smells of you

being sad sounds pretty
when the words of a depressed poet seem to know the way to describe their old lover’s fingers tracing circles on their skin
being sad looks pretty
when you see her eyes glistening from tears and the cigarette half hanging from her mouth as the smoke tangles itself around her hair and leaves you trailing the smell until you’re dizzy
but being sad feels ugly
when your heart aches for something that never was or maybe was but will never be again, the yearning for something greater that can never exist
being sad is ugly
not the person who is sad, but the weight that hangs over their head, the addicting quality that makes it so they never escape the grasp it has on their life, like you can never live without it, like a friend
—  roseflowr, being sad

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“My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

“M'home darlin”

You almost didn’t hear your lover enter the room, with the loud sizzle of the frying pan, but he greeted you anyway. He showed you his smile with his head on your shoulder as he asked about your cooking.

“Nothin’ really. Just a lil’ but of chicken and sauce.” You smiled while shifting the pan. He was awfully close to burning those knuckles of his as he lingered over you.

“Smells like heaven.”

The small compliment earned a giggle.

“M'gonna take a shower love. Keep it hot fo’ me alright?” 

You went to nod in acknowledgment, but his footsteps were already traveling up the stairs with his fading voice.

It had been a few minutes at least, enough for you to stir a bit of veggies in a mixing bowl for the platter. The bowl was a bit impractical, as a fancy gift from your mom with its ridges and jewels, but you supposed it would work anyways.
You mind wandered to Harry, like it always did.

Harry and his towel draped effortlessly around his damp torso. Harry and his smile that welcomed you every time the two of you shared a kiss. Harry and his large hands that melted away your worries in the midst of a stressful night. Harry and the way-

A startling bing broke your train of thought and you jumped at the sudden noise. Harry left his phone here you guess. 

The call lingered though, with a cute little chirp afterwards that signaled a new voicemail. The phone vibrated again. And again. And a fourth time. Distracting you to the point were you almost didn’t notice the almost burnt vegetables simmering in smoke.

Hastily, you scrambled to whisk away the fumes, but not before taking a curious and somewhat annoyed glance at the illuminated screen.
Who on earth would be calling him so much?

About ten notifications lined the phone, most of which were congratulations from people regarding his SNL appearance, sprinkled with a bunch of names you really didn’t recognize. Jeff, Matt, Grimmy. You knew that one, but you supposed they were all just friends.

So why did you heart feel like it was going to explode when you saw the name “Leslie”?

You knew to stop. You knew that Harry was a well known guys and friends were friends and he’d never, ever do anything to hurt you. You knew that your heart was screaming to take a look and your brain was overreacting. You also knew that Leslie was a girl, and girls have a tendency to fawn over your boyfriend. You knew.

It was nothing, but was it something? What did she want with him that was important enough to call him and then text him three different times?
Your brain spun just thinking about the answers. Who was she?

The short bits of words that showed on the lock screen confused you. Things like “Congrats babe!” and “Absolutely stunning. Hope I’ll see ya soon!” The praise and admiration; all working a furrow of frustration between you brows because your gut wrenched with a sickening feeling.

Harry had talked to you about this. The constant swarm of publicity around whoever he was hanging out with for the night. You remember that night, it was foggy yes, but it was the night you two made it official. He had explained everything: the fame, the fans, the pressure, the distance, the paparazzi, and the commitment. That night he had warned you that jealousy wouldn’t work in a relationship like this. Ever since, you were dedicated to making sure that you felt confident in the love you two had, and he made sure to show you that. He warned you.

“S'it done love?” Harry calls from his descent down the stairs. When he hears no reply, something is up.

You were happy just half an hour ago, so what the hell happened?
It was childish. Petty. Absolutely horrible.

But your bitter and snarky answer came out nonetheless.

“My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?” The words were short and cold, and all the food’s heat seemed to dissipate from the room entirely. 

It wasn’t nice when you faced a cold shoulder to him. It also wasn’t nice when he asked what’s wrong and your lips pursed into a straight, jealous-infused line.

“Nothin’ Harry. Go talk to Leslie about it.” You spit. Catching your villainous stare towards his phone on the counter, he picks it up and flickers his eyes quickly. His smile from seconds before was now crumbled in a frown between his brows.

“S’it abou’ Leslie? Yeh jealous or summat?” His questions sputtered as his fingers danced through the phone. Searching.

He didn’t like it when you’re mad. Not one bit. So when a rush of feelings seemed to flood you so unexpectedly, it took a few minutes for his brain to comprehend what was going on?

“Darlin I- Jus’ a friend. You know this already.” Harry manages to say. His free hand in leaning on the counter, with his phone at his side and leg jutted out.
The stance of a man with an bewilderingly upset girlfriend.

