smile in the beautiful world

Kim Jongdae is the best thing that has happened to this world 💖

tbh the best feeling in the world is when you get to make your favorite people laugh and you have that moment of yes,,,,, just as planned,,,,,,,,,,, I have Succeeded in Bringing Them Amusement,,,,,, look at that Beautiful Smile™ that means the world to me

I just can’t get over how Naruto makes Sasuke smile in even the shittiest situations

Sitting by himself, after his beloved brother murdered the entire clan and he had to live alone without even having friends?

Fighting the enemy??

Been training all day and totally exhausted???

In the middle of a war????

Just lost an arm and is slowly bleeding to death?????

Being with Naruto just makes him so happy

You have such a beautiful light to offer to this world. Each and every day, the universe looks forward to when you awaken and are able to contribute all of your many gifts!
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin