I think we should take a moment to think about the fact that almost all the SMROOKIES look like the kids of some idols...

we have a little Changmin

Kris and Chen

Yoochun and Sunny





Suho and Donghae

Left: Taeyeon and Tiffany



you know how every pathcode teaser so far has been of the member's powers going out of control and causing a disaster? yeah but how is lay's powers going to do the same like is he going to walk down a corridor of a hospital and suddenly everyone's healed?? or would he casually be in a cemetery and accidentally revive all the corpses??

U R SO CUTE THO. blesssSsssss



Super Junior borrowed a restaurant to eat and chill, but then suddenly Ryeowook went missing. Siwon who worried that Ryeowook drank too much decided to go look for turns out Siwon found him in front of the refrigerator in the kitchen (lol ryeowook the mom). Ryeowook was in fact, seriously fighting with a wall in between the fridge. Siwon, who found this the funniest thing on earth decided to film this “fight” on his phone. LOOL


Drunk Ryeowook laid flat on the sofa in the dorm and slept. It would have been great if he just slept in peace; however, he started to spit on the floor of the dorm. Well it’s great that Ryeowook had a good sleep, but the members didn’t. In the end, Yesung was the one to clean up after the mess…


It was never mentioned specifically, but Ryeowook once barfed on the members clothes that were sponsored by named brands. (why is it that the members are affected by his drunkness lol)


Ryeowook did not know how he locked himself in the bathroom and fell asleep on the toilet, until he was woken up…by falling off the toilet. The worried members asked if he was alright, but he was so embarrassed that he pretended to not know of what their worries were all about.


Sukira had a gathering at a restaurant and Shindong happened to stop by to see Ryeowook. But Ryeowook was so drunk that he just went home. It was a Sukira gathering, but the Sukira DJ decides to go home and instead, Shindong, the Shimshimtapa DJ managed the gathering for Sukira, paid the bills and came home in the end(?!??!??)


Fans like us, probably didn’t realize that Ryeowook was a heavy drinker…well until now. But in fact, Ryeowook actually quit drinking for 2 years. The reason being was that he made the “BIGGEST MISTAKE” to SJ members, and it’s a really big mistake so he can’t even mention about it on broadcast (keep in mind that he mentioned those episodes above on broadcast) 

Cr. Instiz

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So this was brought up by someone who messaged me. I kind of just copied and pasted what I originally said. So here it is, another jumble of theories:

There was another relationship apparently going to be released during the second half of this year, but we don’t know who it is. It could be Suho or Lay or Xiumin for all we know. The media outlet that had the information on the same-sex couple said that they were prepared for a lawsuit and would be still willing to go against company and artist permission to release that information.

The relationship that will be revealed later on is said to be “extremely big news”. I’m not sure why they added the ‘extremely big’, because it adds to my suspicion that it could indeed be ChanBaek. The same-sex couple, in the unknown article, was hinted that “it could cause a ripple in the industry” and that they came “from a trending group”. The first thing that comes to mind is EXO and ChanBaek.

Clearly the media outlet wanted REALLY BADLY to release the gay couple. I’m thinking that maybe, SM made a deal to let them expose Kaistal and postpone that article to the latter half of this year. That way, SM can see if a same-sex couple could indeed either harm or help the company. SM most likely wants to postpone that article from ever coming out (if the couple is from their company), so they struck up a deal with Dispatch (who we can only assume could POSSIBLY be the media outlet).

Dispatch probably agreed to postpone that article if they could expose Kaistal. ChanBaek would definitely be extremely big news and it could cause ripples in the industry.

Kaistal, as real as ever, is being used by SM to mask something up. Maybe not, but timing is always fishy and SM is always wanting to cover something up. Kai didn’t seem that happy at having his relationship with Krystal outed (I can imagine why), and I can see his expressions at the Secret Night Lotte Concert held today. I’m on mobile so I can’t add pictures, but check out smexo_news. Kaistal has gotten incredible feedback, and I’ve never seen a KPOP couple get so much support before. I’d imagine that they’d be happy, but Krystal hasn’t posted anything on Instagram and neither of them have said a word about the whole ordeal.

It seems to me that their relationship was indeed outed before their expected date (previous post which stated June-July). SM is being fishy fishy fishy like usual.

So really, who knows? It might not be ChanBaek, and for all we know SM might make another deal with Dispatch or with whatever media outlet is holding their information. Only time can tell.

Note: SM does have a mysterious couple that will be soon announced in the second half of this year. If SM decides that their same-sex couple (presumably ChanBaek) won’t help, then they will most likely have Chanyeol date someone from a female girl-group. If not Chanyeol, then another member. They want anything to cover up the same-sex couple and they are most likely going to continue outing other couples if that’s what it takes. If Chanyeol is indeed reported in a dating scandal, it would seem more fake to me than real. He did state earlier that he wasn’t dating anyone and that he didn’t want to hurt the fans (mainly said this bc of excessive bitching from fans), so if he did have a dating scandal it would seem controversial. But like I said, who knows what SM is coming up with right now. They would most likely have at least one person from that same-sex couple dating someone else so that people will drop the topic. Since Baekhyun has already dated, maybe it’s Chanyeol’s turn.

Other note: Just be aware that everything is uncertain. The same-sex couple might not even be ChanBaek. It could be a couple from f(x).

Kaistal, I feel that their relationship is very much real, was used as a cover up. That couple be used to either cover up an EXO same-sex couple or an f(x) same-sex couple.

But then again, it could also be used to cover up any other couple in their company. Includes SNSD, Super Junior, Red Velvet, etc.

I’m not limiting this to just ChanBaek. Whatever same-sex couple SM wants to hide, resides in their company.

Assumptions, like I said before. So you could just take this with a grain of salt.