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I just took the best bath like I actually got some epsom salt and I used a bubble bar & bath bomb and I did a hydrating face mask and I got some icy hot cream to help the pain in my shoulders like y'all I’m feeling good



✖My Mystery Girl✖️

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one! Thank you for the request anon. Also I’ll also be writing some stop about Kalin White because he is bae for life lol. Anyway you guys should send in more request.


Nate POV

Tonight was guys night so me and boys hit up Dave and Busters for some food and of course games. We’re at a table reserved for us, it has the perfect view of the whole restaurant…giving us a chance to look at some beautiful women.

One particular is catching my attention, she beautiful…curvy figure, curly hair, and a beautiful smile. She’s the perfect ten, he friends are bad too but not like her, little mama is something different.

“The one in the grey leggings” Sammy nudge me knowing exactly who I was admiring. Sammy and I have the same taste in girls and honestly he will not be talking to this one.

“She bad ain’t she?” She notices my eyes looking at so she gives me a bright smile. “Fuck yeah, I might actually get with that bro!” Sammy gets up and sit his ass back down.

“Nah you not fucking with her, nope” I was serious too. She’s to precious to be played with.

“You whip boy and you don’t even know her.”



“Let’s play a game!” My tipsy girlfriend Henna says, she steady a herself between me and Emily. “Like what boo!” Emily and Henna are trouble makers whenever we go out. These two love to have fun and get into trouble.

“Dare or Dare” I instantly laughed, there’s no way I’ll be playing Dare and Dare with these two in public again. Last week when went to the grove they dared me to wait her twerk in on some guy or make out with one. Of course my ass chose twerking.

“Since your ass is laughing you go first.” Emily states slapping my ass harshly. “Dare or Dare Y/N?” What sense does this make. “Dare” no matter which one I pick I’ll be doing something humiliating.

“Hmmmm” Emily evilly thinks of something embarrassing to do. “You see those guys at the booth over there” she points to the other side of the restaurant. I see three white boy’s with snapbacks on looking hella fine.

“I hope they all single” Henna come out of nowhere making me giggle. I examined all of them, one of them who keep on looking at me really caught me eye.

“I dare you to make out with one of them tongue and all!” Emily is evil I swear! “Why???? Please no!” I begged grabbing on her arm like a little child begging their mother to buy them candy.

“It’s either that or you have to flash your tits,which one babe?” She gave me her famous grin, “fine I’ll go but I’m picking the guy.”

I have no problem doing it, it’s just kinda embarrassing. What if he doesn’t like it? “Go get em sexy.” Henna pushes me forward giving me a head start.

I walked with confidence to the group of guys, head held up high and a friendly smile on my red stain lips. The guy who kept on looking at me from earlier notice me coming over first, he tap his groom the left of him.

“Hi guys” I say with ease as I sat next to the one caught my eye first. He smells like weed and Dior..a good mix, I like it. “Hi beautiful.” He licks his lips looking me in the eyes.

Without a word I leaned in a grabbed his face with my small hands bringing him in for sensual kiss. His lips are soft and so is his hands that are felling up on my thigh. He kisses back in no time, biting my bottom lip for entrance and I give in to him.

Our tongues delve into each other, tasting each other’s mouths…exploring each other. Both his hands cradle my fave and I leg go of his face to tight grip his shirt. I felt like I was gonna explode.

The kiss was become more deeper and passionate by the second that I had to pull away. I gasp for air and touch my swollen lips. His eyes pouring into mine so deeply. “I got that shit all on snap Nate!” His friend screams taking me out of my trance, hearing that he has all that on video made me get and leave without a word.

My girls were waiting for me with wide eyes and open moths. “You slut!” Emily jokes giving me a high five.

“Can we please go, his frigate all that on video!” I grab my girls and we head out, thank his I’ll neve have to see him again.


Nate POV

I’m dead gone right now, my mind can’t even function after that heated kiss. The way she walked over here and sat next to me, she’s bold and I love that shit. Her lips are plump and juicy, I didn’t want my lips to leave her. The way her fingers cling on to me was more than enough to make me fall for her.

“That shit is gold, it’s going on Instagram” Jack G says gripping my shoulder, my eyes are watching her and her friends leave. “Her fucking name!” I bang on the table, why the fuck didn’t I ask for her name or better yet her number.

“Chill hopefully in the morning we can find out who she is, our fans will help us.” Sammy is dead giving me some hope right now.

The next morning I woke up early just to check Sammy’s video of me and my mystery girl heavily making out on his IG page, he caption it ‘help Nate find his girl’. K went through all 70o comments trying to find some clues that caught my eye.

