april 10th 2017 // spent the day in the historic city of Røros! Favourite city in the entire world, there is so much amazing history! Went to the museum made in the smeltery from when the city was one of Norways biggest in copper mining // day ten of the April study challenge!

What are some of your general study tips? I don’t have too many study tips, really. One thing that I’ve become more aware of after being in the studyblr community is not to try so hard. When you are scrolling your feed, there will be beautiful notes with amazing decoration, but not everybody is good at decorating their notes, and that’s okay. There’s been so many mines I’ve looked at my feed, and then at my own notes and felt that my notes are way too ugly to be studyblr content. But that is okay! The important part is learning the curriculum, not that your notes look like that belong in the Louvre! So I guess my tip will be to pay attention to what you’re actually supposed to be learning before you pay attention to how your notes look

But what if Zoeya joins Cornerstone

and she comes in and sees Rythian’s nameplate upstairs in the house

and goes up to find him. But as she’s walking up the stairs she hears this sort of muttering - “it’s okay, my beautiful darling, we’ll be together soon…”

and she bursts onto the second floor to see Rythian caressing the smeltery and she just

I knew Jim wasn’t really our child! You were cheating on me all along!

Attack on Tickles ~ Syndisparklez Fluff

It was an antisocial Saturday in the realm, as everyone had split off into their own little projects. Tom had a tugging need in his chest for companionship, however, Tucker was standing over his altar ‘slitting his wrists’, Sonja was wandering about sucking nodes, and Wag was in the Twilight Forest. Even Jordan, his most endeared of friends, was busy, holed up in his spectre dimension bubble. No one seemed interested in Tom or his tomfoolery, so he had opted to lounge in his tree, alone with his thoughts. Time passed slower than ever, and the sudden appearance of the smiling Farmer Steve jumpstarted his heart with excitement.

“What are you doing Syndi mate?” He questioned, adjusting his hat and tugging at the straps of his overalls.

“I’m Borrreeed.” Tom sighed in exasperation.

“I see, well sitting here by your lonesome won’t do you any good, why don’t you go find one of your mates?” Steve inquired, taking a seat.

“Already tried that. Tucker, Wag, and Sonja told me not to pester them, and Jordan is hiding out in his stupid magic bubble world.”

“I see, and what if  I could get you into this magic bubble world?”

At this, Tom’s eyebrows shot up like rockets. “You could do that?” He questioned, his voice doused in hopefulness.

“Aye, but if I get you up there, you have to promise not to break any of Sparklybum’s toys.”

“Ill try and restrain myself”

“Good, right then Syndi, off you go” The Farmer squinted his eyes and pursed his lips, his entire body emanating a dim purple glow. That was the last Tom saw of Steve before finding himself in a light blue room, packed with gadgets and gizmos, and in the corner, the captain. Jordan hadn’t noticed Tom’s arrival, as he was deeply focused on whatever he was mixing in his smeltery. This gave Tom the perfect window for a sneak attack. Treading lightly, he approached the man from behind, and with a spring in his step, he surged foreward, sending the two tumbling to the ground. Sparklez squirmed beneath his attacker, attempting to crane his neck to get a look at who it was. Tom let up a bit, allowing the other to flip over. If a picture was worth a thousand words, the look on his face was worth the entire contents of his family’s old scrapbooks. The blue haired man child couldn’t help but find himself soaking in the image of the captain beneath him.

“Tom how the hell did you get in here” Jordan stuttered. Anger and confusion seeped into his words as a red hue graced his cheeks.

“I was ronery, and my main man Steve hooked me up fatty style” This explanation didn’t seem to apease Jordan, as he shoved the other off and leaped to his feet.

“Come now Mr. Sparkley Pants, look I can help you with your drug business or whatever shenanigans you’ve got going on here” Tom purred, pushing himself up and snaking an arm around the others torso to pull him close.

