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BTS’ Rap Line’s Reaction to Meeting a Shy Fanboy

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Rap Line | Seokjin&Maknae Line


When he saw you, a boy, at the fansign; Yoongi was already excited as the ratio of female to male fans that attended these was around 1,000,000:1

When you finally got to him, he asked if you would like to hold hands - an offer which you gladly accepted. He intertwined your fingers, gently swaying both of your hands in the air. 

“You seem nervous.” He stated, tilting his head to the side.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m just..I’m just r-really nervous. I love BTS a lot.”

“Hmm. Who’s your bias?” He smirked.

“It’s Jeongguk..”  

He rolled his eyes while smiling, laughing slightly. This made you feel more at ease.

“Of course it’s Kookie and not me. Well, I’ll forgive you because you’re adorable.”

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The minute he saw you in line, he would turn to Taehyung and whisper while pointing at you, “Look! Behind the girl with the white scarf. A boy!”

When it was your turn to talk to him, he would reach out and ruffle your hair while smiling at you. You felt as though you were on fire with just how much you were blushing. 

“I really love you, a lot. I think you’re an amazing dancer and rapper. You’re also really handsome.” You were actually surprised with yourself because you managed to speak to your idol without stuttering

“Ah, you’re so cute!” He beamed, flashing a big toothy smile at you before signing your album. 

“…you’re also my bias,” you muttered quietly, just lough enough for only Hoseok to hear.

“I am?! Haha, that’s amazing!” He would get so giddy at your confession, quickly turning to Taehyung.

“He said I’m his bias, not you. You owe me a bowl of ramen, kiddo.”

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Having a male fan in between the tens of female fans at this fansign was something Namjoon didn’t expect, but he was still delighted to talk to you nonetheless. His eyes lit up when you handed a Ryan plushie over to him, thanking you quietly before sitting it in his lap. He immediately took your hand and laced your fingers together. 

“Ah, you’re my favourite member…You’re so talented at rapping and you’re a better dancer that I could ever dream of being and..y-you’re really attractive. Like, really attractive.”

You blushed after saying the last part, shying away and looking down at the floor.

“..I just.. wow. Thank you so much. It’s really nice and refreshing to hear that from a fan boy.” This time it was Namjoon’s turn to blush, a light pink peeking out from underneath his foundation. You smiled while once again looking down at the floor as he answered your post-it-note question. 

When the fan meet was over and you got home, you rumaged through your bag and pulled out the album, opening it and bringing out the post-it-note. When you were holding it up and closing the album back over, you noticed that Namjoon had wrote something on the back when you weren’t looking.    

“P.S: you’re really attractive too - RM ♡ ” 

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the signs & their makeup looks

Aries: wild brows, bold lips most likely cherry red
Taurus: naturally long lashes, bold brows, nude matte lipstick
Gemini: ombré lips, purple hair
Cancer: glittery magenta eyeshadow, bubblegum pink lips
Leo: gold glittery eyeshadow, shimmery lips, sunkissed glo, remarkable hair
Virgo: perfect concealer, perfect brows, perfect hair, ethereal highlight ✨
Libra: heavy contour applied perfectly, stylish haircut, false lashes, long nails
Scorpio: heavy eyeshadow (probably smoky eye), false lashes, black or wine red matte lipstick, black nails
Sagittarius: orange glossy lips, perfect brows, yellow nails
Capricorn: false lashes, perfect smile, dewy foundation, heavy on mascara and blush, clear nails
Aquarius: wears very little makeup, mascara, lipgloss, aquamarine nails
Pisces: beach hair, long lashes, light contour, stunning eyes, sea blue nails

If any of y'all need a reason to cry, go and listen to dear theodosia from the hamilton soundtrack and i promise you’ll at least tear up. ITS AARON BURR SINGING TO HIS DAUGHTER THEODOSIA AND HAMILTON SINGING TO HIS SON PHILLIP ABOUT HOW THEY ARE GOING TO DO GREAT THINGS and it makes me feel sad but good this is all

My bare face is one filled with flaws and sadness. So I paint it.

I paint my skin with beige creams and dust my cheeks with pink fluff. I blacken my lashes with gobs of black gel and lengthen my eye with black pencil. To top it all off, I swipe on a shiny slick of lipstick and slap a smile on my face and I am transformed from an empty, pathetic-looking girl to an empty, pretty-looking doll.

—  Like Dolls // lily rose.
“Bareface” Xiumin/You Anon Request

this took me forever and i’m extremely sorry but here it is. 

scenario: being staff to exo is nothing like the fangirls’ probably expect. except yeah, kim minseok defies expectations. 

BOOM. rated for the bath scene (cuddly AND a lil’ smutty, I amaze myself) 

Usually it’s not too hard to see the boys simply as coworkers. Nice, fun coworkers, but coworkers all the same. So it’s usually not that big of a deal to detach those kinds of feelings if they happen to crop up. And if the specific ‘no fraternization’ clause in your contract doesn’t work, then eventually the boys themselves tend to do something to douse any kind of more-than-friendly affection. You’ve seen Chanyeol with his finger up his nose one too many times. You’re pretty sure both Jongin and Yixing have watched porn on your phone due to the suspiciously clear search histories after borrowing it.

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This is Harvey Ball, a commercial artist who created the original smiley face. He was born in Worcester, Mass in 1921, and unfortunately died in 2001. He was a kindly man who created the World Smile Foundation, a philanthropy firm dedicated to children’s causes.

This wasn’t the only career of Harvey, however. When the second world war came about, Harvey joined the United States army and shipped off to the PTO. He was awarded the Bronze star for kicking fascist ass on Okinawa, stacking fucking bodies up like a motherfucker. This singularly badass pipehitter didn’t stop there, and served in the US Army and National guard after WWII, even when he’d hit the jackpot, eventually leaving the military as a full bird colonel with 27 years of solid service.

