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how dear their dwelling place

The girls chat about home. [gen, 1.5K]

I’d really like to see VM swing by the Gladepools at some point. Maybe stop by Byroden? Title from “She Walks In Beauty” by Lord Byron. 

There is something to be said for dusty southern summers.

Not the heat of the day––though that is part and parcel of these months as much as the rest of it, inescapable as the driving sleet and snow of Whitestone. But out of the glare of the sun there’s a magic to it all, easy to find when you know where to look (and Vex’ahlia has known where to look since she was such a little thing). Evening offers a pocket of golden time, dry heat of the land fading as the cooling sky swallows the day’s warmth, and with nightfall come the crickets and the breeze, smelling of hay and horse and the soft scent of the woods, always just out of sight, solid-steady walls of foliage that were old when she was a girl and will outlive them all a thousand-fold, even Keyleth.

“Wow,” says Keyleth, caught in one of these pockets of time, golden light of the evening setting her hair ablaze. “You used to live here?”

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Hogwarts House Aesthetics
  • Ravenclaw: Combat boots, paint stained hands, the smell of rain. Cool breezes, foggy days, the color purple, long tapestries. Flower chains, The Cure. Velvet, the sound of birds cawing, the ocean, long grass. Empty art museums, ink stained fingertips, The Velvet Underground, late night chats. Hardwood floors and rocking chairs.
  • Gryffindor: Crackling fires, electricity. Long walks, old stereos, chinchillas, lightning storms, fireworks. Knit blankets, wool, scratchy chairs. Tin. Cliff sides, cigarettes, summer nights, crickets. War paint, Roman numerals, the color maroon. Sharp claws, scraped knees, long adventures with good friends. Hot coffee and incense.
  • Hufflepuff: tie dye, The Smiths, stars. Soft blankets, the smell of old books, cinnamon, burning fires. Daffodils, fleece. Crawling Ivy, brick cottages in the woods, tall trees. The way the sun feels on your skin, clear streams. Loose tea bags, wooden countertops, indie music, holding hands. Bright colors and wide smiles.
  • Slytherin: cold metal, silver jewelry, the feeling of success. Arm chairs, smoldering flames, filled-to-the-brim book bags. Gentle whispers, screen doors, high heels. Throwing knives, windbreakers, mountain peaks, pierced ears. Calico cats, green tea. Marble archways, old forests, rickety old homes. All of space and angler fish.
Rough Life

Fandom: Marvel
Request: “Hey, could you do one where Matt has a nightmare and the readerwke him up, but he get a little bit aggressive (he is pushing her away) but she hold onto him, keeping matt in her arms and shushing him, but he’s ending up crying. She rock him back and forth and he fall asleep???” - @lauraonly
Word Count: 1008

The lights are off and only the urban sounds fill the empty night atmosphere. I tilt my head up from the covers and glance at the red neon lights emitting from the alarm clock. 1am. I couldn’t sleep not knowing if he wasn’t here beside me. I didn’t know if he was terrific or beaten and bruised behind a dumpster in a dark alley. My nerves kept me up until now. I smell the cool air breeze that floats through the small open window by the bed. The rain is a barely a drizzle but is getting stronger by the hour. The salty sea smell tip toes into the apartment and calms me.

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~Rest~ Jughead x Reader

Inspired by Brainboxy’s AU on tumblr

[These are from my wattpad]


“This is so nice” You say softly,exhaling. You were curled up on your best friends,Jughead,chest.

“Yeah"He agreed, placing his hand gently on your hip. The sky was a crystal blue, and the breeze smelled like freshly cut grass. You yawn sleepily, and cuddle up even more into Jughead. You close your eyes, and sigh. You feel Jughead move his leg from underneath you, and he swings it over the side of the hammock. He places it firmly on the green grass, and you feel the hammock sway. You sigh one more time, and feel yourself drift of to sleep


The raven haired boy looked at the sound asleep girl on his chest. Her [H,C] hair hung over her face, but he could still see her soft expression. He groaned, and continued to rock the hammock.

