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Barely Dressed; Never Snogging

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The first time Lily Evans wore James Potter’s shirt was an accident.

Lily grabbed it from the clean laundry pile that the House Elves placed on her trunk the night before. She threw it over her head and as it slid down her face into place she realized how good the shirt smelled. She mused that when her clothes came back from the elves, they never smelled so…good.

She didn’t notice it wasn’t one of her Gryffindor shirts until the hem fell right above her knees like a very short dress. The soft cotton was well worn and soft against her bare skin, colored scarlet with a lion rearing on the front majestically. Lily pulled it off just as quickly as she’d put it on, checking the tag and seeing no name written in. When she flipped it over to view the back she was in luck.

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Maybe 2D is uncomfortable in the new art and its because murdocs fuckin ripped now and his arms are right next to him and he smells so good, all sweaty and musky cause he's fresh from a work out and he's squeezing his thighs together trying to hide how wet he's getting but murdoc fuckin knows and he's loving it

i’m only ever uncomfortable when i’m sitting next to hot dudes

sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit

animated sailor moon manga caps:
                > Haruka x Michiru doujinshi - Bleu de Ciel by Studio Canopus

She doesn’t smell of lemongrass and sleep she smells of firewood and long hugs and that one day we spent at the beach climbing cliff rocks and holding each other by the teeth till the saltwater in our hair turned to tiny gems and the sand in our shoes became glass
—  ThisNameIsFalse (she)

My crassula muscosa is flowering! i noticed it just this morning when i was watering some haworthia on the same windowsill.

These are all macro shots – the flowers themselves are very small. i only noticed them because of the scent. for such tiny flowers they pack a powerful, smelly punch. if i had to describe it, i’d say… raw honey with an undercurrent of wet dog.

Middle of the night

A small little blurb that was born from a conversation with @permanentcross


Harry rolls over on top of you, kissing your cheek and your lips and your neck and you just let him because you’re still too groggy to function. And even though sleep is still heavy on your limbs and your eyes, you can feel how hard he is against your thigh and he smells so good…

“Spread your legs fo’ me.” He asks you and you do, lazily, only enough for him to fit between them and he slides down your body, kissing your naked chest before rising up and kneeling between your them.

His hands reach down to the shorts he’s wearing and your eyes open only enough to watch him, messy haired and sleepy eyed, big hands sneaking under his shorts to pull himself out, sliding the fabric just enough to give himself some wiggle room before he lies back down on top of you.

“Spread your legs a bit more, love. Please, just a bi- up and outwards, go on.” He encourages, using his hands to guide you before reaching down between the two of you and guiding his cock to your entrance. “That’s it, thats a good girl.” He says, even though he was the one who moved you.

You sigh, arms wrapping around his neck and when he presses inside, you moan and whine so low, just by his ear and that makes him shudder before he starts moving, in and out, with slow strokes that barely allow him to leave your walls properly.

“Just need yeh a bit, just for a bit, yeah?” And you nod, cause even though the sun is not even in the sky yet and you still need to wake up properly, you can feel how ready he was and how much he needed you and who are you to deny him (and yourself) of some middle of the night, I miss you too much, love making?

“Feels so good…” You offer, moaning his name roughly and very shyly because you’re still not quite ready to talk.

“Feels like h-heaven, yo- you feel so good, just what I needed…” and he’s shaking and a lot closer than either of you realized but it doesn’t matter - he’s big and full inside of you and you feel so close, so intimate…and when he cums, shuddering, with a wet gasp against your sweaty neck and your fingers buried in his hair, you giggle deliriously, too enthralled in the feeling of him spilling inside, too happy about the fact that you’re the only one that gets to have him like this.