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1. favourite colour(s)?
2. least favourite colour(s)?
3. do you wear glasses/contacts?
4. are you colour blind?
5. what are you seeing right now?


6. favourite band(s) or artist(s)?
7. top five songs?
8. favourite instrumental track(s)?
9. favourite non-musical sound?
10. what are you hearing right now?


11. are you very sensitive to smell?
12. favourite scent?
13. opinion on the smell of blown-out candles?
14. what does your shampoo smell like?
15. do you like to wear perfume/cologne?


16. favourite fruit?
17. favourite non-alcoholic drink?
18. worst thing you’ve ever tasted?
19. do you enjoy any unusual food combinations that others find unappealing?
20. what flavour gum do you usually chew?

T O U C H 

21. do you often rip/cut the tags off of your clothes?
22. any specific textures that bother you?
23. do you have a high pain tolerance?
24. softest article of clothing that you (have) own(ed)?
25. are you a good hugger?


26. do you ever feel like you have a sixth sense? in what way(s)?
27. any prophetic dreams?
28. have you ever had your fortune told? (did it prove to be accurate?)
29. has anyone “read your mind” before?
30. have you witnessed any “miracles” or strange coincidences?

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I always see things about the over sensitive side of spd, but what are problems on the under-sensitive side?

It depends on the sense. A person can be hyposensitive in some of all of their senses, and we can be a mix of hypersensitive and hyposensitive. For instance, I am hypersensitive to sound, sight, and touch, but hyposensitive to taste/smell, interoception, proprioception, and pain. Some effects of being hypersensitive can be:


  • May only like strong flavors
  • May not notice tastes/smells others do
  • May seek out tastes by putting things in mouth


  • May like bright lights/intense colors
  • May not noticing certain sights
  • May only see outlines of objects
  • May wave hands or objects in front of face


  • May not hear certain sounds
  • May seek out loud sounds like crowds chattering, loud concerts, banging things together, etc. 
  • May filter out a lot of sound 
  • May need people to repeat things a lot


  • May crave touch
  • May play rough
  • May not notice things touching them
  • May love weighted blankets


  • May really enjoy rocking, spinning, or swinging 
  • Less likely to become motion sick
  • May be drawn to intense amusement park rides


  • May be clumsy/bump into things a lot
  • May have difficulty holding body upright
  • May not notice need to use bathroom
  • May not notice hunger/thirst


BTS(Maknae line)| VampireAU| You’re afraid of them even though you’re in a relationship

The Hyung line will follow when I see that you like this imagine.^^

Btw, I opened a Youtube Channel and I wanna do Kpop-related stuff on it, but not those mainstream things….any ideas??

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Jimin and you always playfully fought against each other, like him tickling you when you least expect it or you randomly jumping on his back. Like today. You were in the kitchen to cook and didn’t expected Jimin to return from work earlier than 6pm. He, of course, used your unknowingness to his advantage. He tiptoed behind you (not that you would have heard him normally, vampire and all this stuff) and whispered into your ear “May I have this bite?”, and kissed your neck afterwards. You flinched and turned fast to hold the knive you just cutted the onions with in front of you to protect yourself. It was dead silence for about 5 seconds, which felt like hours before you realised the situation and dropped the knive. He stood there and stared into your soul when the knive touched the ground. You wanted to say something, laugh it off, but both of you knew that your fear was real. He still looked at you and his world seemed to be shattered.


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Taehyung, although his “other way of ‘living’, always liked to cuddle and hug you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Your relationship is more than special and you are connected through something deeper than love. Today he seemed to be more clingy than ever and when you finally gave in and let him cuddle you, he showed you his boxy grin, which also gave you a good view on his sharp teeth. He hugged you and burried his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your smell. He knew how sensitive you were in this area and made use of it. But suddenly you felt his lips on your neck, and you started to panic even more when you felt something wet on your neck. You immediately pushed him off you and looked at him with wide eyes, before you realised what you did. He stood there, his gaze met his feet and he looked like a puppy who just got kicked by it’s owner.

