WB, respectfully, what the hell?!

This just hit me right in the gut. I think I somewhere subconciously always believed that somehow, things would solve themselves and we’d get another season. And to see our hope crushed like that, I just… I can’t even believe it’s truly over. All that potential stomped all over. All those thousands of fan hearts crushed.

I’m having a hard time grasping that WB only refused this because they thought we couldn’t reach our goal? I hope there’s some better reasoning behind this, because… Would it cost them to let us TRY at least? Would it cost them to let us support our own shows, if we’re WILLING? I honestly don’t understand.

Smgo - thank you so much for giving us this chance (: Even if it didn’t quite work, it united the fandom for a good cause and gave us hope. Thank you.

I posted a drawing of Saint Walker yesterday, titling it Hope Burns Bright. I suppose that’s all sort of ironic right now. I guess the drawing now serves as a farewell. For now at least. I still believe that hope burns bright, and that maybe, one day, someone will change their mind. Either way, the characters and their stories live on in the minds of us fans. And nothing can kill that.'s payment plan

“Explain your payment system –and why I should trust your crowdfunding platform?

Let me start by saying we’re using PayPal to handle all your transactions – we don’t even let you enter a credit card number on our website.  That doesn’t explain the intricacies behind the payment system nor how we keep your money safe, though.  To do that, I need to back up and clarify what you’re actually doing when we get to the funding stage.

Our whole payment system is premised on the idea that we are not collecting actual money until the show reaches its full funding goal and a written contract with a production studio is signed. What that means is, rather than having your card/bank account charged, we instead enter into a billing agreement with you – basically we’re collecting a whole lot of legal “IOUs” that can only be redeemed if certain conditions are met.   Those conditions are a signed contract for production with the same cast and crew, a fair deliverable date for the show, and the full production/delivery of rewards to our fans (in a timely manner after the season).

Per our written agreement with PayPal, we cannot ever be what’s known as the MOR – or Merchant on Record – for a crowdfunded project.  The main power we have is whether to trigger the payment or not, and the decision to trigger relies entirely off of those aforementioned contractual conditions.  During the funding phase PayPal requires us to provide an account number from the studio. When we can present a signed contract from the studio to PayPal, then and only then, can we trigger payment. The funds will be directly transferred from your account to PayPal to the Studio and SMGO will never touch money during the transaction. We encourage you to contact PayPal directly if need be.

We should also point out that per our written agreement, the MOR must be carefully vetted by PayPal’s legal and security team for its legality before they can even apply to receive the funds.

PayPal takes your security very seriously, and that’s why we chose them to handle all our payment solutions.  So, let me once again stress there is no way we can ever touch your funded money, and there’s no way studios can either, unless they agree to put your show back into production, give you your well earned rewards and do both in a timely fashion.

In your Terms and Conditions you note smgo does not offer refunds… Why?

Well, as we just noted above, we never touch your money.  We are not, nor can ever be the MOR, so there’s nothing for us to refund to you.  We do not earn revenue through the crowdfunding process, so we really don’t collect any direct money from you.

I’m sorry this was poorly worded — and I should note that I’m not saying there is not a place to cancel, modify, or return a reward pack — I’m merely stating that we, SMGO, do not touch your money and therefore are not the correct entity to contact for refunds (PayPal is).

The MOR will always be the production studio, and PayPal offers one of the best return/buyer protection systems in the world — you can and should do all of these transactions through PayPal (our site will link you there for your added convenience).  Keep in mind though, that once a show enters production, it will likely be much harder to receive your refund because your collective funds are being spent creating the show.”