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“Coulson and the Cat” - Digital Oil Painting

“This kitten touched Captain America.”

A humorous companion piece to my last painting. Coulson is having a moment. Just give him a sec. (I think SHIELD is getting a new feline asset.)

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  • blogger: *Catches someone prominent doing thing* ew how gross how problematic what a shitty human being never going to support anything they say or do ever can't believe someone that horrible would ever even exist literal trash
  • blogger: *Logs off and goes about day to day life unconsciously saying and doing tons of "problematic" things they've internalized over the course of their life as they've become normalized parts of society but isn't demonized for it for years and years later because they're not famous so nobody documents it, analyzes it, or even really gives a shit*

anonymous asked:

Aye Gerson wha'cha gettin' off yer' face for? Ya' gone in a hoop 'for the bot's did they jig yet, iffen ye forget the little ones at the party.

Undyne: *She’s over by the fondue fountain, going to town on it…Gerson? Where ya going, old man? Gerson?! Geez, just abandon me here fine. Hey Grillby, Can I get a beer?

Story time with Varric and Justizia Hawke.

Telling her stories is extra challenging because he has to tell the blind version.

All I wanna do in DA2 is to hug Varric is that too much to ask.

axioanarchist  asked:

Undyne should go catch up with Gerson!

Gerson: Gwahahaha, ya know I’m just playin’ with ya lass! Ya looking lovely this evenin’! How have ye been?

Undyne: Been doing damn fine! The family keeps getting bigger!

Gerson: Oh really now? Toriel adopt another child? Gwahaha!

PG-13 Deadpool

So, I’m seeing a lot of stuff about this topic pop across my feed. Instead of responding to each one of them individually, I thought I should just go ahead and make a post about it, because nothing says I care like shouting out into the ether. Here’s the comment I put on one friend’s post, that I’m just going to copy over and add to.

I think there should absolutely be a PG 13 cut of Deadpool (bear with me) with one caveat; The cut must have been edited by Deadpool himself in character. Re-dub all curse words with Ned Flanders-esque substitutes, or things like stupidhead and meanieface. Especially if it doesn’t make sense. Cover any boob or butt shots with crudely drawn Mexican foods, and any scenes that are just too dark should be replaced with a white screen and an IC monologue about how pancakes smell like justice and how he’s always wanted a hamster or something equally absurd.

By the end of the movie, have it just be stick figures ninja kicking each other to the sound of screaming goats and bubble wrap. If you haven’t said “What the Fuck?!” in front of the child you were trying to protect from the boobs and naughty language, it wasn’t done correctly.

- Kathrine Gray

My favorite thing about tumblr social justice is how it’s basically a bunch of white people complaining that all white people are nothing but racist scum, but the second a guy says he agrees with feminism, they get pissy and tell him he has no right to an opinion about it because he’s not a woman.

Smell that? Smells like hypocrisy.