 “I just wanted to kiss you…Are you still scared of me? After all we’ve been through? Why?”

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Jungkook wasn’t only young for someone of his kind, he was alsovery interested in the human life. Interested in more than sucking their blood. Thats why he got along with you, a human, so well and after a short time, you became more than friends. You, of course, faced the fact that your boyfriend was like a deadly animal more than one time, but you always pushed this worries away. But not facing your fears was wrong how the both of you found out short after. It was a normal day and the both of you played video games in your small apartment. One of the goals in your life was, to win against the mighty Jeon Jungkook, which never happend before. But it seemed like today was your lucky day and with one last push, Jungkook was defeated. You couldn’t stop laughing when you saw his blank face still staring at the controller. But from one second to another he was above you and pinned your wrists on the couch. The tone of his voice was deep and his whole aura screamed ‘dangerous’. “You think this is fun, don’t you?!.” A creepy smile supported your fear and you started to tremble. Without you wanting it, tears filled your eyes and as soon as Jungkook realised that, he let go of you. You immediately raised yourself and wrapped your arms around  you. Guilt filled you and you didn’t dared to look into his eyes, knowing how hurt he must be.

“I thought you know that I would never do anthing to you….”

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1. ways that you spend your days off

JIMIN: hobbies that I do are billiards, bowling and playing computer games all together at a house with friends. when we play, it’s different who wins, but it’s certain that I do the worst no matter what

SUGA: when it’s vacation time, I try to do things that people say are ordinary (to do). It’s important to me to go to a cafe alone or meet up with friends or just a casual every day routine. because it’s a vacation, I think it’s important to spend it relaxing, rather than planning to do something special

V: I listen to several types of music, regardless of genre… classic, jazz, opera, R&B, hip hop, EDM. right now my favourite is especially Hisaishi Joe’s ‘Summer’. dadadadan~(starts to sing) I want to listen to piano performance live one day

JIN: because Jungkook said that he’s going to learn the drums in his free time on the world tour, I started to play guitar too. but since he can’t carry the drum set around with him on tour, in the end it was just me who kept practicing from bringing the guitar (laughs) I play our songs like spring day and butterfly. one day I want to show it on stage

JHOPE: recently, my hobby is collecting figurines. nowadays, things that i’ve been collecting is called “deck of skate boards”. since there are a lot of colourful designs, it’s nice just looking that them. sadly there’s no way to ride them outside

RM: the thing that I’m consumes with right now is learning Japanese. I’m watching the drama “late night restaurants” as it’s easy to understand the dialogue. getting in touch with nature is one thing that is a way of changing the mood. I go for  a walk in a park that’s close by or if i have time I go far until I reach the sea.

JK: recently, I enjoy playing FPS games. I spend about 3~4 hours every day playing so time flies in that moment (laughs) and I always listen to music. I listen to exciting music like future bass but more than that I like melodies that make my mind become calm and the and the quietness of the quite sad atmosphere.

2. favourite fashion and things in fashion you always uphold

JIMIN: once I find a fashion that I think is good, I’ll buy clothes similar to that for several months. right now I like simple fashion, such as shirts with slacks and white shirts and denim (jeans?). since I haven’t decided what fashion to do this summer…. I think I should shop and and think carefully because once I start to buy things, I tend to buy a lot of it (laughs)

SUGA: rather than having a lot of different types of clothing, I rather have an attachment to things I like and use them for a long time. I think that after debut, I’ve worn thousands of clothing that are expensive that are my preference. since I want to be a person hat looks special even just wearing ordinary things, I choose to wear simple clothes. other than that, because I don’t like to show my skin, I wear long sleeves in the summer too

V: the item I wear most often is shirts. I have several shirts that go from simple to unusual print designs. I like the Boston bag too that I bought from New York in spring. I will use it carefully!

