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How to help your puppy sleep quietly at night

After a few days in his new home, this poor little Aussie was having a little difficulty adjusting to his new setting.  After his first few days his Mom says he is still crying at night.  I discussed the things that help make transitions easier.  One disadvantage for him was that since his Mom works during the day he is spending the day at Grandma’s house until she comes home from work.  It is a lot for a puppy to transition from one home to two homes.  But puppies are very resilient and he will adjust to his new routines very soon.

Every puppies experience will be a little different.  I wanted to share some things I have read that help a puppy to sleep quietly at night…

 Most puppies when moved to a strange place, cry for the first week or two. It is completely normal and it is because they are frightened, they do not understand where their littermates went or where their mother is. They basically want attention and many new dog owners become worried that the dog is just not happy with them. The best way to sort the problem out is to ignore it. It can be hard to do because it is the same as hearing a baby crying for help and not going to help them. It tugs on the heart strings and it is difficult to ignore.

 However, if you do ignore the problem then the puppy will eventually realize that crying does not help and that they will still see you in the morning. Some puppies do not cry at all, others cry for a few nights, whilst some simply will not give up for a week or two. So, just persevere and you will notice that the problem does go away, just as long as you do not give the puppy any attention whilst it is moaning.    Anonymous


 Here are my best tips for night time….

- Use the crate as a bed for all the puppies naps during the day so he associates his crate with sleep

- Use a blanket in his bed, since that was what he is use to

—Use the ‘blankie’ for the litter smells.

-  Routine is very important.  Keep to a regular schedule.

-  Make sure the puppy is very active in the late afternoon so he is plenty tired.

- Don’t let puppy nap a few hours before bedtime

- Take puppy out to the potty right before bed. 

- Put him to bed at a regular time, when the rest of the house is quieting down.

- Put him in his crate, and close the door.  If he cries you cannot take him out or you are rewarding him for crying and he will cry to get his way.

- Keep the puppy crate in your bedroom so he can be near his new pack.

- If he won’t settle down after half an hour, then move him to another room, so you can get your rest.

- Bring him back to your room the next night, and try again.  Eventually he will see it as a reward to be in your room, and he will realize that crying only moves him to another room.

Feel free to comment on this post, or email me to share any ideas that work for you!

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Drabble": doxtor master "boo"

This is either a series of drabbles or a fic consisting of drabbles I dunno it just is. And it’s crack.

A cold hand wrapped around Theta’s ankle and he screamed.

He was too old to sleep in the barn now, he wasn’t a child anymore, but this was the stuff of his nightmares, the monster under the bed, this was-

A dark mob of hair appeared from under the bed and Koschei flashed a grin at him.


“You absolute, utter-”


The timing had been perfect and the revenge had been perfect for all the times Koschei had done this (or worse!).

But all Theta got after hiding away inside the cupboard for three hours before barging out wearing a Toclafane mask was a bored look.

“Accept it, Thet. Nothing you do can surprise me.”


The Master didn’t even look up from his book, adding his corrections to Albert Einstein’s Lectures on Relativity as if nothing had happened. The Doctor suspected he even graded them. There wasn’t much else to do when stuck on Earth like they were.

“I told you, doctor. It doesn’t work,” The Master commented drily. “You can’t surprise me.”

“Well, it was a one-hearted attempt at best.”

This time, the Master did look up. Travelling all the way to a prison on an island was the opposite of a lacklustre attempt and the Master didn’t need to point it out. He just needed to raise a single eyebrow to express his thoughts.


Yesterday he had burnt down the Amazon rainforest. The day before that he had laid waste to cities starting with the letter ’D’. Nothing the Master did should shock him anymore but the Doctor couldn’t help but flinch when he dropped Jack’s severed head into his lap, clearly delighted by his own comedic genius as always.

“How long until he regrows it, what do you think?”

When the Doctor refused to answer, he huffed a dramatic sigh and turned towards the crew currently staffing the bridge of the Valiant, the captive family Jones and Lucy whose empty eyes were staring into nothing.

“I’m taking bets. How long until he regrows it? The rules are simple. If you’re wrong I’m going to kill you. If you’re right…well, I’m still going to kill you, but you get a last meal. Sound fun?”

The Doctor was a grown-up, mature Time Lord, thank you very much. He had lived for millennia, he’d seen ancient civilisations fall and galaxies turn to dust. By Rassilon, he had better things to do than to try and get a rise out of his old schoolfriend.

“She’s your prisoner and you are responsible for her. Don’t let her lull you in.”

“Don’t you see, Nardole? That’s why he keeps her around. Because with her he can play space hide-and-seek and time-skipping or whatever his people get up to in their free-time.”

The Doctor had furrowed his brow. “There is no such thing as space hide-and-seek.”

Yes, thank you Nardole and Bill, the Doctor was well aware of his responsibility. And no one except 70-year-old Time Tots played Time Skip.

And if he had been crouching inside the pantry of the Tardis-kitchen for the last four hours than it was only because it was a matter of personal pride. Hiding in the darkness he held his breath when he finally heard the familiar clicking of Missy’s heels, carefully reaching for the doorknob to jump out the moment she had fully entered the kitchen and-

The heels stopped before the door.

“If you’re already in there mouth-breathing, would you be a dear and hand me the cereals?”

He opened the door and handed her the bag, ignoring Missy’s smug smile.

“You know, Bill complained about you eating her thi-”

The door fell shut again.

Consciousness seeped softly through the veil of darkness and Missy’s eyes fluttered open to reveal the sterile white room she had been placed in, lying on an equally white bio-bed. 

