, deciding to check the doors later, stepped in to the room in order to take a closer look, a giant bed on the corner next to the room’s wall, a drawer next to the bed with night stand on it. And a mini fridge on the other corner.

She decided to take a look around and went into the small room that was taking up 1/5 of the whole room. She thought it would be a bathroom.

It was a walk-in closet. And it seemed bigger now that she was in there. It was organized very well and were filled with clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. and had a big make up table as well. Now if she was a normal teenage girl she would be squealing in excitement but unfortunately she wasn’t. She didn’t care much for the clothes. Although she appreciated very much that someone, probably Tony Stark or Ms. Potts, was very concerning about her. She appreciated it very much.

“It was Ms. Potts’ idea to make a closet this big, although boss didn’t appreciate it very much.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said to her boss’ defense.

“I got it.” [Name] answered. Staring at the collection of the cloths. There were only few that suited her taste, she kept a note to herself to check them out later.

She walked out of the room and headed to the room across her. A bathroom. Rather big for a bathroom though. It had ivory tiles on the floor, toilet and the sink close to the door, cabinet above the sink, shower stool on the left corner and a bath tub on the right. The tub was Jacuzzi. She stroked the wall, in the color of very pale yellow, and blinked. Trying to sink in that this was her own bathroom. That she didn’t need to share it with anyone else.

“Is there anything wrong ma’am?” F.R.I.D.A.Y. asked and [Name] shook her head. She thought it would take a long time to get used to such treatment.

She then headed to the next room. Hoping it was finally something she would appreciate. And she opened the door and gasped.

It was a library.

Her own personal library.

All 4 walls were covered gigantic bookshelves of very dark shaded wood. The shelves in the wall were filled with books of all sorts of genres, well categorized. In the middle of the room there was a desk of same shade of wood, on top of it were a humongous desktop computer, and few other objects. She walked up closely to see what they were. She was excited by the fact that she had to go through other small empty bookshelves to get to the desk.

There were white brand new smartphone, a tablet PC, and a Master card. She sat on the desk, squealing in excitement.

“I’ll report to Mr. Stark that you have arrived. He just came back.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said and it became silent.

And now she was left alone, fully alone. Her face was filled with happiness as she looked around the room. She had asked for books when Tony asked her about what she wanted to have, and now she was surrounded by them.

“I have a good taste.”

That was what Tony said, satisfied with his choice of kid.

She then spotted a post-it on the screen of the desktop. She teared it off and read it out in a whisper.

“Hope you like it sweetheart.” She grinned, grateful that he was treating her like she was a princess or something.

She was about to pick a book but she heard a ‘ding’ from outside and with slight disappointment she walked out of the room.

She spotted Tony standing in front of the elevator, looking for his daughter.

He spotted her and she walked up to him.

“So, I guess F.R.I.D.A.Y. has already gave you a tour? Did you like it? Would you like for me to rearrange it?”

[Name] quickly shook her head, “No, no. Mr. Stark, it, it’s perfect, th-thank you.”

Tony raised his brow, “Well, we might need to work on this ‘Mr. Stark’ thing. I’m your father now. Remember?”

[Name] flinched a bit. Barely noticeable.

“Should I call you Father then?”

Tony just shrugged. He would have preferred ‘Tony’ or ‘dad’ but if that’s what she wanted then he would go along with it.

“Well, um Father? Thank you so much for everything.” [Name] said timidly. Tony smiled and awkwardly patted her shoulder.

“Well kiddo, it’s you and me from now on. So if you have any problem, just tell me. We are family now, got it sweetheart?”

[Name] gave a sweet smile and nodded.

Never did they know, never did they know.