JIN: I like neat and simple fashion. when I go to places where a lot of people see me, I try to wear as many things that I received as gifts as possible. because I think if i were them, i’d feel really happy to see precious person wearing something that I gave to them

JHOPE: I try to do styles that express me well, that are not too easy going, and not too loud either. I plan to deliver a fashion that looks cool this summer. but I haven’t been shopping since I purchased a street brand fur jacket last winter…

RM: I pick clothes that are a good style whilst having a comfortable feeling. I didn’t have confidence in my style since I didnt dress well skinny but after debuting everyone told me that my legs are pretty and long, so I challenged it. the person out of the members that dresses well, if it’s not me (laughs), is JHOPE. he’s good at matching items.

JK: I like big shapes (silhouette) like parkas, and I like the colour black. I wear similar clothes in the summer too. the genre is different but I think that RM and JHOPE dress cool

3. favourite scents?

JIMIN: the scent of flowers and meat is cooking. because I like the smell of nature more, I don’t really wear perfumes well. I currently use the scent of a diffuser that’s refreshing. but J-HOPE who is my roommate, prefers scents like this more than me

SUGA: I like perfumes that have a sweet smell but I don’t use just one kind of perfume since I only wear it occasionally, depending on the mood of that day. I like to drink coffee, when I smell the scent of it my mind becomes relaxed. coffee is like a substitute for water to me.

V: in many cases I select a refreshing scent or a scent that I relax to. I use several types to match the mood or fashion

JIN: I use sweet perfumes that linger softly. if I were to give an example, the soft feeling is like the texture of candy floss. but the smell isn’t candy floss itself (laughs)

JHOPE: since i’m very sensitive to smells, it’s only natural that I spray perfume. before I got to bed, I use a diffuser all the time that’s in our room with the sweet smell of body lotion. from our vacation in hawaii in april, i bought kona coffee powder but i tried using it as quadrant substitute

RM: smell of natural fabric softener. and I spoke with jungkook, and the smell of Japan buildings (laughs) especially the airport. when we got here we all said together “we’ve arrived in Japan!”

JK: the smell of green or the wind when spring arrives. one day in spring, I listened to music and rode a bike down the river together with RM and V, so when the distinctive air of spring arrives I feel happy and excited because of that day

4. Japanese movies, dramas, manga etc that have stuck in your memory?

JIMIN: I have seen almost all well-known manga and anime. recently I bought the novel “between calmness and passion” at the bookstore. I look forward to reading it!

SUGA: The best manga throughout my life is slam dunk! I must’ve read it over a hundred times since I read my favourite ones repeatedly. when I was young, most of the things that I watched were Japanese anime

V: recently I’ve watched all of 'we married as a job’! I like the scene where the protagonist gives a hug to the other guy who she has a marriage contract with, on every Tuesday. I remember seeing the male actor in somewhere else, I was surprised to find out that he was Hoshino Gen, an artist that I listen to often on a average day. I love the song 'every day life’ the most. I’m also practicing the love dance from the ending of the drama

JIN: I like Japanese anime’s a lot so when I was a trainee I watched one piece or bleach every week. recently I’ve been obsessed with the manga about high school volleyball called haikyuu, so I read that often

JHOPE: I really like Otsaku Ai’s 'Sakuranbo’. I listen to YUI’s song often too.

RM: I listen yo AK-69 or KOHH, Sakamoto Ryuichi, Yuhki Kuramoto’s music. I like movies that are directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. I became captivated by his calm outlook on the world that he films. If his movies screen in korea, I will certainly go.

JK: I like Japanese anime’s, I’m currently watching the same one as Jin too, haikyuu. and it’s helping me learn Japanese too!

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Imagine Daryl cheating on you not knowing that you're pregnant

(Wooo more angst I guess :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were both arguing again. About what? He couldn’t remember and neither could you but you were now just both screaming at each other.

Finally, it suddenly stop and you both got quiet. With nothing else to say, he just exhaled and dipped his head down. Staring at his feet, he wondered what had happen between you and him to get like this.

