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therock Big Oscar rehearsals today. Our biggest night of the year! We’ve got an amazing show lined up for the world. Time to celebrate the good stuff and how great movies make us feel!
I get goosebumps every time I walk out on this stage.. I’m forever a kid who just loves movies. And super grateful to have a movie nominated 2xs. I’s gonna smell good tomorrow night..
#Moana #Oscars
“What was that love?” (Tom Holland)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is staying a few days with Tom’s family and Tom and his brothers have decided to take it upon themselves to make fun of her Australian accent

Word Count: 830

Warning(s): None

Requested by: @dr-tardis-who

A/N: Sorry if my Australian slang is horrible, I tried my best.

(Also my requests are open)

“Hey cutie.” Tom’s arms wrapped around at me as I cut carrots for dinner.

“Hi.” I smiled as he lightly kissed the back of my head.

“It smells good.” He smiled.

“Tom!” Nicki frowned coming into the Holland kitchen. “I told you boys out until dinner.” She walked toward her son who dropped his arms from around my waist.

“Mum, I can help—”

“The last time you helped you burned the roast.” She frowned. “Out. Now.”

“But my girlfriends here.” He frowned.

“She told you out Tom.” I grinned at him. He glanced at me pouting.

“‘She told you out Tom.’” He mocked in a horrible Australian accent.

“Hey!” I blushed.

“Tom.” Nicki said sternly. He backed away winking at me before leaving the kitchen. I turned back to the carrots on the cutting board.

“I don’t know why I date him.” I frowned. Nicki laughed.

“Well I am glad you are.” She smiled. “He’s lucky to have you.” I blushed as we continued to make dinner.

“Hey Y/N!” I heard Harry’s voice. I turned to see him smiling in the doorway.


“How’s the roast?” He asked.

“Good.” I said turning around getting suspicious. “Why are you—”

“Now!” I heard Sam shout before Paddy and Tom ran into the room spraying me with silly string. My mouth fell open silly string fell on me.

“Boys!” Nicki scolded though I could tell she was laughing. I glared at Tom.

“Really?” I asked. He smiled shooting me a wink. The boys laughed as I rolled my eyes. “Rack off.” I mumbled.

“What was that love?” Tom smirked as I glared at him.

“Oh come on Tom.” Harry said. “Just rack off.” I huffed shaking my head tearing the silly string off my face.

“I hate you all.” I glared at them.

“Are you mad Y/N?” Tom asked a smile still on face.

“Yeah I am.” I glared at him. “I’m as mad as a—” I stopped as Tom’s smirk grew wider. He knew what I was going to say. “Stop!” I glared at him. “Stop making fun of my accent.”

“‘Stop making fun of my accent!’” Tom grinned mocking me horribly.

“Okay you two.” Nicki said pushing us all out. “Take this out of the kitchen. Y/N you are excused.” I glared at Tom as we walked out of the kitchen.

“I poisoned your food.” I hissed at him. He laughed.

“Aw come on mate.” He grinned.

“Hey you say that word too.” I frowned at him.

“Not as weird as you do.” He laughed as I shoved him. He grinned at me throwing his arm around my shoulder.

“You realize how much of a jerk you are right?” I mumbled as Tom laughed.


I grinned setting my cards down on the table as the rest of the family groaned.

“You’ve got buckley’s chance of winning Sam.” I grinned at Tom’s brother as he groaned.

“What does that mean?” Paddy asked as Tom chuckled.

“Yeah Y/N what does that mean?” Harry asked. I glared at the boys. For hours they have taken after Tom and decided to make fun of my accent and my terminology.

“It means that you have very little chance.” I mumbled as Tom laughed grinning at his brothers.

“You boys are horrible.” Nicki shook her head.

“It’s all in good fun.” Dominic grinned. “Or going off?” He asked me a smile on his face. I closed my eyes as the boys burst into laughter.

“I’m gonna remind you that I am winning.” I said.

“Not anymore.” Same grinned placing his cards on his table. “You’ve got buckley’s chance of winning Y/N.” He smirked. I groaned sitting back on the couch as the family laughed again.


“Where are you going?” Tom asked as I took my pillow off his bed.

“The living room.” I mumbled.

“Wait what?” He laughed.

“I’m mad at you.”

“Why?” He asked stepping in front of me.

“Because you were making fun of me!” I glared at him. He grinned.

“It was all in good fun love.” He laughed.

“Well.” I crossed my arms. “I am going to the couch and you can have fun by yourself.” Tom raised his eyebrows a smirk on his face.

“Not like that!” I blushed hitting him with the pillow. “Pervert.” I mumbled trying to get passed him.

“Hey!” He grabbed my arm. “That wasn’t nice.”

“You were making fun of my accent.” I glared at him.

“You know I love you accent.” Tom grinned pulling me closer. I rolled my eyes.

“You love making fun of my accent.” I glared at him.

“Sorry.” He shrugged. “You get so cute when you are mad, you huff and your nose gets all scrunched up. It’s adorable love.” I blushed..

“Jerk.” I mumbled as he pulled me closer wrapping his arms around me.

“Only to you babe.” He grinned down at me pressing his lips on mine kissing me softly before pulling away. “Man.” He smiled pulling away from me. He looked down at me a smile getting bigger on his face. “What a beaut.” I groaned pulling away from him as he laughed.


