They can be found deep inside a badly eroded pyramid standing on top of Mount Baigong in the Qinghai Province of northwestern China. The one entrance thats remains goes deep inside the pyramid. Iron scraps and strange looking stones litter the floor, suggesting that a long time ago, this place saw activity. The only surviving cave houses an intricate network of metal pipes, with diameters as large as 1.5 feet and as small as a toothpick. Dozens of pipes run straight into the mountain, leading who knows where

Analysis performed at a government ran smeltery determined that the pipes where made up of 8% unknown material, human presence in the area can be tracked back 30,000 years but was mainly composed of nomadic tribes, it’s believed that it would of been impossible for such a primitive society to of left behind such an advanced sctrucure. Could this be proof of ancient aliens?


But what if Zoeya joins Cornerstone

and she comes in and sees Rythian’s nameplate upstairs in the house

and goes up to find him. But as she’s walking up the stairs she hears this sort of muttering - “it’s okay, my beautiful darling, we’ll be together soon…”

and she bursts onto the second floor to see Rythian caressing the smeltery and she just

I knew Jim wasn’t really our child! You were cheating on me all along!