He turned his back to you slowly and walked towards the door to leave, it just seemed right to let you have your space.

Before walking out, he looked back at you only to hear the sound your voice.

“I love you Daryl…”

He turned back and closed the door. Those words he had heard them a thousand times and never once had he ever gotten tired of them but this time something was off.

He couldn’t figure out if you were sincere about it or not and just took some time to reflect on everything.


In the few weeks of your arrival to Alexandria, the two of you had seem to drift apart and argue a lot more. Your happiness and joyful attitude had seem to change.

Anything would seem to bother you and you would just seem to push him away whenever he would try to comfort you, making him frustrated.

When he’d leave you alone for some time, you’d get even more frustrated and as he’d come back to your side, the fight between you and him would only seem to get worse.

He hated that feeling of pushing you away and the feeling of you pushing him away. He thought to himself that he would do anything to make you happier again but with everything going on and everything that had happen, even he himself found it hard to be positive.


As he sat on the couch, he just didn’t felt like he could sleep on it again this night and decided to get up and walk out to see what the others were up to.

He thought of going to Aaron’s for a late snack, knowing that he and Eric would welcome him, and walked towards where his house was.

He walked the road with his head down, hands in his pocket to keep himself warm when suddenly he felt someone walk by.

He looked back and realized it was Rosita. Oddly, seeing here walk just as him, made him curious and he just had to ask.

“Hey…Where are you going at this hour?”

She turned in surprised, seeming to not have noticed him earlier and simply sighed.

“To Spencer’s house…”

She seemed embarrassed about saying it and could only seem to hope to be able to leave soon before further questioning.

She was about to turn around as it got quiet but somehow Daryl just had to keep talking to her.

“W-what are you doing there? Is it cause of Abraham?”

He knew the answer but he felt an urge of being indiscreet and wanted her to answer honestly.

She ended up being pissed and just nodded.

“Yeah…well now you know the answer…Can I go now?”

From her answer, he just seemed to understand what was going on with her. Looking for someone to comfort in a time when the person you love the most had just threw you away, just seemed to suddenly appeal to him.

Him and her were on the same page and it would just seem fine to be the one to help her out while her to do so for him.

He walked closer to her and casually just asked her honestly.

“How about you forget about him for tonight…Let’s go to your house…”

She raised her eyebrow and knowing how much him and you loved each other she just couldn’t understand as to what was happening.

She stepped back and bluntly asked him. Nervously, he told her everything and ended up walking to her house.

Just as he expected to happen, he spent the night with her and tried to forget about the fight you and him had.


While he left, you had cried to yourself, thinking about everything. You didn’t knew as to where this whole frustration came to you but you just felt suffocated with everything lately.

It was easy to be pissed off and it would always seem that you would let it out the instant Daryl would be around.

You hated yourself for it each time you would later reflect on it and remembering his sad expression, only made it worse.

You wanted it to change, to go back to the time where everything was sweet and nice with him. To the time, when it was easy to laugh and forgive each other after stupid little arguments.

You knew it had something to do with you and you just had to figure it out. You thought about it over the night and eventually fell to sleep.


The next morning you woke up and oddly Daryl wasn’t on the couch. You stopped to think for a while but believing that he might sleep at Aaron’s or Rick’s, you simply nodded and walked to over to make breakfast.

In the meanwhile, he was spending the morning in Rosita house’s still holding her. He felt bad to leave you like that but thinking that you might need some time he stayed with her and they later ate breakfast as well.

You sat there expecting him to come back anytime soon but as you realized the time of the day, you decided you needed to figure out what was happening with yourself.

You needed to talk to someone and decided to join Denise in the infirmary. As you helped her out with whatever she needed, you both talked and she made you realize something.

“Well maybe your mood swings…and your sensitivity to smell…it’s all linked to you being pregnant…When was your last period?”

As she said that, you stopped whatever you were doing and stared up at her. In thought, you counted the last time you had your period and realized it was quite some time ago.

