smells like curry all up in here

I smell something that smells like mackerel.
When I was standing next to the training camp pool, I definitely sensed that smell.
Mikoshiba-bucho said it was probably the mackerel from the mackerel curry we were having for lunch but, when you seriously think about it there’s no way the smell from the kitchen would reach all the way into the closed airspace of the indoor pool.
What I sensed was something else completely different. No, actually it wasn’t a smell, it was more like a presence. It was his presence. Haru’s presence…
Ah, It’s so irritating. When I think of Haru, my heart speeds up and I can’t keep calm.
But, there’s no way that Haru would be close by, here and now.
This isn’t Iwatobi city or Samezuka Academy. It’s a training camp on an island some kilometers away from Iwatobi.
And yet I can feel his presence. I can smell him. Is it just my imagination? Am I that caught up in Haru?
I’ll see him at the prefectoral tournament.
When I happened to run into him at the sports shop I told him that.

“You will swim for me.”
You say you only swim free? That doesn’t matter. I won’t allow you to be free. You will swim for me. In order for me to become stronger, in order for me to get to the world level.
That’s why until the prefectoral tournament, I must only focus on my training. So then why is this mackerel smell throwing me into disarray. I don’t get it. It’s just irritating me for no reason.
Since my nerves were were going crazy at the poolside, a guy named Nitori carelessly talked to me.
“Matsuoka-senpai, do you like mackerel?”
“Shut up”
I spat at him and jumped into the pool.”
The lukewarm water of the indoor pool wrapped around my body.
It’s so tepid. It shouldn’t be like this. What I’m seeking is something… more… something much hotter. I need the roar of a soul so hot it would make the pool’s water boil. And then I will dry Haru out with it. I’ll leave him so there’s not even one drop of water left in him, I’ll leave him like dinosaur bones buried in the desert.
I definitely won’t lose to Haru. Dolphins eat Mackerel. And then sharks eat dolphins. It’s my destiny to tear him to shreds and eat him.

After afternoon practice was over, I went out for my free time.

Three Birds -- a modern godstuck dave/dirk jamboree

100 million thanks to littleplantman for letting me write fic of their fantastic au (CLICK THAT LINK YOU SHALL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED) and for not getting annoyed with me for pestering them with questions endlessly. i’m sorry it’s so shitty and that the end is so lame and OH BOY OK HERE INTERNET ENJOY

quick plot summary: dave is the modern god of urban birds, and dirk’s a lonely schmuck who likes feeding pigeons, and the pigeons like dirk so much that dave’s maybe just a little bit fuckin jealous

This morning, Dirk decides, is most assuredly a blessed and fortuitous morning, because this morning a huge mangy albino crow has chosen to leave a dead mouse on his radiator.

An omen of good fucking tidings, if ever he’s seen one.

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