Some girl named Henna wrote 'Ayeeee that’s my girl @y/n’ bingo I found her. I clicked her name and it went straight to her page, thankfully it wasn’t private.

I instantly followed and went through her photos of her beautiful self. Should I slide in her DM? Fuck it I will:

-I’m not sure if you remember me but we made out last night…

I waited impatiently for her to responds, my phone beeps letting me know that she wrote me back.

-yeah I remember you….sorry about last night, I was dared to make out with you.

So that’s why she did what she did.

-no apologies at all love, I just had to find out who you were. You took my breath away.

Never before have I been this mushy.

-…..really? I’m not gonna lie I was kinda fluster right after

She confesses to me, I have to see her to day.

-I hope you don’t mind me asking but may I please take you out for lunch today?

If she says no I just have to respect that and move on.

-sure, I would like that…I’m free around 1:30 if that’s good with you?

-that’s definitely good, text me your address beautiful.

I sent her my number, honestly I can see myself with this woman. She’s unique and love that shit.

“You said you loved me”-Jack Gilinsky pt.2

“Thanks for dropping me off Johnson, I’ll be gone by tomorrow morning”,you said walking inside. “You could come back with me and listen to us perform”,he said. “No, I don’t want to answer questions or see the lovebirds. I’m sorry”,you said giving a apologetic smile. “I understand. Listen you can call pizza in or whatever I don’t care. Here’s some money and have a good time in LA”,he said putting some money on the table. “Johnson I don’t need this, take it back”,you said handing the money. “No, you need it more than me. I talked to your brother and he said you worked your ass off just to get here, so you deserve a fun night”,he said kissing your temple. “Thank J”,you said hugging him. “I don’t know why bad things happen to really amazing people, I’m sorry he hurt you”,he said tucking hair behind your ear. “Promise me you’ll never break a girls heart Johnson”,you said. “Cross my heart”,he said crossing his heart. “Do good tonight”,you said. “Bye”,he said closing the door.

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“Hello?”,you said answering the phone. “Please come to the venue tonight”,Jack said. “I’m sorry, I think you dialed the wrong girlfriend”,you said hanging up the phone. Your phone kept ringing and ringing. “What do you want”,you screamed into the phone. “Woah, calm down babygirl, its Nate from highschool”,Nate said. “Oh, I’m sorry Nate I thought you were someone else”,you said. “You thought I was Jack, look I get it. I’m coming by to get you be ready”,he said. “Wait what, Nate how’d you find out?”,you asked. “The squad talks lil mama”,he said hanging up. You heard a knock at Johnson’s door and opened the door. “What’s good lil mama, damn you haven’t changed”,he said. “What are you doing here Nate?”,you said smiling. “I’m here to help you get pay back on stupid ass gilinsky”,he said lighting a blunt. “Nate, its okay I do not want him back”,you said extending your hand for the blunt. “Doesn’t mean we can’t give him a taste of his own medicine”,he said smirking. You took a hit and walked into the guest room to change. You brought a dress for a nice date with Jack. You put that on and walked out into the living room to show Nate.

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“Damn, if were my girl you’d never let that dress see the light of day”,he said. “You think it looks good”,you asked tugging at the bottom. Nate walked over and moved your hands and took the hem of your dress and made it look even shorter. “There now you’re baddie”,he said looking you up and down. You looked at him and smelled his aftershave mixed with weed, it actually smelled really good. “Ready?”,he asked. “Yea”,you said grabbing your phone.

“(y/n), woah you look hella good, I thought you were staying in tonight”,Johnson said. “Thanks Johnson, well Nate had a great idea of Jack getting what he deserves and i agree”,you said. You caught Jack’s eyes from the other side of the room. “Well, our second session is about to start”,he said. “Okay, go warm up”,you said. “Alright look theres Jack”,Nate said. You started to laugh and flirt with Nate. He lit a blunt and passed it to you and you two smoked while flirting. “Hey Nate”,you heard Jack’s voice behind you. You turned around and looked at Jack up and down. “Wow, you look good baby”,he said. “I know right, I helped her pick it out”,Nate said. “You should see what she has on underneath it”,Nate said raising a eyebrow. “Nate, stop it”,you said lightly slapping his shoulder. Jack couldn’t stop starring at you. “Um shouldn’t you be warming up instead of drooling over me”,you said walking toward the stage area. 

