Studio Ghibli Museum Short Films OST Cd’s

Mei and the Kittenbus (めいとこねこバス Mei to Konekobasu) Joe Hisaishi
Koro’s Big Walk (コロの大さんぽ Koro no dai-sampo) Yuji Nomi
The Whale Hunt (くじらとり Kujiratori) Yuji Nomi

A while ago i won a few of the sound tracks from the Ghibli museum short films shown at the Museum in Tokyo. Theses CD’s written and recorded especially for the films by composers Joe Hisaishi (who has scored every Miyazaki Film) and Yuji Nomi (Whisper of the Heart & Cat Returns). Ive only seen Mei and the Kittenbus so far so i hope to be able to see the others at the museum some day and be able to really enjoy the other two scores as much. (Ive been really lazy lately and not posted many of my new Ghibli items but i will  do my best to remedy that!)

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