“I mean, It’s not like I’m leaving anytime soon” Tom announced

Jordan arched a lone eyebrow and folded his arms. “Why is that”

“Well, I legitimately can’t leave, Steve teleported me here”
“I can arrange your death Tomas”
“Hell no you can’t, you and I know I would kick your ass, I got the coolier sword” Tom smirked displaying his cards proudly.
“Alright fine. Just don’t break anything” Jordan compromised. Tom’s face beamed happiness as he moved his hands up and around the others shoulders for a hug. Jordan took it with a sigh, though Tom could have sworn he felt the captain’s hand twitch, as if he was suppressing a return of affection. There was a long pause as the two just stood there in the absolute silence of the specre dimension. It became increasingly clear that Tom had no intentions of letting go, so Jordan broke the silence by sliding his hands up to the others chest and pushing back a little. Tom took the hint and dropped his arms with a sheepish grin. Jordan cleared his throat, and with that, walked over to his ME system to retrieve something. Tom grinned out of joy and took a seat at the desk. He oddly enough felt no need to pester his friend, and was simply content watching the other go about his business. That is, until it occurred to him that if he could get the Spectre key, Jordan would be trapped here with him. He knew the other carried it with him at all times, so it was really only a matter of pinning him down and searching his pockets, and thats precisely what he did. He waited for Jordan to turn his back, then with the swiftness of a skilled wizard, he pounced on his prey, sending him back to the ground. 

“Tom enough!” Jordan growled, wriggleing around as Tom pressed his forearm into the other’s shoulders, freeing up his other hand to rummage through Jordan’s pants pockets. Tom chewed his lip and grinned as his fingers latched onto the key, and he extracted it from the black slacks it had been hidden in. Jordan’s eyes grew wide as he thrashed around trying to escape.
“Tom! Tom give me back the key!”  he snarled, grunting as he pressed into Tom’s forearm in an attempt to sit up.
“What this? Oh please you don’t need it!” Tom shoved it into his own pocket. “You can have it back when I say” He snickered and leaned in closer until their noses were touching. He grinned in triumph and removed the captains red shades, tossing them aside. Jordan finally ceased attempting to escape, knowing he was beat and furrowed his eyebrows in frustration.
“Jerk” He sniveled, refusing to meet Tom’s gaze.
“Aww, is someone grumps?” Tom cooed sitting up, but keeping his hands pressed firmly into Jordan’s shoulders.
“I’m not grumps”
“Who’s grumps?”
“Get up”
“Not until you give me a smile”
At that, Jordan pulled the most dubious smile he could muster, causing Toms smug expression to drop.
“Don’t be an ass, Ill put a smile on your face if it kills me” Tom affirmed with a simper.
“Your death would actually make me smile” 

“Fight me” 

“Gladly” Jordan smirked and was about to back his words when Tom attacked either side of his neck with tickling fingers. The captain squirmed and screeched in a sudden wave of exhilaration.

“T…Tom, ngh! stop!” He panted using his now free arms to flip Tom over so he was on top. He instantly went to work, fluttering his fingers all about Tom’s neck and chest. Tom wasn’t going to take this laying down though and shoved Jordan off in a fit of giggles and grins. Simultaneously, they leaped to their feet, taking a low stance and poising their hands to strike like a pair of vipers.
“Give me back the key and it ends”
“Over my dead body” With that Jordan lunged forward, but Tom was a step ahead and he flew upwards and onto the top of the smeltery. Jordan flew up after him, fingers poised. The blue haired man took a step backwards and found himself slipping into the smeltery and towards the scalding manulyn that sat at the bottom. He was just about to hit the liquid, when a firm hand gripped his and pulled him back up. Tom was about to mumble a thank you when he was cut off by Jordan shoving him back onto the floor and leaping on top of him.
“The key Tom”
“No bro”
Tom flipped them over again and the pair resumed their war, both attempting to keep their composure enough to tickle the other. Their laughter grew louder and louder, and the intensity grew stronger and stronger
“T..Tom you’re crying” Jordan panted, his pace slowing as he realized how much of a toll the tickle war had taken on him.
“Y.. you are t..too” Tom sniggered and swept his thumb over one of Jordan’s tear soaked cheeks. The laughter settled into a set of smiles, both gazing at each other with an affectionate grin. Tom flopped over onto his back in contentment.
“You really are something special Sparklez” he beamed, turning his head to continue soaking in the sight of the sweat soaked captain.

 “Love ya sparklez” 

“If you really loved me, you would give me back that key” 

“Damn it you sausage! We were having a moment and you had to ruin it!”

“We were having a moment?”

