SSWB (Songs to Seduce Women By)

Nick Cave - Love Letter //Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life // Nick Drake - Northern Sky // Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You // U2 - The Sweetest Thing // Willie Nelson - Valentine // The Cure - Catch // Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love // Josh Rouse - Under your Charms // Gwen Mccrae - 90% Of Me // Astrud Gilberto - The Gentle Rain // Serge Gainsbourg - Ballade De Melody Nelson // Tom Waits - I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You // Badly Drawn Boy - Magic In The Air // Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine // Tim Buckley - Once I Was // Julie London - How Long Has This Been Going On // Chet Baker - Let’s Get Lost // John Martyn - Sweet Little Mystery // Neil Young - Birds // Hawksley Workman - Safe And Sound // Guillemots - Made Up Love Song #43 // Nina // Simone - I Got It Bad (and It Ain’t Good) // Decemberists - Crane Wife 3

Listen to it here. (x) 

dear smerchettes:


on gods green earth

in the year of our lord 2012

do y'all always wanna do all kinds of stuff right during the end of the semester and finals

when those of us who aint in high school no more cant do shit except sob at the sudden glut of assingments and studying we gotta do for basically a whole month


was there some kind of committee meeting i didnt get invited to at some point

did i not get some kinda memo

i mean come on as yr self declared king and part time narcissistic egomaniac i think i have at least a lil input

as do the other collegiate smerchettes and smerchadores

i mean

just sayin???

I guess I might go to LA this weekend. I'm honestly a bit more excited about just going to see it than the chance to potentially see Steve possibly. Like... I'm actually gonna get out of my freakin' house and see things. 8V I am uberly excited about this. haha

I always get really excited when we have somewhere to go that takes a while to get to and looking at the city. It’s one of my favorite things to do and I’ve kind of forgotten that… hmm…

I honestly never think I’m going to ever see any famous people when I go out though. I’ve lived around LA/Hollywood my entire life and I have never even seen one celebrity. :V pffff They are so close, but the chances of actually meeting them are very slim. I think it’s pretty funny when people think that just because you live in So Cal, or California period, you must live next to an actor or something. pff

I guess I’m just saying all this because I realize how creepy my last post about it sounded. X’D I just want to know if my chances of probably seeing him would still be there or if he’d be leaving soon. I am NOT going to actively stalk him. That is creepy as f**k. And I do not condone anyone doing that to ANYBODY. I don’t care if they’re famous or not. Don’t be a creep.

In fact, I actually would be more so excited if I was able to meet any of my fellow Californian followers that live in LA. I dunno how it’s all gonna go down if at all, but I’m really hoping I can…

I need to get out more. Frick.

My dream would be to go to a sad movie and then have a fight afterwards. During the film I hold my date’s hand and then when we come out there are three hoodlums, like some extras from The Warriors, and they pull out flick knives, and somehow I disarm them using an empty popcorn carton. She can’t believe it, she’s overwhelmed, she starts crying and I comfort her and say “There, there… no need to cry, baby.” That would be ideal.