I avoid some people on purpose
I’ve cheated 
I’ve thought about cheating 
I hate the way I look most of the time
I actually like the way I look most of the time 
I’ve been swimming in an ocean 
I’ve been swimming in a lake
I have siblings
I have pets
I’ve been on vacation recently 
I love meeting new people
I am insanely shy
I’m on a sports team
My best friend is a boy (one is)
I play music
I don’t remember the last time I mailed a letter
I talk on the phone every night 
I drink milk almost every day
I’ve kissed someone in a bathroom
I’ve kissed someone in bed
I’ve kissed someone at school
I’ve kissed someone I just met 
I’ve kissed a good friend
I like to read 
I like to watch TV
I couldn’t care less about video games 
I hate my mum and dad
I’ve had a crush on someone 5+ years older
I’ve never asked someone out
I can touch my nose with my tongue   
I love pizza
I actually love going grocery shopping
I love to travel 
I’ve been to another continent
I wish I had time to watch more movies 
I miss being a little kid
I’ve been to a public pool recently  
Summer is my favourite time of the year 
Winter is my favourite time of the year 
I have a favourite holiday 
I have a favourite holiday other than Christmas
I’ve been to a concert recently 
I drive
I have my own car 
My room is almost always messy
I’m listening to music right now
Music helps me work 
The last person I texted was a boy
I want a new phone really bad
The last thing I drank was water
I used to play with barbies
I collect something
I’ve been to a carnival recently
I need to charge my phone
I have a huge crush on someone right now 
I’ve kissed someone within the last 24 hours
I’m still in my pajamas
I have to go to school tomorrow
I need to clean something 
I’ve hurt myself on purpose
I’ve thrown up on purpose
I’ve broken a bone 
I’ve eaten something weird
I’m an extremely picky eater 
I’ve been out to eat recently 
I love going to the mall 
I hate big groups 
I remember the last party I went to
I’m on the phone right now   
I’m watching TV right now 
I’m eating right now
I’m on the phone, watching TV, and eating right now     
People say I’m funny 
People say I’m pretty
I’ve been told that I have gorgeous eyes
I need new clothes really bad
My hair is up right now 
I need to shave my legs
I remember the last time I went to the doctor
I have braces 
I actually use my locker at school 
I get good grades
I have a MySpace 
I have a Facebook 
I showered last night 
I spy with my little eye something that is green 
I spy with my little eye something that is round 
I spy with my little eye something that is broken
I’ve had surgery
Someone I know has died 
Someone I know has had cancer
It’s past my bedtime
I’ve moved before
I’ve moved 4+ times 
I’ve gotten something removed 
People tell me that I have good hair 
People tell me that they like my clothes
I wish I had some money right now
I have a job
I need a job 
I actually got a stupid class ring
I’m listening to someone talking right now 
I’ve kissed someone in front of my parents 
I’ve kissed someone on New Year’s 
I love Halloween
I remember the last time I tripped
I can see a picture of me from where I’m sitting
I can see my reflection from where I’m sitting
I’m kinda scared of the dark
It’s hard to sleep with the door open
It’s hard to sleep without a blanket
It’s morning
I played soccer when I was little 
I played basketball when I was little 
My ears are pierced 
My belly button is pierced    
I plan on going to college
I plan on getting married 
I plan on having some kids 
I curse a lot
I got so drunk last night
I’ve been to a wedding recently
I have an accent 
I’m completely white 
I know someone who has been homeschooled
I know someone in a band 
I can sing really well 
I can dance really well 
I’ve never slow danced with anyone 
I suck at math 
I recycle
I know some rednecks 
I want to get a tattoo
I want to get a new piercing
I hate MTV and VH1
I miss an ex
I’ve slapped someone
I’ve punched someone
I’ve been told that I have a nice butt
I think my boobs are too small
I wish I could lose some weight
I can play the guitar 
I can speak another language 
I am fluent in another language 
I can play the piano 
I’ve been told that I can’t dance
I’m a cheerleader  
I have a sweet tattoo 
I have a sweet facial piercing 
I need to practice something
I believe in God 
I want to go to Mexico 
I want to go to Canada
I’ve traveled across the country 
I live on the east coast
I went to the beach last summer
I remember the last time I was insanely sunburned
I like to waste time
I like to sleep 
I think I’m going to get asked out soon
I keep a journal
I don’t remember the last dream I had 
My first kiss kinda sucked
I think gay marriage should be legal
I think smoking is gross 
I’m wearing something that belongs to someone else 
My mom fixed the last meal I had 
I’ve never gotten my nails done
I should be doing homework right now
I’m adopted 
I love sappy movies 
I love horror movies 
I love musicals
I’ve seen a broadway show
The last person I hugged was my mom/dad
All of my grandparents are alive 
I miss my boyfriend 
I haven’t talked to my best friend all day
People tell me that I’m short
Sometimes my socks don’t match 
I can’t wait till my birthday 
I’m a procrastinator 
I’m not like everyone else
I like strawberries 
I like thunderstorms
Someone’s mad at me right now (i hope not)
I hate when people are rude
I’m an optimist
I am really self-conscious
My first relationship ended badly 
I love when boys hold doors open
I’ve kissed 2+ people in one day
I’ve had a boy sleep over at my house
I bite my nails
I’ve been caught doing drugs
I’ve been caught cheating
I haven’t been to Disneyland
I’ve passed out from doing something illegal
I get angry easily
I’m so laid back
I hate most girls
I love getting new shoes
I hate Chinese food
I don’t remember the last time I was grounded 
I’ve been in love before
I’ve been cheated on
There are certain songs that remind me of my ex
I gave someone their first kiss
I straighten my hair more often than i should
I’ve been to a funeral this year 
I am insanely hungry right now
I liked this survey a lot 
I should probably do something productive now


