[laughs] That’s really funny that it’s called smillan because [Matt and I] like to call ourselves “smigill”? [laughs] but smillan is much better. That’s hilarious and I’ll probably start saying that to him when I see him next.
—  Karen on the name ‘smillan'  [x]

Can we just take a moment to appreciate these things:
-Matt smith gets jealous whenever Karen mentions kissing other people
-Karen wore matt’s shirt
-matt thinks that karen is extremely “beautiful” and would run through a brick wall for her
-Karen sees Matt as one of her “biggest inspirations”
-Matt talks about Karen all the time
-Karen talks about Matt all the time
-Matt zipped up karen’s dress. Twice.
-According to Matt, Karen fondled him in the tardis
- “Guess who? x” was actually a thing that happened
-Karen took Matt to the Oculus Premiere as her plus one
- When karen said matt wasn’t her boyfriend, matt looked super disappointed
-they call themselves smigill, as in they’ve made up their own ship name. yes, i’m serious.
-matt’s hand on karen’s waist all the time
-They went to new york together
-hair kissing
-hair touching
-matt wants to put karen in the pandorica because then karen would live forever
-matt approves of amy’s mini skirts
-“I..I.. I love- I have a very soft spot for Karen.”

and thats only like, 1/10 of it.