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Ήταν και εκείνο το χαμόγελο που δεν ξεχνιέται.


*Και ούτε πρόκειται να ξεχαστεί.

I treat people like tourists. I present myself like I’m some kind of living brochure. I describe the lighter places inside of my head, the things I love, the things that keep me afloat. I don’t discuss the shady parts, things like the fear that engulfs me anytime I get close enough to a person to want to do more than just text them. If I don’t feel like talking will get the job done, I let my smile and body language do the speaking for me, or I try my best to make sure I’m not seen in the first place. I hope that one day I will no longer feel the need to sell myself.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh (maxwelldpoetry) // Revealing
On History and Pie

Summary:  A nonathletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Will the two make a love connection?  For @devereauxsdisease and @victorineb who love this incarnation of Jack as much as I do.

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They’d chatted at the bakery enough times that Bitty was able to pull the information from Jack. He’d started coming to the bakery about four weeks ago, and during that time Bitty became more and more charmed with the second year grad student.

He always sat in the corner armchair, ordered a black coffee, two macarons and a slice of whatever the pie of the day was. Bitty first noticed him when he came in to order a slice of Weary Willie cake.

Bitty loved his job at the bakery, it gave him some extra cash while he attended Samwell. Whenever Bitty was there, he was the de facto person in charge. Shirley and Spencer, the owners of Bread and Butter adored Bitty.

“We never had any kids of our own, so you’re the closest thing to it, Bitty,” Shirley said to him one evening over a cup of earl grey tea.

So Bitty stood there, face to face with the bluest eyes he’d ever seen the first time Jack walked in. The Clark Kent glasses in front of them did nothing to hide the fact that they were beautiful. It was a good face, a handsome face. He was burly and tall, and Bitty loved that. He smiled, and Bitty’s body language invited Blue Eyes to speak.

“Can I get a slice of the Weary Willie cake?”

“Sure can, handsome,” Bitty said as he began to ring up Blue Eyes’ order, who blushed furiously. “What else can I do you for?”

“Coffee. Black. Medium, please,” he replied looking down at the counter.

“Why don’t you go find yourself a seat and I’ll bring it out to you,” Bitty said with a warm smile.

“Thank you,” Blue Eyes said softly and then turned to walk toward the corner armchair.

When Bitty approached, Blue Eyes had pulled out a laptop and several textbooks, the one on top of the pile was called Foundations of Modern European Intellectual History.

“Doing a little light reading, huh?” Bitty said as he put the cake and coffee on the side table.

“Oh, haha. Yes.”

“Do you go to Samwell?”

“I’m finishing up my masters in history there,” he said as he held up his book.

“That’s great. I haven’t seen you here before,” Bitty said wanting to know more about History Blue Eyes.

“I saw the chalkboard outside listing the Weary Willie cake and the history nerd in me became curious.”

“Look at you! You certainly are a history major.”

“Did you make the cake?” Jack asked raising his eyebrows.

“Sure did. My moomaw had the recipe from her mama.”

“Well, it’s not often I find a somewhat obscure historical reference on my way back to the history building.” 

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Summary: Your cousin needs help with her adorable 2-year-old.

Words: 1533

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Kids and loads and loads of fuffly

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“Are you sure that you three are going to be okay?” You look into your cousins’ eyes and nod. You understand that she is worried about leaving her daughter with you and Steve for the whole afternoon, it’s the first time since her divorce that she is going out and she is looking for excuses not to “Of course, how many times have I watched Kate? Go have fun on your date.”

“It is not a date and are you sure that Steve is not gonna mind? He works so much and this is his free time…” You don’t let her finish “Of course it is a date, he asked you for coffee and cake, and in my book that is a date. About Steve, don’t worry he loves kids.”

You are not sure if this is true, you and Steve never talked about having kids or even kids in general in your eight-month relationship. But how bad can it be? In the worst case, he spends all day locked in the room while you play with a toddler.

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BTS reaction to foreign gf saying “I love you” in her language.

btswifi said:BTS reaction to having a foreign girlfriend who tells them something in her foreign language but they don’t know what she said? 😅💓 thanks a lot love~

It was suppose to be a Monsta X reaction today, but I still have to clear some things up, with the user who requested theirs. So here’s a BTS reaction for now. ENJOY!


