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Not pictured: 39084720947234 stacks of Bloodstone Dust

So I decided to do SERIOUS summer cleaning of Aidan’s inventory.
I’ve seen people do the What’s in my Bag meme thing so I gave that a twist and turned into a What’s in my Inventory meme so everyone can see how much useless stuff I lug around while I’m crying every 10 minutes about my inventory being full.

super random ai hcs, bc i have a Lot honestly?:

delta: actually pretty expressive? u just gotta be good at reading his body language. also, really easily flustered. like Really Easily. 

theta: loves stickers. like a lot. theyll put them on everything including armor n helmets and legit anything u can think of. its 100% an honor to be Sticker’d™

eta: constantly anxious. if theyre relaxed its a miracle, theyre very easily stressed out. on that note they really like white noise generators n stuff, the audio keeps em calm (theyre the type of person to have headphones in 24/7)

iota: really happy and upbeat n also pretty low empathy? like theyre good at comforting they just Cant Relate (thats etas job). also will kick ur ass if u hurt eta or theta

omega: deep, deep down, he unironically loves be my bad boy by cascada. very, very deep. also he listens to nightcore a shocking amount

gamma: his sense of humor is not limited to knock knock jokes. literally any lame thing he will find hilarious. hes got a meme folder. theyre all terrible 

sigma: constantly gets in arguments with delta abt metastability etc. they both have pretty even tones so its like the most heated discussion thats also a complete deadpan uve ever seen. 

I felt the same way today


What a wonderful story. :v

@confused-tofu, thank you for lending me your name~. I can’t bring myself to use another’s when it comes to Louis. *rolls around* Switching between “Grace” and “I farted” was worth it. :v *bricked*

@pumpkin-cinderella, thanks for wheezing with me when I was taking the screenshots. :v

Okay, this is going to be the last post about Louis passing gas, I promise OTL


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i'm hers and she's mine [1/1]

dedicated  to keywordlydia for being amazing and listening to me waffle on. wetbellamyblake because i like tagging her in these things. hooksandheroics guess what i did?

warnings: smut, perhaps could be viewed as dubious consent, with like a heavy filter… it is a sex pollen fic

Sometimes Clarke hated being polite, sometimes she just wanted to say no, I want to go back to my tent and sleep for a couple of days. But sometimes, life didn’t work like that, sometimes you just have to man up and do the right thing. Still, when you get stuck get stuck in this situation, you just want to be back in your own bed, curled beneath a tattered blanket trying not to think of Bellamy Blake… wait, what? No, just relaxing, just relax and do nothing for once.

So here she was, seated on a lavish chair with Bellamy kneeling beside her, a clay plate piled high with strange fruits that Clarke had never seen before. It was so strange to be seated with this group of Grounder women surrounding her, men all kneeling before or beside them.

One of the Kru’s who shared a border with the Trikru had invited Clarke (and by extension Bellamy) to the Harvest festival. She had been reluctant to attend the festival, not entirely sure why it was necessary for her to attend when any number of their people could have gone. But their emissary had insisted it be her, and when Lincoln had whispered something in Bellamy’s ear and he had volunteered (volunteered isn’t a strong enough word, not for the way Bellamy cornered her after the meeting, standing just close enough that she could feel the heat radiating off his body and it felt like his dark eyes were piercing straight into her soul, the way he practically told her with a stern look that he was going, whether she liked it or not).

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anonymous asked:

I just wish u didnt write plasmashiipy stuff cause theres not much of it nd im sick of wading through all ur KAI AND LLOYD R BROTHERS TEE HEE SEE WHAT I DID shit to get to the good fics like u dont have to make evrrything abt hating greenflame but u do nd its so extra

“I wish you didnt write for a ship you enjoy and be so EXTRA about hating pedophilia” ok so once again this discourse i didnt ask for is about whatsit. guess what you cant control what i write! and i write decent shit! and you seem to have a misunderstanding of my character because i am, in fact, very extra

Thanks bookishmadness for tagging me for the what’s in my bag tag!!

I tag everyone else, show me what’s in your bag, show me what is worth stealing *evil laughter* no wait… I won’t steal. I promise.