“He was a skater boy, seh said see ya later boy, he wasn´t good enough for her, but now he´s a superstar slamin on his guitar ´does your pretty face see what he´s worth? ” Avril Lavigne Sk8ter boy

This Picture just reminded me of this song XD

ah yeah i should have told you that this picture is in the next GQ UK magazine…if somebody could please scan it when it comes out?

As I sat in my car in the McDonald’s parking lot at 1 a.m., wiping the blood-red ketchup from my hands, I finally understood how a serial killer must feel when he’s just murdered yet another prostitute in a motel room: orgiastic satisfaction mixed with deep shame and self-hatred. I’d like to see that as part of McDonald’s next advertising campaign: “Order 2 Big Mac Meals and Feel Like a Psycho Sex Killer
—  Stephen Merchant

Look at this dork. 

hatsunemikufan108 and I were gushing about him and talking about how we wanted to send him fan letters - but then we got better idea. Smerch fans, we know you’re out there! If you like/reblog this post we’ll write down your urls and put them in a letter we send him :D The last day we’ll be taking URLs is April 21st!