Jaden On Tour - part 1

tonight is the night, the night you are waiting for since the first moment i saw him on my TV. The boy named Jaden, My bestfriend and I, we’re gonna see him TONIGHT.   Its so unreal, we gonna see him at the believe tour. Since the moment we saw jaden on tv we were Jadenators aka his MSFTS…. My bestfriend loves justin so do I, she asked me to joy her and now i know jaden is coming im so excited.“ what if he looks at me, winks at me , asks me te stay after the concert, what if he thinks im beautiful” those things going through my mind. but what if he thinks im ugly, at that moment it was like my bestfriend could read my mind. “ dont worry babe you look beautiful i bet jaden thinks so too” my F/N ( friends name) said to me. I smiled “ And justin can’t take his eyes of you when he sees you doll” i said.

when we became beliebers & MSFTS we used talk to each other what if we meet them? She told me justin would be her girlfriend and jaden mine * crazy fangirl thoughts you know how it goes *

F/N: Your mom is driving us to the concert right?

Me: yeah she said it was fine but we need to walk to our hotel

* yes a hotel cuz both our parents couldn’t pick us up after*

about 20 seconds later my bestfriend screams


she: what if justin & Jaden are staying in the same hotel as we do ??


Together: KSGHJJSHELKJUFJHRDFHJEGDGUERYEBIRUYERB << tell me what you think& what you wanna read in the next part send me a name of the bestfriend 




never say never on the believe tour