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“Dude, what are you doing with my girl”,Jack said pushing Nate. “Woah dude, I’m just picking up what you shattered and left behind”,he said pushing Jack back. “Nate, c’mon Daya is about to start”,you said smiling. Nate walked over to you and put his arm around your waist. You look behind your shoulder to see Jack raging in anger. “Jack, heres your ear piece”,the rat said coming out of nowhere. “What is she doing here”,she said behind your back. “Oh honey, do you need help finding your mommy maybe Nate can help you”,you said sticking out your bottom lip. “You’re just jealous Jack picked me over you”,she said. “You know how bad it would look on your pesky carrier if statutory rape was came up”,you said. “You can’t prove anything”,she said walking up to your face. “Really, because its also illegal for child pornography and you spread your little sex tape and nudes everywhere honey. Remember the fans love me, they despise you”,you said smirking and walking away getting the last work. 

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“Ready for the show baby?”,you asked Nate. “Been ready lil mama”,he said smirking back at Jack. You and Nate made your way to the VIP section and jammed to ‘Hide Away’. Minutes later Jack and Jack appeared on stage. “Welcome To Los Angeles everyone”,Johnson shouted into the mic. The fans cheered and screamed with excitement. They sang ‘California’, ‘Tides’, and ‘Groove’. “We actually have a special guest with us tonight”,Jack said. You met his eyes and shook your head no. “(y/n) is here tonight”,he screamed. “Should we bring her up on stage with us”,Johnson said. They crowd chanted (y/n) (y/n) (y/n)! You had no choice but to go on stage. “Hi guys”,you said smiling at all the fans. “WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN RATISON”,one girl screamed fairly loud. You laughed and nodded. “Should we sing distance together like old times sake”,Johnson said. The crowd screamed with excitement. You moved the mic away from you mouth. “No, don’t make me please”,you said. “Why not”,Jack said already knowing the reason. “Because its our fucking song”,you said. “I totally forgot”,he said lying. The music began playing and Jack began singing. “Missed calls and ignored texts and Late night, I’m stayin’ up stressin' Girl I got you on my mind I swear this happens every time yeah”,he sang. “But what about our last fight? Yeah I know it happened last night You can put that in the past right? I’m just tryna’ live the fast life (uh)”,you sang. “And what’s love without trust girl? And what’s love without lust girl? I’ve been thinkin’ bout us girl I’ve been thinkin’ bout”,he sang. With those lyrics they sent you over the edge in feelings and you couldn’t sing this with him not again, not ever. “I’m so-sorry guys I can’t sing this with him. I love you guys”,you said dropping the mic and running off stage.

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Just The Two Of Us ~S.W.~

Summary: you like Sammy but he’s dating Stassie

Requested: yes

I hated going out. Well it wasn’t going out as much as it was the people I was with. Don’t get me wrong, I love my bestfriends, I live with 2 of them. But there’s one, that I may love too much.

Sammy has always been there for me, so of course I’m going to be there for him. We made a promise we would support eachother no matter our dreams. I want nothing more for Sammy to be happy.

The last couple years though, I’ve started falling for Sammy. They way his eyes almost closed when he laughed, and that smirk he pulled for no reason. I fell in love the way he loved music more than just about anything. I was gonna tell him I like him, in hopes he liked me back. But when I went over to his house with the boys that day, there was someone he wanted us to meet.

Stassie. Anastsia was her full name. I recognized her from Kylie Jenner. So the first thing out of my mouth to her was

“The one that hangs out with Kylie Jenner?!”

Stassie obviously thought I was a fan of the both of them.

“Yeah, that’s me. Kylie’s my best friend, you should chill with us.” Little did she know I was annoyed by Kylie and all her friends.

“Yeah, I’ll pass. Thanks though” I didn’t want to tell her I already didn’t like her so I just decided to respect Sammys decision to date her.

After that Sammy started hanging out with stassie ALOT. I get that they’re dating but he was starting to blow me off for Kylie. He even missed our Best Friend Monthly Night to go to Khloes Birthday Party. He didn’t even tell me. I had to find out via snapchat.

Now I just keep my feelings hidden but I think stassie knows how I feel because she had started acting coldly towards me.

Stassie had moved in with Sammy.
Usually i don’t care who moves in with who seeing as we’re always at eachothers house. But I live with Sammy. Me and Sammy and Skeez had a house but once Stassie moved in, I moved out.

I went to stay with Nate and Swazz. Now when Sam brings stass I go to my room. Like now. I could hear her laughing from my room. Along with the random shrieks of Sams name.

I walk downstairs to grab a water and my lighter.