"Why do you do this to me,[Y,N]?” He asked rhetorically,and smiled slightly. He adored her. When she sang off key in the shower. When she would drag him into stores because she saw a sweater she liked. How she always got cream on her nose when sipping a milkshake. It was safe to say that Jughead Jones was completely and utterly in love with his best friend. He pushed a strand of her silk hair behind her ear, and he grinned

“I love you” He whispered to her. Little did he know that she could hear him. A pink tint dusted her cheeks,and she opened one of her [E,C] eyes.

“I love you too,Juggie”

Make It Right (Rocky Oneshot)

Title: Make it Right

Characters: Rocky/Minhyuk, You (reader, Y/N)

A/N: please give this some love, it’s one of the first scenarios we’re publishing on this page :) please don’t change and take any material without credit. thank you for reading♥

- min

You weren’t sure exactly when your heart began behaving strangely every time you saw him walking towards you, or when your palms began getting strangely sweaty every time his arm brushed yours. The way your face turned shades of red every time your eyes met his, when he said your name, when he laughed. 

Little things you’d see, hear, or smell, began reminding you of him. His favorite ice cream flavor, his favorite songs, the smell of a beach summer breeze. He smelled like the ocean. Everything made you think of him. It almost felt wrong.
In all honesty, it scared you. Falling for the boy you’d been best friends with since grade school seemed something taboo, and you were falling hard. 

You were thankful though for the busyness that came with college, as you would see him less and therefore have less time to like him. Have less time to think about him. But you couldn’t have been more wrong. Being away from him made you think about him more. Miss him more.

You began to notice that he’d started hanging out with other people once the two of you started meeting less, seeing that the two of you could never find the right time in your schedules to hang out. You would have a class when he had time to hang out, he would have practice for a dance performance when you were free… It was hard. And it was harder because of her. 

When he started texting you less, calling less, asking you to hang out less, you were certain that he was texting her more, calling her more, asking her to hang out more. The small pang in your heart that came from missing him became a dull ache, and when you saw her clinging to his arm after class one day it became a striking pain. It all felt so wrong.

You couldn’t sleep that night, and although you knew it was wrong you couldn’t help but pray misfortune on whatever girl was throwing herself on him earlier. It hurt. Desperate for some fresh air you slipped into a sweater and put on some slippers before running out the door. You didn’t expect it to be snowing so the cold air was icy on your face and neck. But you didn’t care much. The numbness from the cold began settling in and to be completely honest, feeling nothing was better than feeling what you were feeling before. You weren’t sure how much time passed. Watching the snow fall slowly to the ground was mesmerizing. The cold was comforting. So you weren’t expecting it when you heard his voice behind you.

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You, me, our dreams?
The windows rolled down, the fresh smell of warm breeze mixed with sunshine. Bliss. I turn on the car jams and we sung as loud as we possibly could until our voices were gone. We stopped to take a picture by the seaside for our photo album. Intertwined fingers the whole way, not knowing where we were headed but we had each other. The sunset had arrived with bright, ocean blue fading into a pastel purple. We pulled off onto the side of the road laying in the back of the car watching the sunset go down. The drive continued, I laid my head down on his shoulder, he whispered in my ear “I love you now till forever”. The road is long miles, but we’re living this journey. There was no running from fear or mistakes, we were not going to give up on each other. We will grow together, darling. We loved each other. You could see it in our eyes. As we drove I asked him to stop as we were about to pass a sunflower field. We got out, the clouds started crying and we started dancing in the field. We traveled far away from home together, not once did I want to go back. The sky brought wild colors and water from the clouds, the ground brought flowers, the trees brought leaves, we brought our hearts. There were moments of silence of looking out the window but never out of anger. If he was quiet I’d reach over and grab his hand. We were just two imperfect people embracing each other’s flaws. He became home. I was home. I was happy. Run to the mountains, dear.

