smile for all them haters gif

People like to hate on Mac Miller. I’ve heard people say they don’t like him or that he sucks because all he does is rap about smoking and girls and partying, that he doesn’t rap about anything real. I get mad at that shit. First of all, because he does have songs about “real” shit. And then cos he just seems like a feel-good guy so why is it such a bad thing he raps mostly about having a good time?.I mean, if you can sit and really enjoy one of his songs, who gives a fuck if it may or may not have the same focus as his other songs? If you really cannot find satisfaction in listening to his music, then okay. But don’t hate him, or any artist for that matter, because they’re not doing what you think they should or they’re not who you want them to be.

Obviously he’s doing something right, with or without one person’s ignorant opinion. Guess that’s why he says smile for all them haters.