She noticed your silence and questioned further, “Do you and Daryl…use condoms when you both…”

You shook your head remembering the last time you and him had been together intimately and just slumped down to sit on the nearby chair.

Nervously, you didn’t know how to react properly. Were you happy about the possibility or would it break you and him even more, you couldn’t know at that moment and it scared you.

As Denise noticed you, she got closer to you and went in to rub your back for comfort.

“Look I think you can take a test here just to be sure…maybe you’re not and it’s something else…Whatever it is we’ll figure it out ok!”

You wiped your little tears and nodded to her. A test wouldn’t hurt you and if you really were pregnant then you thought you that it might be better to learn it now.


As you were about to take the test, Daryl was just quietly leaving Rosita’s house for the day and was hoping to go check on you.

However, something in his hear and mind told him that you might push him away again, making him turn to look at Rosita as he stood by the door.

In a mumble, he simply eyed her and said, “I’ll be back for tonight…Wait for me ok…”

She sighed and asked him about you but he simply shrugged and explained his reasoning. She ended up agreeing and told him to quickly leave before anyone would see him walk out of her house.


You ended up finding the truth behind your frustration and sickness. You were pregnant, two lines on both of the tests that you took.

Your heart thumped and you thought of everything. Was he really going to be okay with this? You remembered you both talked about wanting a family together but that was back when everything was sunshine and flowers between you not like this.

You weren’t even sleeping in the same house at this point and the thought of bringing a child into an unhappy family saddened you.

As you sat in deep thought and discussion with Denise, she tried her best to make you realize that it wasn’t as bad.

She tried to convince you of Daryl’s kind heart and how he would certainly understand and probably make things right with you.

Although, you could see it, you expressed to her that you felt bad for the way you had been treating him.

“I-I don’t to think an apology will be enough…”

She didn’t knew what to say and you both got quiet for a while until an idea occurred to her.

“How about you make a nice diner for him…and maybe make a surprise about your pregnancy announcement while at it…I’m sure he’ll appreciate it…”

The idea made you smile and only sweet memories about him getting you dinner whenever you were hungry, came to you. You realized it was in times like that, that you would both just fall for one another.

You ended up nodding and with some confidence you agreed.

“Alright I like that idea…A new start for me and him…and our little one…”

She smiled to hear you and you both got to work on different ideas of how to present the whole thing to him.

Not wanting to rush anything, you decided to truly prepare it for him in the few days that followed.


While at it, he had been spending his night’s at Rosita for her company and had lied to you about just wanting to hang out with Aaron.

You didn’t question him any further thinking that it would be better to surprise him at the right moment and just let him his space.

He didn’t want to be apart from you but your distantness just seemed it was better to let you on your own for a while.

With Rosita, he was able to talk and just feel comforted enough to not want to leave it so soon. He knew it was wrong but something about it was just worth it to him as long as no one found out.

She wouldn’t ever replace what he feels for you but it was something new to him and a breath of fresh air that he needed for the time being.


One evening, after him and her had just had sex, he remembered you passing by him and telling him to come for dinner as he walked outside.

He knew it meant you were fine enough to talk again and finally felt like he needed to spend the rest of the night with you. He explained himself to her and she understood, letting him leave.

You sat waiting anxiously at home, hoping he’ll be back soon and really just couldn’t wait to tell him of the news.

In the days leading to this moment, you grew to love the idea of having your own child and could just imagine how lively your life would get.

You barely could sit still in your seat and as soon as your door was opened, you got up from the kitchen table to peer over.

It was Daryl and you cracked a smile at him. He lowered his gaze as he would whenever he would get nervous and made you chuckle.

To hear your laughter, made him feel better and realized how much he had missed you. However, at the same time that smile and sound, stung his heart and reminded him of what he had been doing behind your back, making his hesitate to smile so much.

He walked over to see you and greeted you in a low tone. You nodded and shyly welcomed him.

He sat across from you and smiled to see the food you had cooked. He smelled it and just felt back at home and slowly seemed to forget about everything that had happen.