// the story that hasn’t happened yet

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name: Ella
zodiac sign: Gemini
height: 5′4.

fav fruit: strawberry, peach, blackberry  
fav season: Summer, also Autumn
fav book: At the moment “Steppenwolf” by Hermann Hesse.
fav flower: Lilac, Rose 

fav scent:  Fresh cut grass on a lazy, hazy summer mornings. The smell of rain and snow. Sea breeze, smell of nail polish, vanilla.
fav animal: Dog, 
coffee,tea/hot chocolate: coffee and tea  

average amount of sleep:  about 4 or 5 hours. I need more, but I can’t sleep.
cats or dogs: Dogs, but I love cats too :3
fav fictional character:  I have so many
.. Harry Potter, Sailor Moon,  Maxine Caulfield (Life is Strange), Batman, Wolverine and many others.
no. of blankets I sleep under: 1

dream trip:  Italy, Greece,  Australia, Cuba and actually everywhere. 
blog created: In 2013. This is the first blog I’ve ever created.
no. of followers: I don’t like to announce how many followers I have. People should follow your blog because they like it, not because you are popular or not.

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Bad Guy - Taeyong

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Bad Guy- Taeyong

Angst; Fluff

A/N: Yeah this is my very first post and I will post more (and better) scenarios. 

The sunlight beaming from the curtains hit your eyes as they flutter open. You smiled, smelling the ocean breeze from your opened window. Looking at the clock that reads 10:05 AM. You turned to your left side to greet your significant other only to find the other side of the bed cold and empty. Your smiled disappeared. I figured.
You stayed in bed for a while, reminiscing the time you and Taeyong first met. 


It was late December. The temperature had dropped thirty degrees below Celsius. You had just got off work. You were tired, cold and hungry and you wanted to be in the comfort of your own home. You tried getting a taxi but failed, each and one of them were taken. After ten minutes of trying, it was no use, so you decided to walk home. You were shivering like crazy so you decided to take the fastest route which is through an ally. It was one of those long allies. Those allies that people always avoided because it was dangerous but you didn’t care. You did not want to die of hypothermia. As you were walking through the ally you heard distant footsteps from behind you. You turned around only to find no one there. It’s probably just my imagination.You kept walking, this time picking up your pace. You heard the footsteps again. You turned back around and again, found no one behind you. Your heart rate was increasing, your hands numbing. You were scared. You heard it again, this time you didn’t look back to check. Before you know it, you started running. Running as fast as you can, not looking back. You turned to a corner and hid in between the buildings, trying to catch your breath. Trying to stay quiet, you made sure the coast was clear. You peaked out a little and waited. After waiting for what almost felt like hours, you slowly came out. You turned to look from where you ran then turned around to continue walking home. Only to be startled by a figure in front of you. You screamed but his hands were covering your muffled screaming.  He let go of you, hoping you wouldn’t scream again. “Shhh.. you’re being followed. Don’t attract any attention”, he said. You listened to his voice. It sounded so low, yet so sweet. All you could do was stare into his eyes. They were mesmerizing. Taking your hand, he led you into the same hiding spot. “Stay here.. don’t go anywhere or else he’ll kill you”. You obeyed. You were terrified. Someone is trying to kill me?You wanted to know what was happening so you peaked and looked where the strange guy went. You saw that he had something in his hand. You tried comprehending what you’re seeing in black darkness. You can only see his strong grip around the shiny black metal. He has a gun! He bent down and held the gun towards something, or someone. You watched what he was going to do next. Before you know it, you saw a bright flash of light and a loud echo sound of a gunshot. You watched in horror what he did. You slowly walked out, trying to escape without the man hearing you. “Y/N”. He called out. How did he know my name? He turned around and walked towards you. You had the urge to run away from him but you couldn’t move your legs. “Y-you killed him…”, you said softly. Your eyes shifted from the dead body to the man in front of you. “I had to Y/N, he was going to kill you..”. “Who are you?! I don’t even know you!”, you yelled. “Just shut up! I’ll explain later, but right now you have to come with me. You’ve already seen my face I can’t let you out of my sight”, he said while grabbing your wrist hard. You pulled away. “I don’t even know you! Who are you? Tell me who you are right now!”. He gave you a glare. There was silence. You were getting impatient. “How the hell do you know my name”, you said in a much colder tone. He stared at you with the same mesmerizing but cold eyes. He then looked down, sighing. You knew he had given up. “My name is Taeyong. I’m the leader of a gang and I was assigned to be your protector”.

