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Imagine: Your ready to leave Beacon Hills because you think that your messing things up for the pack and Stiles tries to stop you.

“Stiles please, I’m just trying to help"you sighed as you dropped your suitcase.

"Well maybe I don’t want you to go, maybe I want you to stay because your not the one that’s messing things up, y/n we’ve been best friends for a long time now and your smart, kind, funny, understanding and y/n your so beautiful. Your everything that is good in this world. You’ve saved my ass countless times!"he exclaimed as he moved your suitcase to the side.

"I don’t want you to go because I am in love with you, and if you walk out of that door I will lose my mind"Stiles slowly walked towards you.

"Stiles"you sighed as he placed his hands on your cheeks.

"You want me to keep going? ‘cause I can alright?"he said.
You smiled, and planted a small kiss on his lips. His eyes widened with surprise and a grin formed on his face.

"I’m staying, because I love you too"you replied.


Laura Roslin: (…) I’m going to be slipping away from this life very soon. And I’ve gotten kind of curious as to what that’s going to be like, and so I did some research. And there are some people who say that when people are getting closer to their death, they just don’t care as much about rules and laws and conventional morality.
Gaius Baltar: Are you threatening me?
Laura Roslin: No, I’m just saying have a quiet life, and I’ll die a quiet little death, and everyone will be happy. It’s just that I’m not in the mood any longer to indulge you. And that’s… all.

Why. Do girls. Have to be.

So pretty.

Christmas Stir-Fry
  • Levi and Eren’s kitchen is a mess. Vegetables lay half-cut on coloured chopping boards. Pans which were moments ago on the boil have been cast aside. Their oven is rapidly cooling, having lost power for no apparent reason. An almost cooked turkey sits within.
  • Eren: (growling at their broken oven, wielding a rolling pin) You can’t do this to us. I swear if you don’t start right now—
  • Levi: (amused) Y’know talking to inanimate objects is the 2nd sign of madness.
  • Eren: This! This is madness! How can you be smiling right now?
  • Levi: ‘Cause. Mikasa told me you don’t even like turkey.
  • Eren: But it’s Christmas! And we have no oven.
  • Levi: So? The hob works alright. We’ll do something else.
  • Eren: (muttering at the floor) Won’t be the same.
  • Levi: No. (tilting Eren’s chin) We’ll make it better. Have we still got those egg noodles?
  • In the years to come, Levi and Eren continue to serve up their very own creation – Christmas stir fry.

A Thief in the Night


Today is the day, you got to live

So hurry up and make it big.

Don’t worry if nothing goes right,

Be confident you will give it a good fight

Obstacles and hurdles will come your way,

But be strong enough to keep them at bay.

Getting up is everyone’s deed,

But waking up is difficult indeed.

Don’t fear that you may lose,

If at all you do gear up your shoes.

Nothing can stop if you belief,

But remember hard work is the only relief.

You will bath in the colour of success and joy,

Only if you do not treat life, like a toy.

Time and tide waits for none,

So it’s time you already begun.

But don’t forget all this while,

Under your nose there ought to be a wide smile.

Failure is never an end,

‘Cause you can always get up and begin again.

Life is too short to live with regrets,

So for your own good, complete your targets.

Imagine, believe and make it happen,

Before the life that is in front of you, darkens.

Now is the time to bid a bye,

All the best, may you fly high!





                                    are you the  b r u t a l  h e a r t  that i’ve been looking for
                                  cause if you’re looking for love, you can look for that door


lfjdsanf;sakf;ankl Earlier in semester I drew (crappily) Anne cause they said “feel free to do it” 8U. Then it got erased after the break so I (even more crappily) again but with an angrier smile “back with a vengeance” vibe cause YOU CAN’T ERASE ANNE! And so people finally started asking I guess and one of my Persona bros (green in both pics) responded in both pics. XD #SpreadtheAnneLove

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Is it cool if I save the coran "this user is a gorgeous man" one? I don't intend to claim it as my own or post it anywhere else, I just wanna look at it sometimes cause it makes me smile :D

Uh, sure! You can use it in your blog description or something if you want, just be sure to credit me!

Protective and Not Afraid To Show it Pt. 1


Alright hold onto your socks real quick this might take awhile. I would like to request an imagine for the Avengers (peter parker/ tom holland) where y/n is peters best friend and when tony recruits him for the avengers she gets mad and PART 1 OF 2

PART 2 OF 2! So y/n basically scolds Tony for trying to bring her best friend that shes in love with and peter doesn’t know she went to Tony until he tells him and then he and y/n are laying in bed and they confess their undying love for eachother

Words: 600-ish

A/n: please submit Tom Holland gifs of him smiling cause I can’t seem to find many on tumblr

“You- you’re going to Germany?” You tried to comprehend Peters logic.

“Hmm hmm,” he nodded.

You two were sitting on his bed, he was laying with his head near your feet and sat in the opposite direction, with your head positioned up by pillows.

“…Who recruited you again?” you asked with little annoyance in your tone which made Peter sit up.

“Umm-” he peered out his door before crawling closer to you, “Tony Stark,” a smile stretched across his face, “AKA Iron Man.”

You forced a smile for his sake but you knew that everything about this was wrong. Peter shouldn’t fight. He’s too young. He doesn’t even know what he’s fighting for!-

“You okay, (y/n)?” Peter snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Huh?” You met his eyes, “Uh- yeah. I’m good.” you masked your worry away and smiled as he sighed happily and laid back down on his bed.

“Mr. Stark’s also gonna come over again, to give me… something? So I won’t be able to hang out- unless you wanna come over and wait for him to leave….?” Peter sat up and questioned you.

“I’ll think about it,” You nodded while meeting his eyes & trying to figure out how you could catch this man who was whisking Peter away to his death.

“Uh- All right,” Peter said before resting his head back down.

A few days later, you had decided to go over to Peter’s house and see Tony in person, but while you were walking to his house, a fancy sports car pulled up on the other side of the street and from the driver’s seat; stepped out Tony Stark.

The anger from the other night bubbled into you as you walked off the sidewalk, and headed towards the Billionaire.

He had a black eye, but you didn’t care what he looked like.

A look of confusion came on him as you marched towards him, then a smile, “You must be a fan-”

You interjected, “What the hell do you think you’re doing with Peter?!” You questioned.

He stepped back and squinted at you and your surprising anger. “Woah-”

“He’s just a kid!” You explained.

A hint of sadness glimmered in his eyes, but his words said different, “I’m sorry,” he said as he pretended to look offended. “Who are you?” But before you could answer he talked again, “Oh, you must be his girlfriend-”

You gulped, “Mr. Stark…” you started pleading, “ Peter is just a kid. He’s Sixteen! He- he’s not ready to fight, I- you shouldn’t be involving him in something he has no need to be in…”

Tony glanced up and down before leaning in, “Look. Peter has power, but you can trust him in my hands,” he glanced around the street, “I know that he’s just a kid, but I-” he sighed, “We need him for something bigger than all of us-”

You opened your mouth to make your point again but he raised his hand and stopped you.

“The second it gets too much for him… I’ll pull him out of the field.” He put on sunglasses, conveniently hiding his black-eye. “I promise, Kid.”

He walked away, leaving you standing in the parking lot alone with nothing but your thoughts.