You both ate quietly for a moment, not knowing the right words to say. Stealing glances at each other, you smiled and notice him going from smiling to a concerned expression in a matter of seconds

It worried you that he might not like it or something and took the lead in starting a conversation.

“I-I’m glad you came for tonight…I-I really missed you…”

You looked up from your plate to see his reaction and once again saw his lips curl. It wasn’t out of pure happiness it seemed but you took it as a compliment.

He nodded at you and just couldn’t find anything to tell you but that he felt the same about you.

It was the truth but part of it, he felt himself as a jerk to have done such things to you. It broke his heart to realize the whole thing and he just wanted to hit himself over it.

He then reached for your hand and simply repeated to you about how he loves you, making you feel a sense of relief.

The evening went quite well and you both started to chat in a more relaxed way that reminded you both of when you first met at the prison.


As you both sat on the couch, you then got up and revealed to him that you had another surprise for him and that he needed to close his eyes.

It slightly unnerved him but nonetheless he did as you asked of him.

You came back with a box in hand and kneeled close to his knee, enough to put your hand on it.

As you did, you then told him to open his eyes. He noticed the box in hand and just wondered as to what it was.

You could see the curiosity in his eyes and excitement came over to you. You smiled brightly and just couldn’t seem to sit still.

You handed it to him and looking into his eyes, you said, “I’m sorry about my attitude lately…I really am…You didn’t deserve to be treated the way I treated you…You deserve better…So here is my apology gift…”

He swallowed hard to hear you and couldn’t think as to what you would offer him. The box was intricate and he felt like he didn’t deserve whatever it was inside as he now felt at fault on his part.

Nonetheless, with your excitement, he had no choice but to do just as you asked and open the box.

As he did, he noticed the paper filling surrounding a piece of a folded paper and looked back at you.

You gave him a curt nod to signify him to take it and he did so. He took it slowly and opened it to read it.

“You’re going to be a dad”

His heart stopped. His eyes had tears and widened to see those words and he couldn’t figure out how to truly feel.

As you noticed him, you simply chuckled and told him to check the tests you had took to let him know of the truth.

He slowly searched for them and seeing the two sticks with each a positive sign on them, he realized how much in the wrong he was.

He knew he still loved you but just felt like he didn’t deserve you. He looked back into your eyes and you just playfully bit your lips and said, “So…what do you think?”

A thousands insults to himself came to him and in that instant, he could only think of pulling you in for a tight hug.

You ended up in his lap, hugging him back and could only laugh at his reaction. Your happiness to him was everything to him but truly he just felt like he did you wrong and knew nothing he could do could make him redeem himself.

The only thing he could say or feel about this was to tear up. He clung onto you and repeatedly apologize to you.

“I-I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

You stroked his hair to hear him and just told him it was fine, not understanding the true meaning behind his apology.

You thought he was simply referring to your pregnancy and just told him about your love for him.

“You don’t need to apologize for it…If anything it’s me for my attitude…Not you…Besides if you’re apologizing for making a baby with me…Don’t…I love you Daryl…That’s all that matters…I know we’ll make it through together…and that’s all because I love you…”

As he listened to you, he wanted to hit himself over and over for everything that he had done to you and realized nothing could be done to fix any of his acts.

The only thing he could think at that moment was to keep apologizing.

“I’m sorry….I’m sorry…I’m sorry Y/N…”

From his tone, you realized something was off and held him wondering if you should ask his meaning or simply brush it off for the night.

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Let me sneak this in before I get ready to go to work and you close your box. Can I get domestic HCs, or a drabble if you prefer, for post-ending, everyone lives Chocobos with their pregnant s/o? Like they all thought this was gonna be a terrible ending, yet here they are with a kid on the way. Thanks!

Noctis can’t believe that he’s still alive. He can’t believe that he gets a second chance––he wakes up on the floor of the throne room and feels the warmth of sunlight on his face. The first thing he does is bolt back outside, and sees that his friends are still alive as well. After a brief reunion, he runs back home, to you.

