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What's wrong Mr. Países Bajos? You seem uneasy and tense.

Netherlands: “I always try to protect them, I feed them, bathe them, buy them birthday gifts… And still it’s not enough? They’re so ungrateful… I work so hard to give them everything they need, to ensure they’re not lacking in anything. Why can’t they see that? And now…”
“My boy got taken to the police station earlier, for vandalizing a payphone cell. I got maybe a little too mad at him, but… He just won’t listen to anything I say, and then he claims that… t-that I don’t care about him… Does he even know everything I do for him? Why would I not care about him, he’s my God damn son..! Of course I care about him, I care about all my kids… they’re my everything…
*sips from his coffee*
“Sorry… You can forget about all of this now, it was just a moment of weakness… Thank you for the coffee and cigarette.“


You know what I think about a lot? Tony Stark reeling in the wake of Civil War, going on 72-hour work benders, trying to clean up everyone’s mess and whip the Sokovia Accords into shape and rebuild the decimated team and figure out how he can build Rhodey a new spine and forget about a metal hand squeezing the life out of his mother, and when Happy reports back to him about Peter he hates himself a little for holding the kid at arm’s length, but everyone who’s in his orbit eventually ends up getting hurt and it’s better for everyone if he keeps his distance, but that doesn’t mean he’s not keeping tabs on the kid and sometimes at 4.30 in the morning when stress and anxiety and too much coffee won’t let him sleep he sits in his office and listens to Peter’s inane voicemail messages and can’t stop the helpless smile from tugging on his lips as he learns about a kind old lady buying the kid a churro and for a moment he feels a little less alone and broken.


We were having a conversation with Pablo on set where…Sweeney wants to get the shit kicked out of him in this moment because he feels he has it coming, so he wants Shadow to beat the crap out of him because that’s what he feels he deserves. So, there are these teary-eyed moments where he’s just asking to be punched because he deserves it.
- Bryan Fuller

girls don’t want boys girls want 10000x more star wars femslash content than there currently is
Which Samwell Men's Hockey Team Member Are You?
Have you ever thought "Man this SMH team member is me?" Well now you can double check and see if they're actually your true match with this quiz! (made by tumblr user thehockeyhaus)
By appleschloss21

Ok so I got inspried by a post from @onethousandroaches where they mentioned the smh team and a buzzfeed quiz so I spent a few hours making this. I’m definitely, probably going to make more in the future. It was tons of fun but I like when there’s a lot of options, which is why it took me so long lol.

Please lmk what you think, reblog with your results <3 and if you see any errors like lmk that too!

Big thing at the end of Year 3 is def gonna be Bit’s coming out to his parents.

Like, he’s an NCAA Captain now and he’s pretty openly gay. He’d want them to find out from him as opposed to a potential reporter.

Also, like he might have to be more careful with Jack now, especially if Samwell does well next year. 

Unless Jack decides to come out too.