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Sneak Peek of Chapter 9 of the Wedding Date (Don’t tell @jayenator565)

Alex woke up not really sure where her limbs began and Maggie’s ended. She blinked her eyes sleepily and looked at the hand in her face. She willed the fingers to move but they didn’t. Not hers. She curled her foot up and saw toes peek their way out of blankets on the other half of the bed. There was a lesson here that two serial sprawlers should not occupy the same bed.

She found her one free hand hanging off of the side of the bed and used it to sweep hair out of her face. The smell of rosemary and mint indicated it wasn’t hers. Next, she slowly peeled the hand away from her chin and placed it towards its owner, who had yet to move and was curled into her side. The next task proved more difficult because somehow their legs had pretzeled together. She peeked under the blankets and slowly began to reel in her extended limb, trying not to wake Maggie. It was like defusing a bomb. Good thing she wasn’t a bomb specialist because one movement and she heard a frustrated billow from her bed mate.

Maggie shifted over onto her stomach, successfully untangling their legs but laying an arm around Alex’s waist. Alex let out a small chuckle because the detective was adorable. She used her fingers to gently pinch the forearm strapping her in but as soon as she began to lift, it curled tighter. “Mags,” she whispered, poking at the limb. “Maggie I have to pee.”

A muffled grumble sounded like,“Five more minutes.” Alex resorted to using her highly trained skill set. She reached over and began to poke into Maggie’s very sensitive side. Instantly, the woman curled in, releasing her. “Stop!” she whined, trying to deflect Alex’s tickling hands. She persisted because Maggie was still too out of it to fight back. She wiggled back and forth like a little earth worm trying to get out of a hole in the ground. “Alex, stop,” she warned again.

“Or what?” Alex immediately regretted her taunt. With incredible speed, Maggie flipped over and grabbed Alex’s hands. She moved her legs over the agent’s waist and pinned her to the bed. She released her only so she could reach down and begin assaulting her sides in the same manner. “Noo!” Alex blindly reached out to stop her but Maggie’s hair had fallen down between them, obstructing her view.

“I’m going to pee! Maggie please.” She had no choice because the detective wouldn’t relent. She wrapped her legs around her attacker and used some effort to roll them off the bed. They landed on the floor with a thump in a pile of limbs and sheets. Alex was on top now but the blanket had fallen over her head so she once again couldn’t see. She sat up and flailed her arms trying to knock it off. When she finally saw light, she was graced by the beautiful sight of Maggie laughing so hard her head was thrown back and her nose was scrunched into her forehead.

“I can’t wait to divorce you!” Alex crumpled up the sheet and smashed it down into her face. Before she could say anything else, the door flung open and Lorenzo was standing there with a bat raised. “Is everything okay?” He asked concern. Taking in the scene, he immediately backtracked, slapping hand over his eyes. “I’m…uhhh…I heard shouts…and…bang.” He started to walk backwards but slammed into the door.

“Daa whre..fane,” Maggie tried to talk but her mouth was still  muffled by the purple gag in her face. She swatted it out of the way saying, “Dad we just fell out of the bed! You can open your eyes.” Maggie was all smiles but Alex was horrified. She quickly dismounted the cop and stood up, putting as much space between them as possible. Even though she had shorts and a tshirt on, she felt really exposed to her pseudo-father-in-law. She reached down and tore the sheet out of Maggie’s hand and wrapped it around her body like a towel.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Sawyer.” She put a hand out in front of herself and tried to explain herself. “She..I was trying…and then we…well she was on top of me but the-” 

“Please stop,” He quickly removed his palm from his eyes and held up a hand to silence her rambling. “I’ll see you two at breakfast.” His eyes remained shut as he navigated his way out of the room.

“I was just trying to pee,” she whined to his his disappearing figure. She looked down at Maggie who was biting her lip to prevent another fit of laughter. “This is why you’re single!” She threw the sheet at her again and trudged out the door to the bathroom.

“Love you too!” Maggie shouted after her. Those words felt oddly good in her mouth, better than they ever had.

I’m just, laughing at the idea of Kara in her Supergirl uniform helping this family set up an IKEA table like, can you imagine an all powerful, almost god-like being trying to put together some Furniture in your living room??

Kara’s just like “I can speak 26 languages but Swedish is not one of them” “sorry I knocked that over sometimes I forget how long my cape is” “is that… Chicken in the oven? With vegetables? Ohh man I can smell the rosemary from here” and the mom is just like “I wouldn’t mind having you over for dinner Supergirl but its gonna be a little difficult to eat dinner without a dinner table.”