He makes love to you that night, vigorously, sensually, as if he’s finally breached the surface of the ocean and is able to take in his first exhilarating breath. The passion takes you two over and you fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Noctis sets to work on rebuilding the Citadel. The moment you tell him that you’re pregnant, he falls to his knees, holds you close and thanks the Six for his gift. A family––he can hardly believe it. He becomes the King that Insomnia has always deserved, and dotes on you hand and foot. He promises to be a dedicated father and husband, and he never disappoints you. He cherishes every moment he’s able to spend with you as your womb grows, because he knows that every minute is a blessing from the Astrals.

Prompto emerges from the final battle alive, but badly injured. He hobbles home to you and you take care of his wounds, teasingly scolding him that he was trying too hard to be a hero. He jokes that he figured it would impress you, and you smack him playfully on the arm as you bandage up his wounds.

It’s a while until he’s healthy, but as soon as he’s able, he’s between your legs. He wants every part of you, wants to map every inch of your skin with his lips, hands and tongue. You give yourself fully to him, taking him in for all he’s worth.

You tell him that you’re pregnant some time later, and he starts to cry. You think at first that he’s upset at the news, that maybe he wasn’t ready to be a father, but he immediately dispels the idea. He tells you how much he’s wanted to start a family with you, and how excited he is to be a dad. He just can’t help but be emotional because he’s been through so much with his brothers in arms, and never expected to find love, and never expected to make it out of that last standoff alive.

His enthusiasm for fatherhood takes shape in the form of nesting. He’s already picked the colours for the nursery and bought most of the things you’ll need, and already gotten way too many stuffed moogles and chocobos for your future son or daughter. He spoils you rotten, and always kisses your growing belly before he falls asleep.

Gladio promised you before he left for the final battle that once it was over, he was going to marry you. You were so scared that he wouldn’t come back––but when he shows up at your shared house, covered in dirt and blood, you throw your arms around him and refuse to let go. He did it. He came home.

The wedding is small and intimate, with your closest friends in attendance. Neither of your parents made it out of the Citadel alive, so you light candles for them at the altar. That night, Gladio absolutely ravishes you, having to keep himself from ripping the white gown from your body. You consummate your marriage over and over until you’re unable to walk and he is finally sated.

You tell Iris that you think you’re pregnant, and she helps you buy the test from the pharmacy. When it comes back positive, you’re initially nervous about what Gladio will say. But when you tell him, he gingerly wraps his arms around you in a warm embrace, and you feel tears on your shoulder. You ask him if he’s crying, and he hastily wipes his eyes. Putting his macho façade back on, he replies, “No.”

Gladio buys parenting books and tries to come up with names for your unborn child. He wants to be a better father than Clarus was to him. He also wants to carry on the tradition of naming the Amicitia heir after a flower, and you bicker playfully back and forth over which ones are your favourites.

Ignis didn’t know how to say goodbye to you before the final battle, so he slipped away in the night without a word. You were furious with him when he returned, but also so relieved when he came back alive. You wanted to slap him, but instead you tugged him close for a kiss. He was scared that you would be upset with him, and you admit that you are, but now is his chance to make it up to you.

And he does––repeatedly, with blindfolds, rope and leather. You’re a trembling mess under his questing fingers and his clever mouth, and by the time he’s finished with you, you’re almost entirely sure that he’s sucked every bone from your body and left you with nothing but sore muscle and bruised skin.

It’s almost as if Ignis knows that you’re pregnant before you do. He notices a difference in your behaviour, the smells that you’ve become sensitive to, and your demands for strange food combinations. He offers to buy you a pregnancy test to be sure, though he’s already purchased prenatal vitamins in anticipation.

You’re not sure how he, as a blind man, is able to baby-proof the house, but he does. He takes such good care of you that you start to feel bad, and try to get him to stop, but he refuses. He tells you that you and your unborn child are the family he never really had, and that he will do whatever it takes to ensure your safety and comfort. You eventually just let him dote on you, and he ends up being more prepared when you are when your due date actually arrives.

