smile even though you don't want to

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Hi sorry to bother! I hope you are well! I just wanted to tell you that you live blogging about hockey is the most adorable thing ever. And even though I have no clue about the specifics of what you're talking about just seeing your posts put a smile on my face. So thank you!

Omg thank you?!??? You’re absolutely not a bother, and I was good, but now I’m better because of you; you’re awesome! This is so sweet I can’t even-

Like, I’m missing pretty much all the players’ names and get mistaken on the cities/teams as well because my acquaintance with hockey consists of seeing Sidney Crosby on my dash, and having the buses in town tell us when the Canadiens won (they really do that, like “Go Habs Go” written instead of the line number, which sometimes gets confusing but hey). 

So yeah, total hockey noob here even though it’s kinda the national sport, so whoopsie. But I’m so glad you’re enjoying this! That makes at least 2 of you people who have fun with my clueless ramblings, and I love you!!


(Added the translations both as captions and in below paragraph)

Ace: I want to ask you to stay with him. Though someone like me who hasn’t even tried to be by his side doesn’t have the right to say that.

Alice: Isn’t it obvious you won’t be able to stay by Julius’s side? You don’t even live at the tower.

Also Julius is a proper adult. Simply not checking up on him doesn’t make Ace cruel.

Ace: Well yeah. But.. You just don’t know it, but I also have the ability to be quite cruel.

Alice: Really?

Ace: ………

Ace, cruel towards Julius?

*remembers back story*

*cries really hard*

Meet the parents - Cheryl/male!Aiden


“She is the best. She wants to cook for us when she comes to visit. Even though I told her that I would.” He smiled at her, rubbing his nose against hers. “And you are more beautiful than a starry night sky.” he complimented before nodding his head. “Two older brothers and an older sister.”

“Okay, so…”  Cheryl took a deep breath and went on.  “…what else should I know about your family?  I mean…I have seen the occult stuff around your house.  You’re a wizard or some Harry Potter type thing.  Are your parents into that too?”