Rap Monster: He tries to impress you a bit by saying something in your language. He learns a few “sweet” sentences to say to you, with the help of your dad. You: *Says I love you in your language* Him: “Can I eat you poop” *In your language* You: “What the fuck did you ask me?” *Your language* Him: *Thinks he started a romantic convo with you* “Where are the nearest pair of your favorite shoes, I need to take a piss” *Your language* You: “Do me a favor and never ask my dad for help again.” *In English*

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Suga: He thinks your asking him something, so he always just shake his head yeah. He dead ass thinks that eventually he’s gonna receive something from shaking yes to what you said….but your not even saying anything different🤔….So hopefully eventually he finds out what your saying, so he won’t think your asking him a question…also so he won’t be waiting all his life for something you never offered in the first damn place.

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J-hope: Oh he knows exactly what your saying. Since he doesn’t know how to respond to you back in your language, even though he could just repeat exactly what you said, but it won’t sound right, so he decides not to but he stay practicing everyday and night. He just responds back with his hands making a shape of a heart. 

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Jin: “I agree” You: “Agree about what?” Him: “About what you just said” You: *Shocked, but doesn’t believe it* “Oh really….then can you translate what I said then..” Him: “Sure-” You: “In English!, you know I’m still studying Korean.” Him: *GIF* You: *Giggles* Him: “Did I get it right?” You: “Yeah you got it spot on, guess I’m gonna have to switch up the game on you soon, huh?”

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Jimin: To him it doesn’t matter that he has no Idea what it means. He’s extremely paranoid that you two eventually will come across a good looking guy who speaks your language, and you two would engage in a conversation, then next thing he knows, your walking away with the guy. He actually have bad dreams about this, it’s his worst fear yet….CHILL JIMIN, your thinking way to hard.

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Taehyung: He caught on to it by now. After constant days of thinking and thinking about it, he now knows what you mean when you say that. No longer can you tell him that it means “I have to go feed my mom cats now” You: “I love you” *Foreign Language* Him: *Smiling Hard* You: “Why are you smiling so much….about me going to feed my ma cats”

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Jungkook: You called him during a V-Live, but you wasn’t aware that he was doing an live. He knew that you was most likely gonna say that certain thing he can’t understand (I love you), you always do after speaking on the phone with him. So when you did say it, he had you to repeat it louder, so the viewers could hear and hopefully somebody would know what you said and translate it for him.

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ldyglfr62  asked:

My birthday is May 16. I would love a fic that features Age!Gap Everlark with Katniss 5 - 10 years older than Peeta. M or E rating. Thanks for running this fabulous web site.

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Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, @ldyglfr62! Your gift - the penultimate offering from everlarkbirthdaydrabbles, was written just for you by @xerxia31. We hope you enjoy!

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

rated M, for language and adult situations.

It’s not completely unexpected, but it’s still a shock to see it. Thick, expensive card stock, pale pink with roses and their names embossed in gold.

Madge Undersee and Gale Hawthorne, along with their families, request the honour of your presence at their wedding…

I’m happy for them, I truly am. I’m just still kind of shocked that after nine years together, it took Gale less than three months to marry my replacement.

It’s not like I thought Gale and I would ever marry each other, even if our friends all expected it. And our breakup was completely mutual. But that he moved on so fast is kind of a slap.

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wonwoo; days in the sun

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part 1/? of svt!disney au inspired by this thread

feat. beast!Wonwoo x bibliophile!reader (FINALLY WROTE A WONWOO!!)

genre: beauty and the beast au, fluff/romance, slight flangst

word count: 2123

Snow dipped between the crevices of the hand-painted French windowpane, thousands of scintillating diamonds icing against the frosted glass. The snowflakes further out melted instantaneously upon meeting the cobblestone of the castle. She briefly wondered how exactly warm this castle was from the inside, considering from the outside the tower much resembled a memento mori in their iota of a desolate kingdom.

Her nails dragged away with a subconscious slowness from the glass as she backed away from the window, turning her head to her sleeping patient.

