smile christofer


A soft, fresh spring breeze fluttered the pages of my book as I sat on the park bench, in the shade of a great Oak. John Green, of course. My favorite author to ever exist, as he always fucked with my brain and left me in tears. But a shadow fell across my page.

“You’re blocking the light, man.” I clucked my tongue, looking up.

“Hey, babe.” Christofer smiled.

“Shouldn’t you be recording?” I questioned, raising my eye brows.

“I got off early. Let’s go home and have coffee, mkay?” he kept smiling, holding out his hand.

I smiled back and took his offered hand, standing up. My shirt fell down my chest, exposing cleavage, and Chris’s lips twitched into a smug smirk. So, we went home, hand in hand. We ended up in the kitchen, lips just barely brushing against each other’s as we spoke in soft whispers.

“Marry me,” Chris giggled.

“I can’t.” I smirked, closing my eyes.

“Why not?”

“I’m already married to the internet.”

“Well, I guess you’re about to go through a rough divorce.” Christofer sighed dramatically.

“Oh yeah?” I quizzed.

“Yeah. And me and you are about to go through some rough sex.” he purred, sticking his tongue out to brush against the part in my lips.

I flushed and stepped away from him, sliding a hand down his chest to snap the waistband of his shorts. I slowly trailed away, heading up to our bedroom. Christofer followed, and when he caught up to me, he scooped me up with a giggle bubbling from my lips, and sped up the process of climbing stairs. He placed me gently in the center of the bed, laying me down. Agonizingly slow, article by article, he stripped me of my clothing, naked skin goose-bumped from the cool air. Finger tips trailed up the bare flesh of my thigh, and up to my ribcage, Chris’s hand gently cupped the curve of my body, his brown orbs staring down into mine.

“How badly do you want it?” he breathed.

“Really badly.” I squeaked.

His hand ran back down my body, stopping at my warmth. I closed my eyes and breathed heavily, and Chris began rubbing his fingers up and down my folds, and though my eyes were closed, I could see him smirking at my struggles not to cry out. His thumb brushed my clit repeatedly, and a whimper burst through my pursed lips. Then, there was no longer contact, but I didn’t want to open my eyes, because I was still lost in pleasure. But when I did, what a glorious sight I met. Christofer was naked, the only thing that dressed him were his piercings and colorful tattoos. Never would I ever, not even when I was breathing my lasts breaths, would I get used to the beauty of Christofer’s body.

His hand replaced the same spot where it was before, and slowly, he pushed 2 fingers into me. I clutched at my breasts frantically, the sweet spot between my legs tingling as we thrust his hand forward repeatedly.

“Please.” I gasped.

“Please, what?” Chris teased, enjoying my suffering.

“Please, Christofer, please fuck me, I need you and your hard cock.” I whimpered.

His smirk spread into a smug smile, and he positioned himself between my legs. His soft hands cupped my calves, bringing my feet to rest up on his chest as he thrust in with a grunt.

“Don’t cum until I say. Got it?” he huffed.

I nodded, clenching my eyes as he rolled his hips back and snapped them forward again. I moaned, and he smirked, but moaned just after me. Chris grabbed onto my shoulders and began thrusting in even harder, faster, going as deep as was ever possible. My back arched when he brushed my G-spot and slowly, the knot that had formed in my stomach began to untie, and I could feel myself on the verge of letting go.

“Chris, please! I can’t take this anymore.” I gasped in between moans and breaths.

“Hold on for just a few more moments, love.” Chris murmured huskily. “Okay, now cum for me, (Y/N).”

“Christofer!” I moaned out, throwing my head back as I orgasmed.

He released into me just as I slowly calmed down, moaning and yelling my name. Just a few more thrusts, and it was over for both of us. Together we lay in a sweaty heap, buried underneath the soft, welcoming sheets in a sunlit bedroom with a cool breeze filing in through the window.

“You know,” I breathed softly, my lips turning up at the corners. “This time, we almost finished in complete-”