smile hae


“I have something for you too.”
“It’s a book.”


We have a good reason to smile :) our precious Hae was born today!! Happy Birthday, Lee Donghae.. We love you so so much ♡ 


Wang So + smiling at Hae Soo

This is real evolution of his smile. In first episodes he refrains from spontaneous smile. It’s just a smirk. In episode 4 sincerely smiled when Hae Soo wasn’t watching him and then his face expression changed quickly. When he realized he loves Hae Soo in episode 7, he let his guard down and just smiled at her with big fondness when she said nice things about him. Since then he started falling deeper and deeper in love with her, his smile became full of light. You can see love in his eyes. He even tried to smile at her in tragic situation to comfort her. That’s how love therapy worked on him ;) Beautiful character’s progress. Who would have thought that his first smile when he saw Hae Soo was actually so wry:


Hae baby is a little muffin but you can see his scary side… just hug his monkey
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