You chuckled at the thought of that night. It’s been three years since you met him, that very first night. Who knew you were gonna be in a relationship with an ex gang member. A guy who used to kill for a living. You couldn’t believe it. Your family, who assigned him to protect you, couldn’t believe it either. They tell you constantly that you could do better. But, what if he is better? He may not show you the love other girls experience from their boyfriends and he may not act like a loving boyfriend all the time but he shows it towards you in a different way and you appreciate that.  He made you stronger. 

After getting ready for the day, you went down stairs. You greeted your servants with a smile. Then you greeted one of Taeyong’s loyal ex gang members but as always, they never really acknowledged you and always gave you the cold shoulder. You ignored them and went towards the kitchen. You made yourself a cup of tea. While drinking your tea you got your book and went to your backyard deck walking down the stairs to sit in a chair. Sitting close to enjoy the sounds of the ocean. While reading your book and sipping your tea, your neighbor came and talked to you. “Ah Mr. Kim, how are you?”, you asked. “Y/N! I am fine. How about yourself?”. “I’m doing fine”, you said and gave Mr. Kim an eye smile. Mr. Kim was one of Taeyong’s fathers good friend. Aside from seeing your family, Mr. Kim is closest to a father to you. You and Mr. Kim were talking and had brunch together. “So.. where’s Taeyong? Today’s the special day”, Mr. Kim asked. You looked the ex gang members who were also outside guarding the house, then you looked back at Mr. Kim. “I know… I wanted to celebrate his birthday with just me and him. I wanted it to be special since he never gets to celebrate his birthdays”, you said while messing with your food. “I woke up and he wasn’t next to me.. I’m not sure where he went”, you said looking a bit disappointed. Mr. Kim sighed. “I love that kid like he’s my own son but sometimes I feel like he works himself too much and never gives himself a break. He’s the spitting image of his father”, Mr. Kim said while laughing. You smiled thinking about Taeyong’s father. Taeyong admired his dad. Taeyong’s dad was the person who taught him self defense but the disadvantage of that was Taeyong never got the love he deserved as a kid. Which breaks your heart because it turned him into a heartless cold person. “It’s not my place to say, but sweetheart. You’re a caring loving person. You are the opposite of Taeyong. I know you need him but you only need him as your protector, nothing more. He needs you more than anything but he doesn’t deserve you. You’re too good for him. He has killed before… he’s killed innocent people. Innocent people like you! I’m not proud of he did but I am proud that I am his godfather”, Mr. Kim said. You looked at Mr. Kim in defense. “What are you trying to say…”. “I’m saying Taeyong is a heartless person and you will never teach him how to love so go and find someone that will show you the love you deserve”, Mr Kim said. “No Mr Kim he has show-”. “Have you told him you love him?” “Yes”. “Has he told you that he loves you?”. You paused and thought about it for a moment. And realized he hadn’t. You were a little hurt. “Taeyong can be mean and hurtful sometimes and I feel like he doesn’t appreciate my love at all. Sometimes I think about leaving him without even telling him. It’s not like he’s gonna know anyways…”. You looked down at your cold food, you waited for his response. Then you looked up at Mr Kim. He stared behind you. You were wondering what he was staring at. You turned around and found Taeyong on the stairs staring at you with the meanest coldest stare he had ever given you. It made you shiver. “You want to leave me? Go ahead. I don’t give a shit about you anyways. Go on, pack your bags”, Taeyong said turning around going back inside. His words hit you so hard. Never has he ever talked to you like that. You looked at Mr. Kim with shock. He looked back at you with pity. “Um.. excuse me Mr. Kim..”, you said as you stood up from your chair. 

