Studio Ghibli Museum Short Films OST Cd’s

Mei and the Kittenbus (めいとこねこバス Mei to Konekobasu) Joe Hisaishi
Koro’s Big Walk (コロの大さんぽ Koro no dai-sampo) Yuji Nomi
The Whale Hunt (くじらとり Kujiratori) Yuji Nomi

A while ago i won a few of the sound tracks from the Ghibli museum short films shown at the Museum in Tokyo. Theses CD’s written and recorded especially for the films by composers Joe Hisaishi (who has scored every Miyazaki Film) and Yuji Nomi (Whisper of the Heart & Cat Returns). Ive only seen Mei and the Kittenbus so far so i hope to be able to see the others at the museum some day and be able to really enjoy the other two scores as much. (Ive been really lazy lately and not posted many of my new Ghibli items but i will  do my best to remedy that!)

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[140721] Wu Yi Fan Makes a ‘Fashionable’ Connection Through Instagram

Following his return to the popular social networking site, Instagram, it looks like Wu Yi Fan has other surprises for his followers – when apparently, famous fashion identity, Marcelo Burlonuploads a photo that frames both he and Wu in one picture, today, July 21st.

Before fans could recover from the enthusiasm brought about by his return to the more, international fans-friendly social networking site, Instagram, the previous night, Wu Yi Fan’sMei Ge Niwas once again surprised by an update – this time, not from Wu himself, but from someone he has met. However, different from the previous ones that included the likes of famous Chinese actresses and philanthropists such as Xu Jinglei and Fan Bingbing, or famous writers, directors or mediamen such as Guo Jingming and Chen Li Zhi, Wu has this time met with a famous fashion name – Marcelo Burlon. The said personality uploaded a photo of him and Wu with a caption that proves the latter’s visit to the couture house:‘@galaxy_fanfan visiting County HQ #KrisExo #CountyOfMilan’

Marcelo Burlon is what people can call as a ‘Jack of All Trades’ – a DJ, art director, publicist, model, stylist, fashion designer, and a brand consultant. The name has worked with the biggest fashion houses such asGivenchy, Alexander McQueen, Maison Martin Margiela, Versace, Prada, and so much more.Recently, Burlon collaborated with graphic designerGiorgo Di Salvoto launch his own RTW tees called‘Marcelo Burlon: County of Milan.’His sense of style, as said by himself, comes from his roots and his inspiration: his life.

It has been known to all fans that Wu has always been interested in fashion. During his activities with EXO, Wu has been noted to swoon onlookers with the way he carried clothes wherever he went. Dubbed as the ‘fashionista’ of the group, Wu, as his fans playfully point out, turns airports, and even streets his personal runway. Earlier this year, Wu also graced the pages ofThe Celebrity Magazine– in which he talked about his personal attachment to fashion designing and styling, all the while showcasing his skills in redefining pieces. He received praises from the people he worked with, and it was proven that he was more than just a kid who ‘liked to dress up.’ Towards the end of the editorial, Wu also specified his dreams of one day creating his own line – with a style that is truly his.

Wu Yi Fan’s encounter with Burlon, fans assume, might be one of his baby steps towards that dream.

Currently, Wu is filming his first film, ‘有一个地方只有我们知道 Somewhere Only We Know’ in Prague, Czech Republic. His own rendition of ‘时间煮雨(Time Hushes All Memories)’ are also gaining millions of plays on Chinese music sites.

Written by: wingsofeternity
References on Marcelo Burlon: &
Photo Credits: Marcelo Burlon (@marceloburlon) on Instagram
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