Title: Marks Galore
Writer: Bunni
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: slight smut; fluff
Word Count: 919
Plot Summary: “Why don’t we leave marks somewhere else?”

  You sighed softly to yourself as you looked at your reflection in the large bathroom mirror. The harsh purple marks decorating your neck were something you were all too familiar with. It was now surprise that your boyfriend, Namjoon, liked marking your delicate skin. The action was his way of saying you were forever his, and he enjoyed doing it - frequently. “Namjoon! Im tired of having to cover these up.” You said with a pout of your lips and you watched as your tall beloved emerged from the hallway into the bathroom to accompany you. He smirked as his dimple popped out at you to add the charming effect that you found so hard to resist. You squinted your warm eyes at him trying to let him know you weren’t going to crack under his subtle, lustful pressure. A small shiver going down your spine as the two of you held a comfortable silence and an intense staring session. 

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New Year

a/n: this is fun. this is how i want to spend new years’s with shawn. 

You yawned as you watched Shawn finish pouring the popcorn into the bowl. “No!” He yelled, cauisng you to jump. “You can’t sleep yet! It’s not midnight!”

“Wasn’t gonna sleep. Yawning doesn’t necessarily mean you’re tired, you know.”

Shawn srunched his nose up as he walked back into his living room. You two were enjoying some time alone while his parents were out on a date, and Aaliyah was at her friend’s house. “Oh, shut up.” He threw a piece of popcorn at you, eyes widening when it landed in your mouth. “Holy shit!”

You laughed, taking some of the buttery food. “What movie are we watching?” You asked, looking at the various titles on his tv screen. Netflix had ben idling for about fifteen minutes.

“Um, I don’t know. What do you wanna watch?” He asked, setting the popcorn on the table while he got settled. Shawn moved so he was sitting with his feet on the table next to the bowl, and you moved so you were curled into his side. You grabbed the remote and scrolled through some of their popular movies. “Ooh! Let’s watch Daredevil!”

Shawn smiled, looking at you. “Haven’t you already watched both seasons?”

“Yeah, but you haven’t finished the second season!” You pressed play on the remote and settled into Shawn’s side as Matt Murdock beat some villan up.

“I don’t wanna do this.” Shawn said for the millionth time since you two retreated to his room.

“C’mon! It’ll be fun! The fans will laugh!” You smiled, setting out your makeup. “Besides, I’ve seen a lot of girls wanna see a highliter on those cheekbones.” You giggled, separating your brushes and things.

Shawn sighed, sitting on the floor with a groan. “I’m turning into an old man.” He said, unlocking his phone and opening Instagram. He looked at the assortment of makeup as he started the broadcast, and set his phone up on the small tripod Aaliyah for him for Christmas. “We’re bored so Y/N’s gonna do my makeup.” Shawn shrugged, and you laughed, waving at the camera.

“Hi!” You opened your primer and told Shawn what it was after he asked. “It makes the makeup stay on longer and so it looks nicer. I don’t always use it.” You smirked, and worked on priming his face. “I’m gonna go grab my old foundation.”

Shawn smiled as you walked out of the room, before sparing a glance at the extent of makeup in front of him. “I’m gonna be hot.”

You laughed as you applied a layer of red lipstick to your boyfriend, and he held a straight face as best as he could. “Done!” You capped the lipstick and laughter bubbled out.

Shawn looked up in his mirror and laughed, but then stopped as he looked at his face. “You’re really good at this.”

“Thanks, have lots of practice.” You stuffed all of your makeup into your bag, and opened your phone. You took a photo of Shawn and texted it to Aaliyah, and she replied really quick, saying that she was keeping that photo for blackmail.

“You’re just as beautiful without makeup.” Shawn said, smiling at you. He ended the Instagram stream and smiled at you.

“What are you-” You got cut off as Shawn kissed your cheek, leaving a red lip stain on your face. “Shawn!” You laughed, backing up.

Shawn smiled, standing up to go take one of his mom’s makeup wipes. “I’m sorry, but I had to. You do it so much to me, I had to get payback.” He wriped off the makeup and met your gaze in the mirror. “Love you.”

“I love you.” You replied, blushing.

“Babe, baby wake up,” Shawn nudged you, and you stretched, taking in a breath.


“You fell asleep, it’s almost midnight, babe.” He smiled and moved some hair behind your ear. “Wanted to have my New Year’s kiss.”

You rolled your eyes. “You’re silly.”

Shawn shrugged, looking at the time on his phone. “It’s eleven fifty-eight.”

“That it is.” You nodded, sitting up and yawning. “Ok, that time it was because I’m tired. How long was I asleep?”

“Like an hour.” Shawn replied. You two just stayed in silence until Shawn opened his phone, “It’s midnight.”

“Ooh,” You said, pressing your lips to his. You two stayed like that for a moment, before you pulled back. “Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year, darling.” Shawn whispered, kissing you again.

a/n: happy new year!!!! 


Novak and his wife Jelena tell Amanda Davies from CNN why they’ve set up a foundation to help kids in their home country of Serbia.

(via CNN on YouTube)

Mingyu: What is This?

anonymous asked: mingyu + bf does gf’s makeup challenge? lmao ahdjfjaj [or wait instead of mingyu does gf’s makeup drabble can u make it into a scenario ;a;]

Summary: heh

“Let me do your makeup!” Mingyu all but yells as you lift your hands to your face to apply your moisturizer.

“Why?” You ask as you carry out your skin care routine. He places his hands on your waist and rests his chin on your shoulder.

“Because it’ll be funny. I’ll film it and put it up online.” He says, massaging circles into your hipbones.

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