SO, this guy that I am trying to be cordial with this guy that clearly likes me and is trying to talk to me. I have tried to make it clear that I’m not interested, and if anything we could maybe be friends. It’s so awkward when he like traps me into talking to him when we’re at church or he texts me…constantly. Twice since I’ve been home for break (since saturday) he’s texted me, doesn’t get an immediate response, and then texts me like 3 or 4 more times. Here is the situation through gifs lol :)

He texts me, and I’m like grrrrrrrrrreat. 

Then it’s awkward or him asking to hang out or something and I’m likeeee Idk how to respond to this, I don’t wanna be mean; argh! Why can’t he just take a hint 

So I either don’t respond or take idk like 10+ minutes to reply to the text AND HE decides to text me ¾ more times, AFTER I ALREADY DIDN’T RESPOND, and I’m just like 

Honestly, when he does this it annoys me, and creeps me out! Like, IDK WHY he thinks this is okay, or it’s gonna improve us talking…it’s not. And I’m just like kmt. I don’t even wanna respond now.