Mean Girls starters pt. 2

  • “Well, this has been sufficiently awkward.”
  • “I can’t spy on her anymore. It’s weird.”
  • “On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.”
  • “It’s a costume party. People get pretty into it.”
  • “Grool!… I meant to say cool, but I started to say great.”
  • “Now, how do you overthrow a dictator?”
  • “Why don’t you wear your hair pushed back? Your hair looks so sexy pushed back.”
  • “Why are you so obsessed with me?”
  • “That is the ugliest F-ing skirt I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Right now you’re getting on my last nerve.”
  • “Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.”
  • “God ___ you are so stupid!”
  • “I can’t go out.” *Cough, cough* “I’m sick.”
  • “Boo. You whore.”
  • “That’s against the rules, and you can’t sit with us.”
  • “I don’t think my father, the inventor of toaster strudel, would be too pleased to hear about this.”
  • “I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we’d all eat it and be happy.”
  • “She doesn’t even go here!”
  • “I just have a lot of feelings.”
  • “And that’s how ___ died.”
  • “Okay, you are… What do they call it? Grounded. You are grounded.”
  • “Oh, hi. Did you want to buy some drugs?”
  • “I gotta say, watching the police search my house really was the cherry on top of a really fantastic year.”
  • “That’s all right. Getting hit by a bus is pretty good punishment.”
  • “Welcome back, nerd.”
  • “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your ‘thang.”
  • “Did you just say ‘thang?”
  • “I could not be happier that this school year is ending.”
  • “Half the people in this room are mad at me, and the other half only like me because they think I pushed somebody in front of a bus.”
  • “You know you’re not required to make a speech.”
  • “Seriously, most people just take the crown and go.”
  • “So are we still in a fight?”
  • “Are you still an asshole?”
  • Law: I just wish we could all get along like we use to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we'd eat it and be happy.
  • Sanji: He doesn't even go here!
  • Luffy: Do you even go to this school?
  • Law: No, I just have a lot of feelings.
  • Robin: Okay, go home.

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enchanted au where victor is amy adams and yuuri is the mcdreamy guy. victor makes the stammi vicino costume out of yuuri's curtains

yuuri’s not quite sure what starts the tic in his eye. maybe it’s because the weird but cute stranger that he and vicchan found at the doors to ice castle last night has somehow managed to attract a bevy of rodents, stray cats, seagulls, pigeons, and cockroaches into his flat. maybe it’s because the weird but cute stranger has somehow gotten these creatures to clean the flat itself, for some ungodly reason. maybe it’s because the weird but cute stranger has a smile that is made out of rainbows and unicorn dreams, and it makes yuuri’s stomach do quad flips every time he sees them.

no, it’s definitely because the weird but cute stranger has cut up the curtains in his living room and somehow has made a nice jacket out of it? where did he even get the braiding for the epaul – oh. well. yuuri hadn’t liked that lampshade anyway. 

“you should have asked,” he says. 

“oh, i’m so sorry,” says weird but cute stranger. what was his name again? virgil? vauxhall? viktor. right. it was viktor. viktor nikiforov, soon to be prince viktor of the kingdom of historimakera, which sounds like one of those kingdoms that you’d hear out of some sort of bad disney ripoff. but yuuri’s not going to tell this prince – or soon to be prince – that. “you’re not upset are you? i hate it when people are upset! it just makes the butterflies in my stomach sink a little!”

“no, no, it’s.” yuuri looks at the scraps of his curtains and the wreckage of his lapshade. “i needed new ones anyway,” he says. vicchan noses at the curtain remnants and then barks at a stray cat who goes bouncing out the nearest window. 

“does it look good though?” asks viktor, twirling so that yuuri can see the full outfit. 

“i wouldn’t wear that in public,” says yuuri. viktor’s expression falls, and yuuri panics for a moment when he realises how that must have sounded. “no! i mean! it’s not the style of what most men wear here! but it’s a very nice outfit! i like it! i just. i wouldn’t wear it though. even though i like it.” 