The food is being haphazardly pushed onto plates now, but your a bit too aggravated to care.

“Friends don’t text you awfully sweet things a million times in a row Harold!”
“She’s happy for me! What are you going on abou’?”

“Everything Harry! Absolutely everything!” You practically slam the spatula on the counter next to the half-made plates.

“What happens Harry, when your on tour? When your at a party without me? Hours and hours day? How do I know there’s by another girl out there stealing your heart? Another girl five times better than me? With no issues? That can deal with this?” Your hands are flailing around you, full of emotion you can no longer refrain from spitting out. “That can stand everything around you. That doesn’t shy away from a camera. That doesn’t have to reassure herself every time a ridiculous headline comes out about you cheating. What if you meet someone better?”

Your hands and jaw are shaking now, realizing that you just blurted out your insecurities and everything you’ve held in for the past three years you’ve been dating. You shook your head. It’s all going to be over now.

“Baby- Jus’- Oh come ere’” He beckons. And you fall, straight into his embrace that hugs your small tears.

“Should’ve told em you were feelin’ this way. There nobody but you darlin’. No girl can steal my heart if you already have it.” Your head is being caressed gently, and he doesn’t look down at you when he says it.

You just need to hear the words. Actually hear them from his heart, he thinks.
Your his and he is yours. So you hold one another, breathing in the scent of him and him reveling in the softness of your hair. All signs of worry had slivered away, but he didn’t let you go any looser. Just you and his arms.

He doesn’t think that anything could ever make you more beautiful to him, so when you lean up and place an adoring kiss onto his nose, his heart almost explodes between you two.

“I love you darling. Don’t you ever forget it.”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- Happy Earth Day
  • Remus: Padfoot, you have to take a bath.
  • Padfoot: *Whimpers*
  • Remus: Honestly Pads, you smell dreadful. It’s just a bath!
  • Padfoot: *Crawls under the bed and whines*
  • Remus: *Rolls his eyes* I don't know what you rolled in, but I do know that you are not sleeping here tonight if you don't have a bath.
  • Sirius: *Pokes his now human head out from under the bed* How about we take one together and conserve water?
  • Remus: Absolutely not, you filthy animal.

Stacie: I don’t even know where to start. Where the fuck were you?! I swear I could smell the alcohol even before you entered the house.
Katja: Stacie, please don’t scream…
Stacie: Oh, does your head hurt?
Katja: Yes, quite a lot actually…
Stacie: Then maybe you shouldn’t drink so much or, you shouldn’t sneak out to some fucking bar to begin with! But you know what, I won’t scream. I won’t want the kids to hear. You go and take a shower or whatever, but I don’t want them to see you like this.

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#22 😏

22. What do you think Amortentia would smell like to you?

(( OOC: This question threw me off because I actually have no sense of smell, and now I’m terribly upset I’ll never know what Amortentia smell like. But if I had to base it off of my other senses it would be things like thunder storms outside my window, the feeling of sun on my face, the sound that fresh bread makes when you tear it, a warm stomach of hot food during the cold winter. They are things I wish I could translate into smells. ))

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Sid is a cuddly drunk. Normally when they are out he keeps his hands strictly in the friend zone and monitors how many times he touches Geno, he keeps a strict count in his head of exactly how many. When they first started, Sid spent a lot of free time wondering how many touches were too many and if Geno would get annoyed, so he only touched Geno as many times as Geno touched him. When he's drunk? Sid sits in his lap and puts his arms around Geno's neck all night.

One drink Sid: very smiley, lots of casual touching
Two drink Sid: lots of goose honking laughter, practically nuzzling Geno
Three drink Sid: Geno!! you are so good at hockey did i ever tell you that? you play the best hockey, also you smell good I like your cologne 
Four drink Sid: soft crying and sniffling “I love all my teammates” for about ten seconds, then back to three drink Sid personality
Five drink Sid:  excUse me conor lemme just squeeze by i need to sit on my boyfriend’s lap thank you
Six drink Sid: geno let’s fuck right now in this booth

(Tanger: My God, Geno, take him home.
Ovi: No, Zhenya, don’t take him home!! Six Drink Sidney is fun!!)


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“Jee thanks Sam” you smiled, flipping through the notebook Sam had gotten you. It had a nice leather cover and the pages had that nice new paper smell.

“I noticed you’ve been writing a lot lately so I thought this would be a good present” Sam replied, watching you examine your gift. He seemed proud that you were happy with what he got you.

“It’s perfect” you assured, your grin growing even bigger “thank you so much”.


