smile its sunnah

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Can you do muslim bangtan or like at least rapmon & suga?

rapmon: [smokes, drinks, only comes to masjid on eid] “so sister when r u gonna start wearing hijab hm???”

suga: [raps surah fatiha while leading prayer]

jin: masha allah hes the epitome of the perfect muslim husband all the mothers want his sweet and modest self to be their son-in-law but hes gettin that education and tryin to better himself b4 even thinkin of marriage masha allah

jimin: the type to forget to turn their phone on silent during payer so in the middle of salah his ringtone goes off and its IDFWU by big sean and the imam gets like a heart attack + his mom always yells at him for wearing shorts that end above his knees during prayer but he keeps forgetting and does it anyways

jhope: has that bumper sticker on his car that says “smile! its a sunnah :-)”

v: ok but imagine him wearing a kuffiyah with kohl around his eyes oh my god im gna pass out

jungkook: the type ur parents always compare u to like “why cant u b more like jungkook” bc he prays 5 times a day, is a hafiz, donates to charity every time he passes the masjid sadaqah box, probably recites quran better than qari mishary