smells sooooo nice

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What are your fav lush products Ju :)

i have a lot of faves just letting you know


  • ocean salt cleanser - this makes your skin feel so refreshed i love it
  • coal face - i love it bc i have oily skin and this makes it feel super clean. 
  • grease lightning - this honestly is the best thing for zapping problem zits! i put it on my skin after i wash my face, it works amazingly. 
  • tea tree water - SUCH A FAVORITE it makes my skin blemish free and keeps it looking toned and healthy feeling. sooo worth your money
  • santa baby lip scrub- its seasonal so they dont have it now but it taste like cherry cola and makes your lips feel smooth afterwards. 


  • R&B - FAVORITE. i have curly hair and i tends to get dry so this moisturizer for your hair is amazing! keeps it frizz-free and it smells sooooo nice. and a little goes a long way.
  • sea spray - i love this product so much especially when i have second day curly hair. it makes your hair more voluminous and smells like the beach. im addicted to this product. 


  • charity pot - this is an overall amazing lotion! feels good on the skin :)
  • as for bath bombs- sakura, butterball, space girl, and sex bomb are really nice ones :D