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Christmas Jumpers // Ubbe Lothbrok // Vikings Christmas imagine 🥀🖤

Requested — “UBBABE - Ubbe get a home from work or smth and it smells sooooo nice bc the reader is baking gingerbread cookies and all and she’s 100% in the Xmas mood and when he walks into the kitchen to steal some food she tells him she has a surprise for him and he’s all like 😏😏 but turns out it’s MATCHING XMAS THEMED SWEATERS and it makes him laugh but then as he sees her pouting he promises to wear it for Xmas eve with his fam 💁”

Vikings AU 🥀🖤

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You had been in the Christmas spirit since October. You didn’t care about Halloween or anything. You just wanted Christmas to hurry up and December had finally arrived, you had been putting decorations around the house all day, there was nothing left to put up so you decided to bake some cookies, to surprise Ubbe with as he’d been working really hard with his brothers recently.

The house started to smellt sweet, you heard the door open and Ubbe slugged his way in, as he put his house key in his pocket, he looked up and was surprised, Christmas had reached the household

“Oh my, Christmas is here I take it” he said being mesmerised by the decorations

“Yes it sure has! I baked some cookies, I know you love them and you’ve been working so hard and you deserve a treat” you handed him the plate of chocolate cookies with a devilish smile on your face

You walked back into the kitchen to get him a drink, to wash them down

“Are you done?” You asked

“Yes, thank you, best cookies I’ve ever had” He said getting up and going in for a kiss

“Nope no kisses, I have something to show you” the devilish smile returned

“You have something to show me?” He repeated with the same smile

“In the bedroom” You said grabbing his hand and walking off

Ubbe has a smile on his face, not expecting what was about to come

You opened the door and turned to him, both still smiling, him wrapping his arms around you kissing your cheeks

“HERE WE GO” You said excitedly breaking up Ubbe’s arms from around you

“Really [y/n], really?” He said laughing

“Yeah matching jumpers babe” you threw his jumper on him to put it on

He put the jumper on and pressed the button and Santa’s sleigh lit up and jingle bells started playing. He pulled you in for a hug and kissed your head, still laughing.

“Can I take you clothes off now?” He asked

“Ubbe, I have baubles to hang” you said chuckling and walking off


“IM TOO CHRISTMASSY FO THIS RIGHT NOW BABE” you started to fun away from him, it turned into a massive chase around the house

The chase eventually stopped and he said

“If this is what makes you happy, I’ll wear it on Christmas Day to the family dinner, if you’re happy I’m happy”

“Ubbe, you’re the best, I love you” you said hugging him

“I love you too” he kisses your head

You lead him back to the bedroom and shut the door