Secrets|Theo x reader

Requested by anonymous:
“Request! Where Theo and Reader are in relationship butt reader don’t know anything about that werewolf and other thing, butt one day she see Theo fightin with someone and someone hurts reader there and the end is up to you. ☺”

I hope this was what you wanted anon.

(Sorry for bad grammar)


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️It’s a rainy evening and you step out of your car, running towards the diner.
When you enter the smell of fries hits you and you take a deep breath feeling at home.
That diner is like a second time for you, you spend there most of your afternoons.
When the door closes a boy stands up from a booth at the end of the room and smirks at you.
You walk fastly to him, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Hello to you, baby” he leans in and kisses your lips softly.
You pull apart and sit down in front of him.
“I’ve already ordered your favourite” he murmurs grabbing your hand.

You knew Theo on the first day of school.
You met him in the principal’s office, he got into a fight and you were the new girl.
You helped him with the blood coming out of his nose and then walked with him to the nursery.
From that day he has never left you.
You became great friends then one day he kissed you, out of nowhere and then disappeared for several days leaving you quite worried.
When he reappeared, you two met again in the principal’s office, he got into another fight.
You ignored him until he told you the reason of the fight, he did that for defending you. You weren’t happy for that, he didn’t have to be in trouble for you but he just winked at you and told that it was fine. From that moment your friendship developed into a relationship and now you find yourself every weekend in the same diner.

You walk out of the diner holding Theo’s hand and laughing at one of his stupid jokes.
You have had, like always,  beautiful night.
Theo stops in the middle of the road, smelling the air, horror in his eyes.
You put a hand on his arms, confused by his behaviour but worried.
“We have to go” he grabs your wrist and drags you to his car.
“Wait, Theo. Where are we going?”
“Why? And what about my car?” you shake your wrist out of his grip and cross your arms.
He cups your face and looks into your eyes.
“I’ll explain this later and we can take your car next morning but now we have to go, please.”
He tried to grab your wrist again but you stop him again.
“Explain me now”
“There is no time, we have to go before he-”
“Raeken- a voice in the dark calls your boyfriend’s name- it’s been a while”
Theo takes a deep breath and turns around, giving you his back.
“I’ve got no time for your games, leave alone or things are gonna get bad”
You widen your eyes and grab Theo’s hand.
“Who is your girl?” the voice speaks again giving you goosebumps.
“Don’t you dare”
Theo’s chest begin to rumble for what it seems to be a growl. His fingernails begin to change into claws. His face shifting from human to animal and his teeth are replaced by fangs.
“Run” he screams to you as he begins to attack the voice.
“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere”
You begin to run, scared and shocked but, when you are almost arrived to Theo’s car, you feel something sharp digging into your arm’s skin.
You scream, pain taking over your body and making your fall to the ground.
Theo growls at the shadow and run towards it.
The dark night doesn’t let you see but you can still hear the growls and the sound of ripped flesh.
When all the sounds end you close your eyes and begin to sob violently, waiting for your death.
“Shhh, everything is fine.”
You open your eyes, Theo in front of you, blood on his clothes and sweat on his face.
“Let me see this wound.”
He removed gently your hand and look at the scratch.
“It’s not deep, you’re gonna be fine, c’mon, we have to go.”

Theo wraps a bandage around your arms, making a small knot at the end.
He sits beside you on the bed and grabs your hand.
“I’m a werewolf and-”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Answer the damn question”
“Y/N, you have to understand that I am a monster and good girls don’t fall in love with monsters”
“I want the truth, Theo”
He takes a deep breath a puts your hand on his chest.
“I was scared of losing you, I love you, I can’t live without you, I’m sorry. Please forgive me”
You look at him, a single tear escaping from his eyes.
“No more secrets”
He sighs and kisses your forehead, smiling.

I’m sitting at the metro station, waiting to head into the city and enjoy some solitude. There are lots of people waiting for the train, and I smell vodka. Or, at least I think I do, until I realize it’s hand sanitizer.

In the split second that I think it’s alcohol, though, I quickly lift my head and search for you. Isn’t that sad? That’s the smell that reminds me of you. How you stood, crying, shaking in my bedroom last night, your breath a smog of liquor. How you begged for forgiveness and how I couldn’t offer it to you. The next feeling that followed was sorrow. A heavy heart, like an anchor falling from my ribs to the sea in my stomach, shaking the waves into a storm of nausea.

I can’t feel the word forever with you anymore and for that I apologize. Too many nights of lashed hatred, whips of words, coated in vodka. Of unwilling compromises.

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I was told my scent would be like sage and old books, but I know for a fact that sage smells a little like weed so I have been laughing about that for hours

“Who’s that omega?”
“Oh, that’s spookielight. He smells like weed”

(I hope you don’t mind me using he pronouns, I saw on your blog you like he or they)