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How do you always know the right thing to say?
How do you always have surprises for every occasion to lighten the mood?
How do you always seem to have such an easy time to bring a smile upon those lips?
How do you always find a way to compromise?
How do you always know the reaction and how to handle it?
How do you always read body language so well?
How do you always guess those thoughts?
How do you always?

Because I love

—  Alias

okay so, I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this idea, but what if the Ravenclaw door that demands riddles instead of passwords only asked questions that the recipient has it in them to figure out?

Like, I mean, a lot of people who would fit in Ravenclaw aren’t necessarily going to be good at wordplay. If I weren’t Slytherin, I’d be Ravenclaw most likely, and heck, I’m terrible at riddles. Also, the riddle is supposed to be challenging, what’s challenging for an 7th year might be impossible for a 1st year. Not to mention all the riddles that might require knowledge that muggleborn students wouldn’t have because they reference things common to a wizard upbringing

So I mean, what if the knocker is sort of like the hat and is capable in some fashion of asking personalized questions. One person might get a standard word play riddle (ie “what’s the longest word in the english language? Smiles, because there’s a mile between the first and last letters) while another person might get a logic riddle (like the sheep wolf cabbage river crossing problem) and maybe yet another person will get a straight up math problem or a riddle referencing their best subjects. 

I just think it would be nice, because the goal with the knocker seems to be challenging students on their knowledge and wit, keeping them on their toes- not about expecting ¼ of the student body to have the exact same knowledge base, experience, and specific facet of problem solving


This is honestly one of the deepest imagines I’ve ever written and posted on here. This broke my heart like I’m still not over it. I’m really proud with how it turned out and hope that you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. xx

Inspiration : I suggest you listen to the famous song called “You Found Me” by The Fray while reading this. It helps with the emotion, I mean I cried multiple times while writing so, yeah haha. 

Disclaimer : This is fiction. Do not take by words what is written in this story. 

Jack stepped into his apartment, confusion and a slight hint of curiosity itched across his face as he kicked his shoes and jacket off. “What’s up?” His older brother Conor called out, watching TV into the living room. Jack made his way to the kitchen and let out a sigh for tiredness before grabbing a beer from the fridge as he joined him. “What’s happening next door?” Jack asked, letting himself fall down onto the couch. “They moved out so they need to find someone to rent the flat. Apparently, they started the visits yesterday.” Conor explained, eyes fixed onto the football match that he was watching. “Well, that was quick.” Jack scoffed, eyes locked onto his phone.

Once the match was over and the boys were finished with their beers, Jack got up, heading to his bedroom. “Don’t you wanna eat?” Conor asked, frowning at him, a slight wave of worry flashing his body. “I’m not really hungry.” Jack admitted, shrugging as he gave his brother a small smile before walking down the hallway and closing the door of his bedroom behind him.

Jack let out a long sigh, passing a hand over his head. It was another day of failure. Still no results. No hints. Nothing. Jack was disappointed. Once again. He sat down on the edge of his bed, feeling the disappointment crash him for another night. His eyes were darting over his arm and fell on the tattoo. The tattoo that meant everything to him but was silly to others. He darted his fingers over the black ink imprinted in his skin where his birth date was written in Roman numerals. It was simple and childish and useless for people. But is it really when you share that date with someone that you lost? Jack snapped the thought out of his head and stripped down his clothes, climbing into his bed, turning the lights off. Jack put his phone away, wanting to be lonely. Because that was what he had been for a decade. Lonely. But he wasn’t alone though. Jack had been trying his best the past 15 minutes to fall asleep but his mind was wandering through the endless possibilities again. So he opened his eyes and rolled around on his other side. And he was about to close them again when they fell on the picture. The picture that reminded him of everything they had and hadn’t been through together. The memory was now crystal clear in his mind and he couldn’t wave it away. He could almost hear the loud voices and laughter from the day the picture was taken.

Wait up!” Conor called out to his brother, followed by his parents. “We should do this one first!” Conor pointed out excitedly to one of the attractions. “No, let’s do the pirates one. It look fun.” Jack suggested as his eyes darted over the different options to start the day. “Yes, I wanna do this one too!” A smooth girly voice affirmed as the three looked up to their parents, the two amused by the situation.