Walking inside your shared house, you looked around and saw that everything that was on the table in your living room were now broken and on the floor. You walked towards his office door. It smelled of cigarettes. You knew he was smoking inside. Taeyong only smoked cigarettes when he was stressed. You turned the door knob and slowly opened it. You peaked your head into the room. His back was facing you, one hand on his desk while the other was holding the lit cigarette. You shut the door behind you and slowly walked up to him. You were slightly afraid of what he’ll say to you. “Taeyong… baby?”, you said softly but enough for him to hear. He didn’t react to it. You then touched his back and moved to his arm. “Baby..?”, you said again and tried looking at him this time. “You should be packing right now”, he said. His voice monotonously. He blew one last puff of smoke and then put the remaining cigarette in the ashtray trying to put it out. “Taeyong, don’t be like this.. please”, you said. He turned around staring at you with his mesmerizing eyes you fell in love with. You backed up a little bit, giving him some space. Taeyong stared at you. “Y/N.. are you afraid of me?”. You looked at him. “No. Never”, you said without hesitation. “Do you think I’m a bad guy?”. “I think you’ve made bad decisions but you’re not a bad guy..”, you said. There were silence for a little while. He looked into your eyes. “Y/N, I was once a bad guy… I had no feelings. I was heartless, I gave no mercy. But, you somehow changed me”, Taeyong said. Your heart fluttered at his words. He brought his hands up to your right cheek, caressing it. You fell deeply into his touch. Closing your eyes, you could feel his hot breath getting closer to your exposed neck. He kissed your neck, making sure to leave deep red marks. You accidentally let out a moan. You opened your eyes, bringing it up to Taeyongs. He looked at you hungrily. You brought your lips to his, enjoying every bit of him. You could feel his hand going up your shirt and squeezed your breast really hard. You opened your mouth and let out a small moan which gave his tongue access. You stopped everything. He looked at you and pouted. You laughed at his adorable action and kissed his cheek. You held his hand and lead him to your guys’ bedroom.

The sunlight beaming from the curtains hit your eyes as they flutter open. You smiled, smelling the same ocean breeze. You feel a pair of arms wrapped around your naked body and you could hear slight snoring coming from your left ear. You turned your head slightly, not trying to wake Taeyong up. You smiled at his handsome face. Admiring every feature. You tried removing his arms, so you could get out of bed and get ready for the day. As you tried getting up, Taeyong brought you back in bed. Putting his naked body to yours closer then ever and wrapped his arms tighter. “Where do you think you’re going..hmm?”. His raspy voice making your heart flutter. “I have to get ready baby”, you said laughing. “Let’s just stay like this… forever”, he said. You smiled. Enjoying the moment. It was nice, for once you could wake up still in his arms.  "Y/N", he calls for you. “Hmm?”. “I love you. Best birthday I could ever imagine”, he said while kissing your cheek. “I love you too, Taeyong”, you said as you smiled while closing your eyes. Drifting back to sleep.

adrienne made her way quietly down the secret path to her favorite spot on the beach. she made sure to clear this spot and path when she first started and Crawford, somewhere she knew she could go and no one would find her. setting down her beach towel she took her shoes off and closed her eyes, smelling the fresh ocean breeze as she did this. another thing she always brought with her was her sketch pad, she’d find something to draw or she would continue on something else. the girl let out a sigh as she continued quietly looking at her recent picture. something rustle behind her, “jesus christ, can’t a girl get some alone time.” she snapped, before looking back to see who it was.


