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Smello! It's the anon from before? The one with the boyfriend who called my little self annoying. We talked and he said he doesn't think that in general. He meant that I shouldn't do it at school bc he can't get anything done which I understand. We spent today together in this special spot we have in the woods and I got to be little and he was really sweet and he's just really nice and wonderful and ik u don't know me & probs don't care but I felt the need to say something anyway. K bye!💖

I mean I guess as long as he understands how you feel, and won’t do that again, it’s okay

secret talk bits

M: I wonder what’s Ohno-san’s femininity?
N: I wonder?
M: Ah! I got it. Leader smells really good
O: Seriously?
M: There’s that certain Ohno Satoshi’s smell
A: Perfume?
M: I wonder what is it? Is it soap?
N: He smells like a baby
M: Yes, yes, yes
S: What is that? Fabric conditioner?
N: I wonder? Perfume… it doesn’t smell like a product
M: It doesn’t
A: Perfume… it’s not
O: It didn’t change since before?
M: It didn’t
O: EH?!

S: We haven’t talked about Matsujun yet
A: Yeah, let’s talk about him
S: I wonder what’s Matsujun’s femininity?
N: But as expected, isn’t it that side of him that notice things?
S: You’re right
N: You notice actions. I wonder what? It’s not before & after, but you notice things that are not seen, right? Something that’s new or off. As expected, you look at things closely. Noticing everything is highly feminine, right?
S: Then… unfortunately, he’s no. 1
A: Matsujun?
M: Seriously? Well, as an Arashi survey?
N/S/A: Yeah
A: Matsujun is no. 1
S: What kind of group are we? :DD