Calm down, kiddos. We have all day to explore the whole park.” Their dad spoke, a smile appearing on his face. “But there’s two against one. Sorry Con, we’ll go for the pirates.” Their mom said, smirking at the older one before passing a hand through his hair. “Yes!” The twins exclaimed, high-fiving each other as Conor rolled his eyes and they all started walking towards the attraction. “That’s not fair! They basically are one person in two different bodies!” Conor whined, looked over to his parents. “Stop moaning. Aren’t you supposed to be the oldest?” Jack teased, nudging his shoulder with his brother’s. “Oh, shut up!” Conor exclaimed, throwing his hand sin the air as he tried to hide his own smile. “Hey, language.” The other sibling teased as the twins exchanged a laugh.

Wait, turn around, look at me, don’t move.” Their mother said, earning some groans from the siblings. “We just arrived, mom.” Jack stated but did as told. “Shush, let her capture the moment.” Their father now ordered, pointing over at them. The three siblings rolled their eyes but got close to each other. Jack wrapped his arm around her shoulder as Conor put his on the small of her back and they all gave the camera their biggest, truest smiles. Once the picture was taken, the three ran off to the attraction as the parents linked their arms together, walking after their children.

Jack’s eyes were now closed and he couldn’t quite define if he was still reliving the memory or dreaming. His eyes opened again and this time, he reached for the picture, darting his fingers over the three happy young and innocent faces.

They were the happiest family at that time and as cheesy as it sounds, it meant a lot to them. But the week that followed this cheerful memory had changed everything. And in the blink of an eye, their parents were gone and they had been separated and now, ten years later, he was determined to see her face again. He had been broken for too long and had been spending the last years looking for her. But he had no idea what she looked like, if she had changed her name, maybe she had died her hair blond, just like him. He had so many questions without answers and it tortured the hell out of him. Conor had been feeling like that too, for a while, until he started to realize that the chances of them being reunited again were getting lower and lower as they grew up separately. At least, Conor and Jack had had the chance to stay together and Conor cherished that. But he knew he couldn’t blame his foster family for that, they wanted two children and she had already been put into another family that wasn’t able to have their own children. And Jack was still thankful that someone had been there for them for all these years. But Jack was 22 years old and was determined to find her, even if it took him many years. He simply wanted answers and was daring to do anything to get them. And Conor couldn’t know that or he would think he was insane.

“Where the hell in the world are you?” Jack mumbled to himself as he watched the face that he wouldn’t be able to recognize today. And he tried to find sleep, he really did but his mind was still wandering that night and he stood there, laying in bed. The silence over the flat hit him like a brick wall. It reminded him of that silence, that hole that he had been feeling and his way to sleep was now far far away.

Y/N climbed out of the Uber, thanking the driver before looking around the London streets. She looked down to the address written down on her phone and already felt lost but the excitement was so big that it didn’t matter. And so she started walking, she was only a few streets away. A smile appeared on her face as she waved at the real estate agent waiting for her in front of what could potentially be her new home. If she could ever feel at home again. And her smile slowly faded away as it hit her once again but she waved it off before following the agent into the building.

She had had a home but it seemed far gone. She often wondered why it had to be them. It was like these old stories in the moves when the inseparable twins never get to see each other again. And she often also pinched herself, maybe it was just all a big dream and none of this life was real. But it bloody was. Y/N was one of those who believed in faith and hope more than anything but after 10 years, what were the odds? She had this way of always finding the good and believing in everything despite all that she had seen. Her undying hope was pure magic. But slowly, the magic started to disappear as her hope was getting lower and lower. She was angry. Angry at the world. For taking them. For keeping them so far. And she had been keeping that anger for so fucking long. Every time that she looked up to them, fires were in her eyes. They did not have the right to keep everything that she had away. She knew she shouldn’t blame them but she couldn’t help it, this anger was consuming her. And when she was old enough, she decided to leave this home that never really felt like home for her. Sometimes, she found herself crying in her room, wishing to go home. Then she realized, she was home. But she was not happy there. She had been so fucking homesick but homesick for a place that didn’t even exist. So where do you go where your house isn’t home? She couldn’t stop living despite that and decided to move, far away from this and London had became her first choice. They all had always been obsessed by this city. And it was her new start.

