Oh my~ This Labraaaaadooooorite has such a mysteriousss smiiiiile! How chaaaaarming! o // V // o

((Trying to get back on track with Lab of the Week. Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule this upcoming Sunday. This week’s Lab belongs to @accursedasche​ , whose art I’ve seen in the tag quite a few times c:

If you’ve got a Labradorite gemsona and would like to be a part of Lab of the Week, check out this post. I currently have 9 submission slots left. ))

anonymous asked:

Si ça peut rassurer certains, je viens de voir passer un sondage sur les législatives avec plus important la tendance. Et ben FI est en train de monter doucement tandis que les LR reculent et que le FN se maintient. 2 pts d'écart (FI 16% et LR 18%) + FN un peu devant mais qui se fera ptet avoir au second tour (barrage), donc smile everyone, on peut encore le faire.

Smile, smile, smiiiiile. Non mais on verra déjà après le 1er tour.