You Knew Ft Taehyung

You stood at the counter quietly preparing your dinner for two as you kindly offered to make you boyfriend, Taehyung a meal to come back to after a long day of dance practise. A comeback was around the corner so the both of you were trying to spend as much time together before he was washed away by schedules and the oh so popular life of an idol.

You could hear the door opening and shutting soon afterwards. Turning your head you could see Tae dropping his things near the sofa and dragging his feet into the kitchen where you were still stirring a pot ensuring the produce doesn’t burn.

“Hey Y/N.” He said approaching you.

Your gaze returned to the cooking food, your hand never stopping the stirring motion when you reply with a Hello. You felt his arms snake around your waist and his head rest on your shoulder, his weight rocking you side to side as a form of distraction from your primary mission.

“Tae I’m almost done, just take a shower and once you come out it’ll be ready.” 

You turn to him and give a kiss to his cheek as a form of goodbye, his smirk showed that he got the idea and started to slowly walk out of the kitchen. You could hear his feet shuffling to the tiled floor of the bathroom along with the squeak of the handle of the water control and the sudden flow of water hitting the floor in droplets.

As you continued the making of dinner a thought came to your head. You took the towels out of the bathroom earlier to wash and forgot to put fresh, clean ones back. Throwing your head back groaning you once again stopped what you were doing and made your way to the shelves that held the towels outside of the bathroom. 

Opening the door slowly steam hit your face from the heat of the water that was still running from the shower head, the curtain pulled to cover the naked man who stood behind it. Taking careful steps you placed the towels beside the shower so that Tae will be able to see them as he steps out. The closer you got to the shower you saw that he wasn’t in it. There was no shadow, no movement and no singing.

Putting down the towels you stood up straight wondering where he went, you were sure he walked into here and there was no other way out of here. You would’ve seen him. 

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around you once again making you jump out of your skin in surprise.

“Why haven’t you gone in yet?” You asked as he swayed back and forth.

“I didn’t want to go in alone.” You could feel a pout form on his lips through the spoken words.

You turned to face him and your feeling was correct. The overdrawn pout that he used to get his way, and it always works. 

His eyes were on yours, you couldn’t help but let your eyes wonder as you realised that the man stood in front of you wasn’t wearing any clothes. 

“Have you just been standing here naked, waiting for me?”

He nods causing laughter to erupt between the both of you, he pulls you close and kisses you. You don’t hesitate to kiss him back. The only thing that came inbetween the two of you was you clothes. His hands skipped all of the exploring and started to pull your shirt above your head, pulling you away from each other for a bare second. The jeans came off within another form of movement, and with your bra and panties removed you were now both stood naked waiting for the both of you to meet the warmth of the shower.

You have showered together before but tonight it wasn’t just washing up that was going to happen. Never letting each other go you both stepped into the warmth of the water bouncing off of your skin. The kissing resumed but you could feel Tae’s large hands explore your bare body as if he was moving the water all over your skin not leaving a dry patch. 

The air grew thick as you both new what you wanted. No warm up moves were needed. Just a look. The look that signalled that you were both ready.

“Ready?” He asked with that stare that could make you melt where you stood.

You couldn’t bring yourself to speak words so a nod was all you could do in this moment. Tae brought himself even closer to you, chests touching barely any room to breath. You could see him prepping himself and you took it upon yourself to turn around but then his deep voice stopped you.

“No, I want to see you.” You stopped in movement and returned go how you originally stood.

You both stood waiting. He made the first move and pulled you so that he was able to position himself before you. You made the next move placing yourself onto his member and allowing the length to fill you. 

Moans escaped from the both of you in unison, the movement has become one between the two of you. Your hands grasping onto his broad shoulders and he has to almost hold you up as the feeling is too intense for you to stand alone. 

He gains speed and knocks the ability to breath out of you. The feeling of orgasm is starting to make its appearance and you know that it would be revealing itself soon.

The sound of your moans increase in volume in a way to signal Tae that you’re close.

“Almost there baby?” You find the strength to nod. “I’m so close baby, ready for the release?” A whimper escaped your lips as a form of response.

He gains even more speed and the feeling becomes more than what you can handle. You hold onto him with all of your remaining strength as you feel the orgasm taking over you. You both release the orgasm together releasing it as one. You feel his arms wrap around to hold you close as you two come down from the overwhelming intensity.

The next move was to use the shower to your advantage. You both washed eachother off, hands coaxing the warm water over eachother, cleaning the skin from the most recent memory. One that will be kept.

The shower was over and as it was turned off and the sound of water coming to a stop and the steam starting to evaporate. Tae grabbed one of the fresh towels and wrapped it around you, drying you off. You took it from his hands and allowed him to start to dry himself off also.

“I liked that.” You said simply. Tae chuckled as he wrapped the towel around his waist, tying it to keep it in place.

“Me too.” He added softly, he deep tones still sending echoes through the room.

You both dress yourselves in your clothes, preparing yourselves for the cold outside of this room.

Watching him dress a question came to your mind.

“You knew that I didn’t put towels in here didn’t you?”

You saw his expression change, a smile creeping onto his face.

You slapped his shoulder as he bursts into laughter once more. You laugh along with him before asking a final question. 

“What would you have done if I didn’t come in?”

He answered it simply without thought. “Showered alone.”
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