After walking around the empty apartment, she was still a bit hesitant. It was perfect but a bit far from central London and it bothered her. But it had everything, it was spacious and she could picture herself having drinks with the new friends that she would quickly make. And it made her smile. She was now standing in front of the flat, the agent holding out his hand to her. “I’m really interested in this flat, I’ll give you a call for my final decision tomorrow. Thank you.” Y/N said, shaking the man’s hand. “No problem but be quick if you want this one, a lot of people would be keen to sign up for it.” The agent replied, smiling over at her before walking down the building to greet the other visitors.

Y/N stood there for a while, watching the closed door of her potential new apartment. And she was suddenly thrilled by the idea of living somewhere new and fresh and she was getting so close to that goal. She smiled to herself as she stepped in and out of the elevator. She was about to cross the hallway to get out of the building when a man around her age was looking down to his phone, not paying attention to his steps. “Careful there.” Y/N exclaimed, letting out a small laugh as the man stopped, looking up to her. She frowned as the man dropped his phone to the floor, a hand over his mouth as she could notice his whole body shaking.

The world suddenly stopped spinning. Jack was suddenly deaf as he couldn’t pay attention to any sounds. His eyes looked up and down to the body standing a few meters away from him. The same exact brown hair, the same similar smile, the same amused tone in her voice. He couldn’t believe his eyes and wanted to pinch himself so hard. But he was motionless in shock, fear, surprise. The grip on his phone felt loose and he let the object fall to the ground. He had no doubt. It was her. It had to be. Maybe Jack was blinded by this obsession of finding her or maybe it was the tears in his eyes that blurred his vision. Jack noticed the confused look on her face and that’s when he knew. She either didn’t recognize him or it simply wasn’t her. And it was more likely to be the second option. Jack let out a sigh, wanted to kick himself for believing that it was actually her in the same room, breathing the same air. Jack wiped his eyes quickly, bending down to grab his phone, putting it in his pocket. “I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Jack apologized to the girl, giving her a small smile before walking around her to wait for the elevator. The girl simply kept walking, confusion still itched across her face until she stopped and it was Jack’s turn to frown.

Y/N stopped her steps as it suddenly came to her head. And she wanted to hit herself so hard for not recognizing him sooner. But they were adults now and not the innocent children that they used to be when they lost each other. She turned around, her eyes darting over the frowning familiar face in front of her. “Jack?” She asked. And their identical eyes met across the room. Y/N was now the one putting her hand over her mouth as Jack’s face suddenly lit up. 

They didn’t have to say anything. She felt weak at the knees and let herself fall to the floor. Jack couldn’t describe what he was feeling at that moment. But there were straight tears coming out of his eyes. And within a second, he closed the distance between them, bending down next to her, wrapping his arms around her so tight that her bones could probably break. Y/N snaked her arms around his neck, their sobs filling the room. Now that their tears had started to fall, they weren’t sure it was going to end. They stayed there for a moment, feeling each other’s presence, each other’s heartbeat. “You found me. You bloody found me.” Jack managed to get out, mumbling in her neck, never wanting to let go. “No, we found each other. I knew we would.” Y/N replied, inhaling his scent. 

They both pulled away at the sound of the elevator arriving at the basement, someone walked out of the engine and instantly stopped at the sight in front of him. Y/N got up, mesmerized by the fact that he hadn’t changed at all compared to Jack. “Oh my god.” Conor exclaimed, his own tears forming as Y/N ran up in his arms whilst Jack was still sitting on the floor, trying to process what had happened for the past 5 minutes.

And at this moment, everything was perfect. When she told them that she wanted to move to the apartment that turned out to be facing theirs, they didn’t hesitate to ask her to move and she, of course, couldn’t say no to that. 

They may have gone their separate ways, against their will, but it didn’t mean their paths wouldn’t ever cross again. And suddenly, Y/N felt something that she hadn’t felt in a while. She felt at home, her real home.