smells like fail spirit


So like.  Last night, I couldn’t sleep?  And some excellent friends reminded me that I used to vid, so I started poking around in my old video drafts folder, and I found some unfinished vid that I thought I’d fucking lost forever, to the point when I was talking to someone excellent on the Internet recently about it because they were kind enough to ask me about it after I mentioned it and, I spent an HOUR looking and akldjg;alkdjfa;wleruglkdf

95% roughed-in, 0% technically smoothed out, never to be finished multi-source Natasha/Winter Soldier vid set to “Dia Dos Namorados” by Broken Homes with documentary footage of the Bolshoi ballet and bits from IM2, Cap1, Salt, Haywire, the Island, and Lost in Translation. 

watch on vimeo here

password: redroom