Happy Maglor day!

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Here is the kit for today:

Fëanorian Tealight: I am not Feanor, so they don’t last forever, but they do last 6-8 hours, which is pretty long for a tealight

Gold Star: Im not actually sure if Maglor should get a gold star for surviving all that–he honestly seems the most miserable. But here one is either way. 

Ñoldolantë: This has a bit of ocean breeze smell, as well as some vanilla and a few light floral and citrus notes, and will turn the water a pale cloudy color.

Silmaril: so I can’t say I recommend throwing this one into the sea (you can do that with the bath bomb all you want, but this will melt significantly sooner then the last days of the world). It is glowing aloe-soap like the other one though (so again, no hand-burning)

The zodiac elements vs the 5 senses

Water: Cancer; Scorpio; Pisces
Smells like a fresh sea breeze
Feels like a first heartbreak, intensely emotional
Looks like a Disney prince(ss)
Sounds like water dripping from a tab
Tastes like a salty tear
Fire: Aries; Leo; Sagittarius
Smells like fire work
Feels like a first concert, intensely energetic
Looks like a Greek god/goddess
Sounds like a campfire
Tastes like Coca Cola
Air: Gemini; Libra; Aquarius
Smells like when it just rained
Feels like the first time swimming in the summer, intensely fresh
Looks like a defined fairy
Sounds like the wind
Tastes like green tea
Earth: Taurus; Virgo; Capricorn
Smells like black coffee
Feels like reading your favourite book, intensely powerfull
Looks like a mysterious creature, slightly different but luring you in
Sounds like classical music
Tastes like dark chocolate

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Name: Amanda

Nicknames: Some friends call me grandma, some friends call me amandamania

Zodiac sign: capricorn

Height: 5'2″

Orientation: Adventurous

Ethnicity: part Filipino, part English Canadian, part eastern and middle European, mixes to look like plain white girl from Cali

Favorite fruit: Honeydew melon

Favorite season: ahhh I’d say fall/autumn with summer a close second

Favorite book series: I’m not really a fiction reader for books as I like to read a lot of non-fiction, true crime, biographies and art books

Favorite flower: tiger lilies and orchids

Favorite scent: New electronics smell, server room smell, fresh cut grass, ocean breeze, bbq

Favorite color: ummm…I wear a lot of black, green, gray, with various colors like red and blue thrown in.

Favorite animal: Foxes and octopus

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cocoa, then a few choice teas

Average sleep hours: right now I’m averaging about 8-9 hours but only cause I’m a jobless bum

Cat or dog person?: I grew up with both, so I enjoy both.

Favorite fictional characters: So many to go through…in no particular order, Sonic and Tails(sonic the hedgehog), Toejam and Earl, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland(darkstalkers) Alex and Ash(hotline miami 2),Solid Snake(metal gear solid) Motoko and Batou(ghost in the shell), Asuka(neon genesis evangelion), Maetel and Tochiro(galaxy express 999) Elena(street fighter 3) BB Hood(darkstalkers) Biker (hotline miami) Harry Mason (silent hill), Kirby, Gambit and Rogue(x-men) just to name a few

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 sheet, 1 comforter, 1 crochet blanket on average, when its super cold there’s at least like 2 more blankets added to the equation

Dream trip: Unrealistically, I would love to go to space. On earth, I’d say I would like to go my weeb ass to Japan

Blog created: sometime in 2015? I honestly don’t remember and not sure where to even look on here to find my reg date

Number of followers: 144

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One of my fave scenes in Shingen’s route:

When I return from the battlements, she is hanging laundry in the garden. I cannot help but be charmed by the vision of her in profile, the fresh-smelling sheets swaying in the breeze.

I wish I could freeze this joyous moment in time forever, to keep its pastoral calm for myself.