Here’s some of the stupid shit I get up to 🙈 #ModernDayDorothy #WizardOfOzTake2 #MoveOverJudyGarland #why #smera #why


Some of last night’s footage. #bowling #vlog #dance #smera

SMERA Ratings achieves 25,000 MSME Ratings Milestone


Credit rating agency of India, SMERA Ratings (SMERA) has announced completion of 25,000 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – (MSME) ratings in India. This milestone was achieved by SMERA in 8 years of its operations. Within a short span, SMERA ratings have established a credible track record within the lending fraternity with Memorandum of Understanding – (MOU) with 36 banks in the country. The popularity of credit ratings within the MSME sector was possible due to affordable cost of rating facilitated by the subsidy provided by the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, and efficient execution of the scheme by the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC).

Parag Patki, CEO, SMERA Ratings, said, “The MSME sector is the backbone of any economy, and the heath of the MSME sector is critical to ride the forthcoming wave of economic revival for the country. We expect increasing opportunities for the MSME sector with the Indian Government taking measures to improve investment climate along with initial signs of economic revival in the developed economies. SMERA believes that better managed, efficient and SMERA rated units are eminently positioned to harness these opportunities.

He further added,” SMERA remains committed to facilitating the growth of the MSME sector in India through its Credit Ratings Services and is looking forward to participate in the orderly growth of the sector……See More

BEL wins Dun and Bradstreet award

Bangalore, July 24 (ANI): Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) has been chosen as the top Indian company in the electrical and electronic equipment sector in the Dun and Bradstreet ‘India’s Top PSUs awards 2015’.
Chairman and Managing Director of BEL, S.K. Sharma, received the award for BEL along with Anandi Ramalingam, GM (National Marketing), BEL, from R M Malla, the chairman of Smera Ratings Limited, at the awards ceremony held in New Delhi on July 23.
The occasion also marked the launch of the 15th edition of Dun and Bradstreet India’s publication, 'India’s Top PSU Awards 2015’ by Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Anant G Geete, who was the chief guest, and Kaushal Sampat, President and Managing Director - India, Dun and Bradstreet.
The Dun and Bradstreet 'India’s Top PSUs awards are an acknowledgement of the critical role that the PSUs play in the development of the Indian economy.
BEL has been at the forefront in providing critical communication, night vision, electronic warfare and radar systems to the Indian defence services ever since its inception post Independence in 1954.
Today, BEL has grown into a multi-product, multi-technology, multi-unit conglomerate which designs and manufactures over 350 products and systems in the area of professional electronics, serving both defence and non-defence sectors.
BEL, India’s leading Defence electronics company, registered a growth of eight percent during 2014-15 as against three percent in 2013-14. The sales turnover for 2014-15 was Rs.6,695 crores (audited) as compared to Rs. 6,174 crores during 2013-14. The Profit Before Tax for 2014-15 was 1,467 crores (audited) as against Rs. 1,175 crores for 2013-14. The Profit After Tax was Rs. 1,167 crores as compared to Rs. 932 crores in 2013-14. Exports registered a growth of 38 percent from US $42 M in 2013-14 to US $58 M in 2014-15. BEL has an order book value of Rs. 21,600 crores as on April 1, 2015. (ANI)