  • it’s a cold afternoon in hogsmeade, and sirius “gay punk” black is shivering
  • remus lupin – model citizen – offers sirius his sweater
  • of course sirius is not aware of the huge honor it is to wear a boy’s sweater.  he is just freezing, and his leather jacket will not suffice
  • as soon as he fits the massive ball of fuzz over his head, he vows never to take it off
  • it is absolutely ginormous and it smells like rosemary.  he is practically swimming in it
  • and sweater paws, oh boy
  • you know when you cover a puppy with a blanket?  yeah, that.
  • after a while of window shopping, he waddles back to the castle with remus, who has the leather jacket draped over his shoulder
Everything I write lately is bloated with sadness.
When you try to love the world but she’s all fists,
all gut, all blood. I don't know what to do
with all of my black girl grief–
maybe auction it off, maybe bottle it, maybe just
let it sit in the sun and heat up and cool down again.
Let it congeal against the sides of the bowl 
and scrape it off to start over again the next day.
I get off the bus ten stops early so that I can make
the long walk home, feel the ground hard and sure
beneath my aching feet. I smell like flour,
dough, rosemary, the oven that cooks the pizzas.
I like how everyone looks at night: warm and drunk
and happy, even the trees. I take off my lonely
like a bodysuit and put it where I keep my sweaters.
I gargle with salt. I moisturize with honey. 
I remember the bodies that came before mine,
the bodies that made it possible for my body
to be here now. My friends and I are so pleased
with these parties we throw for ourselves.
We toast to them at our next awful brunch.
—  Kristina Haynes, “My Grief is Available For Pre-Order”
easy-to-make d.i.y. magic positivity hand rub!

this is a witchy hand rub to draw positive energy to you and dispel your negative energy!


  • water
  • rosemary
  • thyme
  • lemon juice
  • bay (leaves or ground)
  • rice
  • turmeric
  • mint (leaves or ground)
  • honey (set or liquid)
  • butter/margarine
  • cinnamon (ground, not sticks)


  1. take half a teaspoonful of butter and put it into a mug.
  2. take a full teaspoon of honey and put it into the mug.
  3. fill the mug up to roughly a quarter with lukewarm water.
  4. use your fingers to mix the honey and butter with the water until it looks mostly mixed together (it’s okay if there are some small unmixed pieces of butter or honey).
  5. add the mint. if you are using mint leaves, add 2-3 torn up leaves. if you are using ground mint, shake the bottle twice into the mug.
  6. add a little more cinnamon than you do the rest of the herbs. this is to give the rub its distinct smell.
  7. add rosemary, shaking the bottle about four times.
  8. mix with a spoon.
  9. add one or two shakes of thyme.
  10. add just a pinch of turmeric (it has quite an overpowering scent).
  11. mix with a spoon.
  12. pour the contents of the mug into a bowl.
  13. wash your hands with the rub, making sure to wash the backs of your hands and between your fingers too.
  14. rinse your hands with warm water.
  15. dry your hands by shaking them rapidly! this is to shake away your negative energy.

and you’re done! your hands should smell nice and cinnamon-y and feel soft, as well as the fact that you are freed of your negativity! enjoy!

Daredevil Preference: “Their Signature Scents”

Preference Masterlist

Many thanks to brucespurplebuttons, nonebuckywithleftsteve, and littlebitofthedevilintheangel for inspiring or otherwise helping me with this! 

Matt:  Because of his heightened sense of smell, any cologne or perfumes are often overwhelming and even revolting.  He forgoes all of the expensive products for a hint- just a smidge- of a nice aftershave. He likes calming scents such as lavender and rosemary, and often uses them to help him relax or meditate. Occasionally these oils find their way into his clothing or hair, making him smell faintly of lavender, rosemary, green apple, or jasmine.

Foggy:  He doesn’t bother with fancy colognes and scents. Foggy smells distinctly clean and natural like minty toothpaste, fresh linens, ivory soap bars, and hints of old spice or degree deodorant, depending on the occasion.

Karen:  Her perfume is sweet smelling, bright, and sensual. Traces of Madonna lily and sweet pea- radiating and floral- are evident immediately.  The sugary scents of plum and peach are hidden in the heart notes, making the fragrance seem playful and innocent rather than alluring; however, warm, sensual hints of vanilla play at the nose and intermingle with the more floral and sugary ingredients. When the scent is fresh on her skin, it smells refreshing and light like pink grapefruit or mandarin oranges.

Wesley:  His cologne is warm, spicy, and very expensive. It is heavily scented and powerful, but not overbearing. Its top notes are refreshing with scents like mint leaves, lemon zest, and green apple, yet there are spiced scents like cedar, cinnamon, and sage blended in as well. Hinted in the low notes is the scent of leather and, faintly, tobacco. When he comes home late at night he smells like blood and dirt.  

Anatoly and Vladimir:  Their cologne is masculine, overbearing, and cheap.  It is scented with top notes like basil, musk, and sea moss, very earthy and grounding. At the heart of the scent is the sharp citrus-like smell of blood oranges and sandalwood. If you are close enough you could smell almonds in the blend, as well. They like that smell in particular, as it reminds them of the native almond trees in Moscow. Underneath their sharp cologne, however, is the ever-present stench of gunpowder and the blood caked under their fingernails.