“Hey Ma, what ya looking for?” Swazz says lighting his blunt with my lighter. When he finishes I snatch it from him.

“This you theif.” I say laughing at him and heading back to my room.

“Why don’t you just smoke down here” Nate says focusing on the video game.

“I don’t want the smoke to be too strong in here.” I say shrugging my shoulders

“Oh yeah. That’s a good idea, I hate the smell of weed anyway” Stassie says cuddled up to Sam.

“You never care about to the smell you’re the one who hot boxes all the time.” Swazz says ignoring Stassie.

I thought about what Stassie said and agreed to Swazz.

“You’re not gonna smoke Sam? I love it when you do smoke tricks for me” I say smiling at him. That’s true. I loved watching his mouth and his concentration as he blew out the smoke in cool shapes.

“Um no. Im not a big smoker now”

“Wow Samuel Wilkinson isn’t a big smoker? That’s something I never thought I’d hear.”

“Yeah. I made him stop cause I don’t like the way it tastes either” Stassie says as she moves and kisses Sam. They’re in a serious make out session so I stand up. I grab my phone off the coffee table and walk out the front door, slamming it shut.

Sams POV

I really did miss smoking but stass didn’t like it. I miss y/n too but I’ve been busy with stass.

When Stassie pulled our lips together I heard Y/N get up and then the door slammed shaking the whole house. Stassie jumped and I stood up to follow y/n.

“Sammy. Where are you going?”

“To make sure she’s okay” I said grabbing my jacket.

“I’m sure she’s fine. She always over reacts.” Stassie says rolling her eyes.

“Stass what the hell is wrong with you. I’ve given up everything for you. I’m not trying to lose my friends. Y/n was here before you and she’ll be there after you. You know what I’m done. All you do is flaunt me in front of everyone but alone you’re too busy with Kylie and your dumb make up. Get the fuck out.” I say angry at her.

“Wait Sammy no. I love you. You were my ride here and you mean so much to me.” She says trying to cling onto my arm.

“Can you just get the fuck out of my house. You’re getting on my nerves.” Nate says not looking up from his video game.

“Fine. But you’ll regret it Samuel”

“You don’t get to call me that.”

She walks out with a pout on her face. Now back to y/n.

“Go to the lake.” Swazz says rolling another blunt.

“What?” I say confused.

“The lake. That’s where y/n goes now. When she’s upset or angry or she just needs to think”

I run out the door shouting a thank you. I run down the street and into a path. I see y/n sitting on the dock staring out at the sky. She’s always loved the night. I walk up behind her and sit down next to her.

“You know, I thought me and you were going to rule the world. Just the two of us. I knew we were only friends but the thought of you getting a girlfriend never occurred to me. I haven’t dated anyone since Swazz. I was to caught up in you” she says looking at me.

“What do you mean” I say furrowing my brow.

“I like you Sammy. No I love you. I started falling for you a couple years ago and honestly it sucks. The day you told me stass and you were a thing was he day I was gonna tell you I’m in love. You don’t know how hard it was to see the person you’re in love with kissing someone else. I can’t do it Sam. I can’t.” She says tears forming in her eyes.

I look into her eyes and all my feelings come flooding back. The ones I’ve been working so hard to suppress.

I take her head in my hands and kiss her. She kisses back before she pulls away.

“What about Stassie?” She says looking down.

“She gone. She’s done.” I say pulling y/n into my chest.

“I do know how hard it is, to watch the person you love kiss someone else. Every time Swazz kissed you or held you a piece of my heart broke. I tried forever to forget about you. But your unforgettable. When I got with stass I thought it would help get over you but it didn’t. She just reminded me of you with how hard she tried to separate us. I love you so much y/n”

“GET IT SAM. GO HEAD. TOLD YALL” Swazz and Nate were screaming from the top of the dock.

I help y/n up and we walk back to the house my arm around her shoulder. We spent the rest of the night smoking and making fun of people.

get drunk to love him

summary: Dan Howell gets drunk at parties to hook up with Phil Lester and Phil isn’t complaining.

genre: angst

tw: underage drinking, alcohol poisioning, smut tease, brief drug mentions, swearing

word count: 2.9k

a/n: this fic is heavily inspired by the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky. if you’ve ever read it, you’ll be able to pick up pretty quickly that I based Dan and Phil off of Brad and Patrick. I wanted to explore the prequel of Brad and Patrick’s relationship, if you will. Anyway, that’s enough rambling, let’s get on to the actual fic!

a/n two: also omfg my first phanfic

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