secret talk bits

M: I wonder what’s Ohno-san’s femininity?
N: I wonder?
M: Ah! I got it. Leader smells really good
O: Seriously?
M: There’s that certain Ohno Satoshi’s smell
A: Perfume?
M: I wonder what is it? Is it soap?
N: He smells like a baby
M: Yes, yes, yes
S: What is that? Fabric conditioner?
N: I wonder? Perfume… it doesn’t smell like a product
M: It doesn’t
A: Perfume… it’s not
O: It didn’t change since before?
M: It didn’t
O: EH?!

S: We haven’t talked about Matsujun yet
A: Yeah, let’s talk about him
S: I wonder what’s Matsujun’s femininity?
N: But as expected, isn’t it that side of him that notice things?
S: You’re right
N: You notice actions. I wonder what? It’s not before & after, but you notice things that are not seen, right? Something that’s new or off. As expected, you look at things closely. Noticing everything is highly feminine, right?
S: Then… unfortunately, he’s no. 1
A: Matsujun?
M: Seriously? Well, as an Arashi survey?
N/S/A: Yeah
A: Matsujun is no. 1
S: What kind of group are we? :DD

meltinghair  asked:

do you have nicknames for snort and milo?

So many, they are ridiculous and make almost no sense. Smilo, Smello, Smells, Smelly, Minnow, Meeno, Hamburger, Fluffernutter (wtf? WHY), Snorkleton, Snorkles, Snort Fort, Snortsa-Fortsa (again, what is my problem). Depends on the day and what they’re up to! (What an awesome question ☺️)