She recognised a sickbay when she saw one. They all looked the same. Fundamental rule of the universe like the laws of gravity or the funny smell that humans gave off.

Routinely (after all, it wasn’t her first time returning to life) she ran a quick self-evaluation, solving a few equations in her head and testing a few muscles to find all of her limbs healthy, present and accounted for.

Last memories? Blackhole. Ship trying to steer away. One of the humans got shot. Dancing with herself on a rooftop. Siding with the Idiot. Stabbing herself. (Himself) Getting shot in return.



But she didn’t die. Not permanently. Another fundamental rule of the universe.

She swung her legs over the side of the bio-bed, huffed disparagingly at the sight of the white scrubs someone had put her into and walked towards the only door – which hissed open immediately.  

Not a prisoner then. Better for whoever had brought her here.

Outside the sickbay she found a grey corridor and feeling spontaneous, she turned left. And when it met another corridor, she turned right. Left again. Right again.

The non-descript corridor turned into a bowling alley, the bowling alley into a greenhouse and the greenhouse into a library.

She was currently wandering through a sheer endless aisle of Hyyrian poetry (overrated!) that shouldn’t have survived the Dalek Wars when she sensed a presence near her. The hair in her neck rose up. A shuffle of feet, but when she turned her head, no one was there.


Missy couldn’t quite bite back the noise of surprise that escaped her at sound of a voice that was close enough for her to feel puffs of warm breath dance against the shell of her ear and before she could stop herself she whipped around. Her fingers wrapped around a very humanoid neck and she shoved the blond woman behind her against one of the shelves, grabbing her throat tight enough to block her windpipe.

“Who are you?” She hissed.

Despite her predicament, the woman seemed unconcerned. Missy would go so far as to say she looked satisfied with herself.

Only when she loosened her grip did Missy notice the double-beat of the jugular beneath her fingers.

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Hey! How are you doing? Could you maybe help me? I have adhd and currently I cannot afford medicine, so I'm just going to therapy and doing the best I can. Do you happen to know any spells that would help me to focus and pay attention to stuff? Thanks a lot for your attention and for running this blog. You're so helpful, you have no idea. Blessed be!

Hey anon! Thanks for your question. Although medical attention is best (good on you for going to therapy!) there are definitely ways to enhance concentration and focus. Don’t substitute magic for treatment, but you can absolutely complement your treatment with some of these ideas. I don’t have any specific spells because I think it’s important to keep up with habits instead of try one-off “cures.” I also have unmedicated ADHD, and these are some of the things I’ve done, incorporating traditional science and magic.

* Incorporate smells into your study routine that help you focus. It’s super important that you make a routine out of it. The more you smell it while studying, the more likely you are to study when you turn on your diffuser or light your incense. I like to use essential oils in my practice so I get my daily dose of witchcraft and I have an easier time focusing. I specifically use jasmine, as it enhances creativity and I’m in a creative field.

* Sigils! Sigils sigils sigils. Draw them yourself or use premade ones. You can also use various sites to create them. Draw them on your body to charge them with your pulse, meditate on them and burn them, however you like to activate your sigils if you use them. If you’ve never used them, I recommend not charging them on your body at first, as it can sometimes drain you of energy if you focus too much on them. Some people like to charge them on their phones, which I think is a great idea!

* Drink tea that intensifies focus, or have coffee that you’ve stirred your intent into. Herbs that enhance focus include lemon balm, chamomile, and passion flower. Lemon balm and chamomile are mildly sedative, and help calm the racing brain, while passion flower works like an anti-anxiety. If you don’t have access to those herbs or a tea made of them, a good way to discreetly incorporate magic into your routine is to drink coffee that has had an intent stirred into it. To do this, you focus on your intent (which should be worded as “I do,” not “I will,” as in “I study well and remain focused” not “I will study well”) and think of it dripping from your fingers and into your stir stick/spoon, then seeping into your coffee as you stir sunwise. You can also stir widdershins while you focus on what you don’t want, like “I am not distracted.”

* Try meditation. Sometimes it helps to clear your mind (which is so, so, so hard with ADHD) so that you can focus on studying. Meditation is definitely difficult for those with ADHD, but I’ve had awesome success meditating with guided meditation.

* I haven’t done this yet, but I’m planning on incorporating motivation sigils into my next bullet journal spread, and you could do the same in your planner with focus or concentration sigils. If you don’t use a planner (which you totally should) then you could draw it in pencil on the background of your homework.

* Figure out what hinders you the most and cast a spell to break it, and use a system like The X Effect (writing out a chart for 30 days that you mark an X on each day you’re successful to help feed your reward system) to keep track. You could enchant your chart, even! For example, you could choose to break the habit of checking Facebook while you study (this was a big one for me) and use the following spell that I found awhile ago (if anyone knows the source, please let me know) to do so.

Bad Habit Relief

Items Needed:

  • Black candle
  • Cedarwood oil
  • Something sharp to write on the candle with
  • Piece of onyx


  • Write the bad habit on the candle.
  • Anoint the candle with the cedarwood oil and light it.
  • Say,

“Unwanted habit, please be gone

Leave me when the candle is done

Candle burn to remove all ill

By the power of my will”

  • Focus on the candle, thinking of your bad habit, while holding the onyx in your hand. Imbibe the onyx with all of your willpower. (You’ll need to reenergize after this most likely, I recommend something sweet like a lemonade or iced tea.)
  • Let the candle burn down (you don’t have to stare at it the whole time if you keep losing concentration, just practice fire safety and keep an eye on it) and carry the stone with you to pull willpower from.

Hope this helps!

- Willow