Claire:  When she comes home from her shift, you can faintly smell the hospital antiseptic and the latex of her gloves on her skin. Because of her work, she chooses not to wear any perfumes or overly-distinct scents- she never knows what a patient may be allergic to and never wants to make anyone sick. However, she always finds herself reaching for anything and everything rose scented- rose shampoos, rose body washes, and rose lotions- she says the scent reminds her of her abuela’s garden.

in another life,
i never forget anything.
in this life,
i am always imagining myself into parallel worlds,
remembering myself into lives
that are so close to mine,
but not quite like mine
because another world might be more pliable,
more reachable
for hands as small as mine.

the pink hearse outside my first apartment
is still there
in another life,
and nobody else has bought that building
and nobody else has lived there after me.

in another life,
i remember how to be lonely
and i love it.
because in another life,
i can be as quiet as i choose
and nobody will notice if i go months
without saying a word.

the sky never smells
like anything but rosemary
in another life,
and i never have to be anywhere
other than my back porch
at sunrise.

in another life,
neither of us are capricorns,
and neither of us are stubborn like summer mud  
and we know how to reach each other
without leaving a scratch.

in another life, big cities never make me sad
like they do in this one
and neither does endless summer,
because in another life,
i have learned what a gift is,
and how to hold onto it gracefully.

—  reach, maria santone

i think i was a beekeeper in another life.
i write apiary love poems,
i drink coffee until my bloodstream
hums my name.
in another life, the sky smells like rosemary
and the moon knows my middle name
and she whispers it to all the mountains
i’ll never get to meet.

i think that every world i’ve ever thought of has to exist,
only because i’ve thought of it.
i think that somewhere my hair and the ocean
are the same color all the time,
and that the ocean pulls itself towards
a skyscraper instead
because i need there to be a universe somewhere
where she loves someone she can touch;
i want to believe that she isn’t trapped in every single world
loving someone who pulls her by the throat
and lets her drop.

—  skyscraper (task IV), maria santone

The average vampire:

  • is 181.3 years old,
  • can trace their lineage back to a common ancestor: Mrkša Žarković,
  • consumes approx. 4.5 litres of blood per day,
  • instinctually knows when to quit feeding on prey before causing hypovolemic shock,
  • is left-handed,
  • is actually unaffected by apotropaics such as garlic, crucifixes, etc.,
  • can survive outdoors up to 30 minutes after sunrise and before sundown with proper SPF applied,
  • smells faintly of rosemary and lemon,
  • is afraid of cats,
  • thinks the X-Files started going to shit after season 5.
Geralt opened his eyes irritated by the play of light and shadow through his closed eyelids. He saw above him leaves, a kaleidoscope of leaves glistening in the sun. He also saw branches full of apples.
He felt the delicate touch of fingers on his temple and his cheek. Fingers he knew. He loved her so much that it hurt. His stomach, chest and ribs ached, and a corset of tight bandages convinced him completely that the pitchfork in the city of Rivia had not been a nightmare.
“Lay quietly, my love,” said Yennefer. “Lay quietly. Do not move.”
“Where are we, Yen?”
“Does it matter? We are together. You and me.”
The birds sang. It smelled of herbs, rosemary flowers and apples.
“Where is Ciri?”
“She is gone.”
She shifted and gently freed her arm from under his head, and lay beside him on the grass so that she could look into his eyes. She looked eagerly, as if she would memorise his image, as if to save it for the future, for all eternity. He also looked at her as nostalgia gripped his throat.
“We were in a boat with Ciri,” Geralt recalled. “On a lake. Then “on a river with a strong current. Among the fog.”
He fingers found his hand and squeezed hard.”Lay still, my love. Lay still. I’m with you. It does not matter what happened, it does not matter where we were. Now I’m with you. I will never leave you. Never.”
“I love you, Yen.”
“I know.”
“Nevertheless,” he sighed. “I’d like to know where we are.”
“Me too,” Yennefer said, quietly, after a while.

Lady of The Lake

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To everyone studying ever: get some rosemary to smell while you study. Like just the spice jar from the grocery store that costs a few dollars. It improves your memory by 70 percent, and I’m not kidding this is science not superstition. Keep some with you when you take tests too, the smell will jog your memory. Like peppermint. Harness this power students.


As if the label doesn’t make it obvious but this is Narcotick shower gel from Lush UK’s Kitchen 2 weeks ago. And oh. my. god.  

The ingredients sound like the weirdest combination of stuff, but really it’s like you’re showering in a pot of blossoms and herbs. Lots of herbs. 

So this guy has Rose Petal infusion as his main component, along with Lavender Flower Water, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Sage. When I first stuck my nose to the bottle the overwhelming smell was rosemary and rose (CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW GOOD THOSE SMELL TOGETHER?), but showering with it you feel like you’re being cooked in a pot of tea tree oil and lavender. I was worried that the smell would be overly medicinal and “antisepticky”, but it’s really more like expensive-homeopathic-spa-smell, intoxicating enough to linger in my bathroom for the next 3 hours. 

This would be a fantastic body cleanser for you Northern Hemisphere people drowning in summer at the moment, as it’s definitely a powerful cleanser, purifier and refresher. Meanwhile I’m going to be feeling like an earthy witch here Down Under. 

Ironically enough, I’m addicted. If you can get your hands on some of this, do. 

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