“Yes! You moment ruiner”

“My apologies” 

Tom rattled around in his pockets, eventually extracting the key, and resting it on the others chest.

“Thanks” Jordan whispered and rolled over on his side. He poked Tom’s nose and sat up. Tom’s face burned bright red. 

“We should probably get going, wag wanted me to help him with a bit of witchery today.”
Try as he may, Tom couldn’t muster any words, and instead released a garbled okay. The captain snickered and helped him to his feet. 

“Time to leave cutie” and with that, Jordan plunged his sword into the other, leaving him alone in the bubble with Tom’s grave.

Back in the overworld, Tom spawned in his tree, at the same time that Tucker happened to be looting the chests. Tucker froze, prepared for death, instead, he received a bubbly hug from a Tom who was beaming with happiness.

They can be found deep inside a badly eroded pyramid standing on top of Mount Baigong in the Qinghai Province of northwestern China. The one entrance thats remains goes deep inside the pyramid. Iron scraps and strange looking stones litter the floor, suggesting that a long time ago, this place saw activity. The only surviving cave houses an intricate network of metal pipes, with diameters as large as 1.5 feet and as small as a toothpick. Dozens of pipes run straight into the mountain, leading who knows where

Analysis performed at a government ran smeltery determined that the pipes where made up of 8% unknown material, human presence in the area can be tracked back 30,000 years but was mainly composed of nomadic tribes, it’s believed that it would of been impossible for such a primitive society to of left behind such an advanced sctrucure. Could this be proof of ancient aliens?


We have explosives, sir.” said Soric, saluting again for a good measure. “Mining charges we lifted from the store behind the smelteries.”
“Static charges with no launchers… against tanks?”
“It’s how we’ve been doing so far, sir: a man takes a warp of charges and runs with it, anchors it to the tank hull— ”
Soric frowned. “Duty, sir. What other way is there?
—  Necropolis, Dan Abnett
Hammer and Nails

A Cornerstone Fic
In Which Rythian Is Too Hot (Hot Damn)

It had started innocently enough; it usually did. Rythian was so often absent, and there was very little to talk about when the sun had set and the drinks had been flowing. They talked about Rythian fairly frequently, as it happened, and no one seemed to mind.

The current joke of choice was Rythian’s apparent obsession with the smeltery, which admittedly was a stretch at best, since he spent less time with it than most of them. It was mainly the fact that he slept with his back to it that fueled the speculation–that, and the gutterward tendencies of most of the crew’s minds.

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Casually mentioned to my husband that the tenth anniversary (the one we celebrated today) traditionally meant exchanging gifts of tin or aluminum.

Logged on to the Minecraft server a few horus later and walked into our crappy little in-progress base to find this tin and aluminum throne in the main room and Alumite tools being made in the smeltery.

Nerd marriage. It is the nerd marriage. Nerd have become married.

oralom  asked:

Head Cannon: When Rythian was a young lad, he was a blacksmith's apprentice (or possibly raised by a blacksmith), which is why he enjoys working with the smeltery. It reminds him of simpler times. A time before magic and war.

This isn’t too far away from what I had in mind actually. :)

Title: Belling the Cat
Rating: SFW
Pairing: None, Gen
Characters: Will Strife, Xephos, Honeydew, Lalna, Mentions of Parvis
Warnings: None
Summary: So maybe it was a little underhanded, but William Strife wasn’t exactly someone Xephos could allow to run around unchecked.
A/N: I kind of wanted to explore Xephos’s reasoning for sending Parv, of all people, to work with Will. Because we all know that Xeph is a lot more devious than others give him credit for. XD

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FIC: jade and alexander

Nano/Lalna domesticity based vaguely on Kim’s single player world videos. No CWs should apply.

There are people around Minecraftia with books.

They are guarded as jealously as a diary would be, kept secret and close. Lalna’s seen a few, seen the surreptitious way they are tucked away. It’s only after he and Nano settle into Panda Labs that he sees one in use, though.

Because, of all people, Nano has one.

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Bed Guest

Pairing: Parvill
Words: 545
Description: Strife must learn to accept Parvis as a companion…
Writer’s note:
 Uh, my first Parv/Strife fic, but I kind of fell in love with this ship at first sight, so I had to try it out! Let me know what you think!

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