“oh!” says viktor. “good thing it’s not for you then!”

yuuri can’t help but laugh at that. “yeah, good thing,” he agrees, and shoves his hands into his pockets. he then surveys the rest of the room, noticing a couple mice still scuttling around. “um. care to explain why there’s… vermin all over the place?”

viktor beams. “my friends came by to help me clean this place up a little!” he chirps.

yuuri rubs at his temples. yes. the tic in his eye is due to everything this cute strange man has done to him both mentally and emotionally (and, if he’s going to be honest with himself, physically too). “right. well. can they… not be here right now?” he asks. 

viktor pouts, but he does a couple vocalisations (and yuuri is a little disgusted at how perfect his voice is) and the remaining creatures immediately hop out the windows or down the ventilation shafts. 

yuuri nods, folds his hands behind his back. “well, then.” he says. next to him vicchan barks, and pads up to him with his leash in his mouth. yuuri takes it. “how about a walk?” he blurts out to viktor as he does so.

“i love walks!” replies viktor. well, then. that’s settled.

ask me things I’m drunk

Way Above, Where the North Winds Blow

Word count: 1,868

Summary: Dan and Phil’s son makes them sit down to tell them that she actually isn’t their son.

A/N: wow, i actually wrote something in english that wasn’t part of an event!! my swedish ass is getting better at this :o also thanks to @vanillasolitude for looking this over, vv helpful (y)

this story kind of means a lot to me because this is the way i wish my parents reacted when i came out :[ (don’t kill them they’re fine now) and even though this only took like three days to write (which is a really short time if you’re a procrastinator with concentration problems), i put a lot of heart into it :3 enjoy!

CW: Deadname-ing, misgendering

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seventeen as mean girls (lol i'm sorry but i love this movie)

S.Coups: Cady’s Dad. “…Are they not allowed out when they’re grounded?”

Jeonghan: Regina George. “I heard her hair’s insured for 10,000$.”

Joshua: Aaron Samuels. “Your hair looks sexy pushed back.”

Jun: Kevin Gnapoor. “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang!”

Hoshi: Ms. Norbury. “Hi, did you want to buy some drugs?”

Wonwoo: Principal Duvall. “I just wanted to say that you’re all winners. And that I couldn’t be happier the school year is ending.”

Woozi: Janis Ian. “Your mom’s chest hair!”

DK: Cake Person. “I wish I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we’d all eat it and be happy.”

Mingyu: Glen Coco. “Four for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!”

The8: Cady Heron. “Grool.”

Seungkwan: Damien. “She doesn’t even go here!”

Vernon: Karen Smith. “Want to do something fun? Want to go to Taco Bell?”

Dino: Gretchen Wieners. “You can’t sit with us!”

i couldn’t find a better match for hoshi and dk, i’m sorry ;A; thank you for your request!!

Someone’s created a twitter page called “Boycott Star Wars” and they’re posting things specifically targeted at Adam because of his military background.
It’s kind of sickening how this has suddenly come about and the ferocity of the person or persons running this account.

Not to sound like “I wish we could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles”, but can we acknowledge that this is all a bit petty? Of course, not everyone is going to agree with what he says and his actions, but at least be mature about how you voice your opinions.

If you choose to boycott the franchise, then that is your decision. But don’t force your opinions on other people, and they certainly don’t need to be asserted so aggressively.

Damien: [reading from a paper with a tearful voice] I just wish that we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat and be happy.

Andrew: He doesn’t even go here!

Teacher: Do you even go to this school?

Damien: No… I just have a lot of feelings.

Teacher: Okay, go home.

Source: Mean Girls

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Just a friendly reminder that the fizzing hope and joy from yesterday morning is still with me. It’s on a lower simmer and reality has come back but it’s still there. Bubbling up and fizzing in my chest. It’ll be quiet for a few minutes and then I’ll think about the vote or about yesterday or I’ll see a post and it’ll start zinging around in my chest again. Like an over excited kitten, bouncing all around. Then it’ll curl up and snooze a bit, purring contentedly, waiting. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈 💜🌈

  • ji min: i just wish we can all get along like we used to when we trained. i wish that i can bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we'd all eat it and be happy.
  • yeo wool: he doesn't even go here!
  • hwi hwa: ...are you even part of the hwarang?
  • ji min: no, i just have a lot of feelings.
  • han sung: ...okay, ji min hyung. go home.