I know I haven’t posted in forever so thank you for your patience! This was my first time writing Daddy!kink so it may be a little rusty lol. But, I hope you all enjoy it! -M x.


When Harry stares; he’s thinking about something that might bother him till no end.

It depends what he’s staring at, of course. Like if he’s staring at junk food and sweets, he’s usually debating if messing up his diet would be worth it, but the smell of the freshly baked cupcake smells too good. Or if he’s staring at the scene of a movie, and wondering if the girl basically running for her life would actually survive or not.

But when he’s staring at you, it’s when he usually wants something.

And that something could be anything. It’s could be a kiss on the lips or a cooked meal, but whatever it was, all he had to do was stare into your and you’d be so hypnotized to do whatever your love needs, and of course he’d always return the favor. For as long as you knew him; that’s how its always been. 

But this stare was different, it was so different.

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anonymous asked:

Subtle ways to come onto a girl?

- compliment her often: 
You’re so pretty, You smell really good, Your skin is very soft, I like your voice, I’m really glad we’re friends, You make me feel
- when you hug her, hold on longer than usual
- call her just to say goodnight
- sit in her lap/let her sit in your lap
- stare at her lips
- listen to her favorite songs
- kiss her hand/cheek
- say “I care about you.”  💗👭

daffodear  asked:

i made bath salts today for a bath spell i'm going to do tonight and it went rly well!! my family and i moved this week and i had to break up w my boyfriend bc of the distance and the spell i'm doing tonight is to help me move forward. and it's a new moon tonight!! i hadn't even realized until i got a notification from the moon app. i used roses from our new backyard and the whole mix smells so good. i'm just so excited abt this spell and wanted to share uwu

Wow!! (I got to this the day after, whoops!) I hope that this was amazing and magical for you!!!! 


Great Sunday spent meeting Logan’s brother for breakfast and then meeting up with my co-residents to celebrate Stephanie accepting a job starting in July! We had sangria and ate pizza and laughed a lot.

I spent the evening applying to more jobs, doing some yoga, and making dinner. Logan and I watched a few more episodes of the People vs OJ and it’s blowing my mind that I was so young when all of this happened.

After dinner, I put this fun face mask on. It smells really good and my face tingles after I peel it off. I also painted my nails a very low key luminescent white- Adore-a-ball by Essie.

Now I’m snuggling up with my next book I’ve been reading through slowly, as recommended and given to me by @endlesssipsoftea (Kate, do you even get on here anymore??)

Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday! Let’s head into Monday reading to kick ass.

anonymous asked:

sis pls help!! do you have any tips for glo-ing up?? I've done well in the past 2 years but tbh i me a lil push past the finish line lolll

okay ima just give u some tips thats i’ve used this year that helped me significantly! 😭

- literally smelling good and having ur eyebrows well kept and taking good care of ur hair is good
- change ur fashion to something you like but better than ur current one.
- also try using more accessories. maybe try more rings or necklaces or bracelets. or some new ear piercings.
- if ure a purse kind of gal, invest in a really nice one that can go with everything
- if u like ur hair to b curly, the best way is to use hair rollers. sleep w a satin bonnet if u don’t have satin pillow cases so it doesn’t bother ur hair while sleeping
- invest in castor oil n more face masks ♥️
- buy more candles or buy really smell good lotions. a nice smell will always put u in a good mood
- or my fav smell good tip is pouring vanilla extract in a mug and putting di mug in di oven @ 350 and ur house will literally smell so sweet n pretty (that’s only if u like sweet smells. if u don’t then…cancel this ajdjand)
- become more positive. wether u have to fake it or not, even tho it sounds extremely headass, being or fake being more positive really does make stuff so much better. it’ll bring not only positive vibes to ur life but also ur physical appearance in general bc ure gonna care more about urself if you’re always in a good positive mood rather a depressed one

moonshinestudies  asked:

What makes you happy? 🌸

  • cats!!! my bunnies!! lil dogs i see on the street!! penguins!!!!!!!!!!!
  • when i walk past a bird and they don’t fly away
  • freshly washed bedsheets
  • spending quality time w/ my family + friends
  • good food esPECIALLY IF IT’S SUSHI
  • matte neutral eyeshadows
  • e x o (sehun and yixing especially)
  • parks and rec/brooklyn nine nine
  • when u bake stuff and u get hit with the good Smell™ 
  • when someone randomly sends me something bc it reminded them of me
  • learning korean!!!!
  • meeting people u instantly click with

edit: i thought of more things lol

  • salted caramel (ice cream + all other forms)
  • mint choc chip ice cream
  • pancakes!!
  • jumin han
  • baking things for other people!! and when they like it!! hoOOO boy
  • getting a rly good gift for someone and seeing their reaction + seeing them use it in their every day lives wow love it

*✧·゚:* IT’S SLEEPOVER TIME! *:·゚✧* send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!


Mairon is keen to debunk the rumor that he smells really bad, which gave rise to ppl calling him ‘Sauron.’ Even the input ‘Sauron’ tells you that he actually smells good. No matter what name you call him, he smells good. Therefore he smells good. 

‘Tevildo’ doesn’t rly count but ironically it’s the only one that’s fitting lol



Love Square Week Day 1: Senses 
Hearing, Smell, Touch (+ Sight) and Taste

Im a bit late (not a bit… timezones suck), but I found topic of this day really… interesting~