His smiiiiile! Protect it!

Anyway the official warriors website updated with the new character infos and brought us this image!

Also Takumi’s two voiced lines by blessed Kaji are:

“I guess we can team up together,”  and

“Are you finally starting to see how strong I am?”

The boy is seriously fluffing himself up here. Someone help him.


Oh my~ This Labraaaaadooooorite has such a mysteriousss smiiiiile! How chaaaaarming! o // V // o

((Trying to get back on track with Lab of the Week. Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule this upcoming Sunday. This week’s Lab belongs to @accursedasche​ , whose art I’ve seen in the tag quite a few times c:

If you’ve got a Labradorite gemsona and would like to be a part of Lab of the Week, check out this post. I currently have 9 submission slots left. ))