Peter Parker Imagines

  • Words (x)
  • Treat You Better (x)
  • Mine (x)
  • To Lose An Heir (x)
  • Forever & Always (x)
  • Chocolate Kisses (x)
  • Radioactive (x)
  • I Choose You (x)
  • The Hidden Hero (x)
  • Portrait of Love (x)
  • His Excuses (x)
  • Heathens (x)
  • Blood VS. Water (x)
  • The Rubik’s Cube (x)
  • Partners in Crime (x)
  • You Make Me Wanna (x) (extended)
  • One Call Away (x)
  • Bring It On Home (x)
  • Smi)e (x)

Tom Holland Imagines

  • Over Dramatic (x)
  • I Still Feel Like Your Man (x)
  • The Great Gymnast (x)
  • The Innocent Boy (x)
  • The Montréal Girl (x)
  • Crazy Cravings (x)
  • Hello Autumn (x)
  • Baby Holland (x)
  • British Blood (x)
  • Little Flirt (x)

Harrison Osterfield Imagines

  • Tom’s Little Sister (x) (extended*)
  • His Replacement (x)
  • The Deceitful Man (x)
  • Quarantine (x)
  • Babysitting Business (x)
  • The Broken Shadow (x)

Sam Holland Imagines

  • Be Patient (x)
  • Gentle Touch (x)
  • Little Moments (x)
  • Banana Pancakes (x)

Harry Holland Imagines

  • Penny Lane (x)




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After I saw the newest SMITE Machinima I haven't been able to get this out of my head!

1. Zeus is always trying to appeal to the “Hip, young crowd” he believes most of the gods he works with are. Amaterasu has, unfortunately, had to deal with the brunt of his attempts to connect with the younger crowd. She’s had to call him his weekly changing nicknames, suffer through his attempts at rap- HECK he once even dressed up as a DJ and came to work, telling her to “Get funky fresh with your bad self, Amy!”

2. Needless to say Amy has a few, errrr…. issues with his “Cool Boss” motif.

3. Cu Chulainn, being the newest god on the battlefield, has yet to learn the ins and outs of the game and his co-workers. For example: He’s still trying to stop pronouncing Izanami’s name as “It’s-Anime” and he refuses to stop reffering to Susanoo as “Susan”.

4. Hades… well Hades is just a cinnamon roll. Although the Machinima portrayed a bit more like a jerky kind of boss I imagine him as caring for his co-workers and looking out for them.

5. Now, believe you me, when he has an “off-day” everyone suffers! He once tied Loki to a rock and threatened to drip snake venom he got from Serqet into his eyes! 

6. Hades brought Loki a box of chocolates and a very long apology note for actually getting the venom in Loki’s eye and nearly blinding him.

7. Izanami doesn’t really get hurt. She’s already dead. She can’t exactly die twice. I know that in game she dies, but I just imagine that as her servants from Yomi pulling her back down so she can rest and recover from her wounds. Needless to say she hates it.

8. If you think that Izanami’s seriously hurt because you see her lying on the ground completely limp and she hasn’t been dragged back down to Yomi by her servants yet, she’s just fucking with you. That, or she’s taking a nap.

9. Nox acts a lot like Hades’ secretary. She helps everyone out aroud the Underworld and does what Hades tells her to do. She even used to bring him coffee in the morning.

10. Hades can’t really digest anything or chew anything. Nox learned that the hard way when she watched the coffee she bought for Hades leakout from under his robe. Why can’t he eat or drink anything? Cause he’s a giant skelly under that fancy purple robe of his, duh!

I Will Cover You

My first Dream Daddy fic. I am officially in Smallmarch (Robert Small/Damien Bloodmarch) hell. No regrets. And of course my first foray is angst and fluff. A killer combination. Robert tries his best to take care of Damien after surgery. 

Cut for length, not for content, though do be aware that this fic depicts post-top surgery.

“Oh. It’s you.”

“If I had a dollar for everytime someone answered a door and said that to my face…anyway, yes. It’s me. Where’s your dad?”

Robert wished for a second that his hands weren’t full, a loaded grocery bag in one and an unopened bottle in the other. Otherwise, he could have just pushed past Lucien and gotten into the house. Instead, he had to play this whole game of Purposeful Small Talk. Which he hated almost as much as Pointless Small Talk.

“Isn’t it Goth Night at Jim and Kim’s? Maybe you should try there.”

“The closest thing Jim and Kim’s has to ‘Goth Night’ is ‘Dark Sullen Drunk Night,’ and since I’m not there, that’s not happening. Move it.”

Lucien didn’t budge, instead raising a perfectly lined brow at the whiskey in Robert’s hand. “You do actually know that he can’t drink right now, right?”

He didn’t. “So? This is for me.”


“Look, Lucy. This can go one of two ways. You can move out of my way, or I can come back armed with a fully-loaded Betsy. Your call.”

“Did you just threaten my life so you can hang out with my dad?”

“Maybe.” Really, it was more a threat on his allergies, but…whatever it took.

Lucien smiled, and moved aside with a dramatic flourish of his hand. “Impressive. You may enter.”

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