After a few weeks of being Matt’s roommate, Foggy starts picking up on how Matt describes people by stuff Foggy himself wouldn’t notice - perfumes, aftershaves, little verbal tics and regionalisms. It makes sense! That stuff probably makes way more of an impression when you aren’t looking at a person.

But it kinda makes Foggy wonder what he … seems? Seems like? To someone who can’t see, and after seeing how Matt gets headaches from the cigarette smoke coming in if the windows are left open, and how he always shuts the vents the minute a hint of pot smoke starts seeping in through them, Foggy starts looking into smell sensitivities and it’s hard, because, like, a lot of the stuff on soaps and air fresheners and things seem to be founded on ambiguous carcinogen studies and stuff, but finally he finds stuff on people who just - do - not - like - strong - smells and there are some brands recommended, and, really, Foggy’s been using the same brands since he was like, twelve, so it’s probably time to switch it up. (Plus, if he tries one of these things recommended online he doesn’t have to try buying what Matt has in the shower, which would put him at risk for seeming like one of those creepy roommates that try to become you.)

So it’s moisturizing and unscented and kind of expensive? But it came with shampoo and conditioner too, and Foggy should probably be using conditioner sometimes now that his hair is long again after the last locks donation, and when he comes out of the shower he feels weirdly let down that Matt doesn’t, like, say anything, or seem to notice, but after a poured bowl of cereal and a few bites Matt gets up to pack his bag for the day and then sits back down to finish his coffee, which has cooled a little, and when he breathes in deeply he stops short like something’s missing or out of place, and Foggy fiddles with his spoon and says,

“Better or worse?”

“What? Um.” Matt looks really embarrassed for some reason. “Did you. Did you change…?”

“Yeah,” Foggy confirms.

“Oh.” Matt nods. “Better, I think. Not - not that you smelled bad before!”

Foggy laughs.

“Um. The musky scents are usually really fake-smelling? This one’s actually nice. Subtle.”

Foggy frowns. “I thought I got the unscented one.”

Matt stands up too quickly. “I’m gonna miss my lecture.”

Dallas Winston headcanons no one asked for

• Dallas Winston almost never washes that leather jacket

• His favorite flower is a white daisy. He’d die of embarrassment if anyone ever found out

• He loathes the color yellow. He just thinks it’s ugly

• He sleeps on his back and snores very quietly

• He thinks seafood is disgusting

• He loves salty food. At rodeos his favorite thing is getting those big pretzels afterward and eating it on the way home

• He’s very sensitive to smell, and doesn’t like most colognes

• When he was a kid he wanted to be firefighter

• He’s a fantastic pool player

• He sucks at games like Poker and Blackjacks though

• He likes chocolate shakes

• His favorite time of day is mid afternoon

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Oh please! Werewolf Anakin and Vampire Obi with the bellyrubs? Perhaps related to the werewolf/vampire image you reblogged?

Sighing a bit, Obi-Wan leveled Mace a look. “I told you all.” He said before focusing back on Anakin, chuckling faintly as he continued rubbing his slightly claw like nails through the fur of the tender belly. “But aren’t you just the softest Anakin, what a good boy you are.” He cooed, fangs on display as he continued rubbing.

Beneath the praise and belly rub, Anakin’s huge lupine hind leg kicked in pleasure, his utter delight filling the Force brightly.

Ever since they had visited Litna III and breathed in the mutagenic spores Obi-Wan had been showing obvious signs of change, his ears sharpening into points, his skin growing a porcelain shade of white dotted with freckles, his canines growing into fangs similar to togruta’s and his nails sharpening to claw like points.

That had been the obvious outside changes.

There had been changes inwardly too, his eyes and skin more delicate to direct sunlight, his hearing and sense of smell more sensitive and Obi-Wan could no longer eat regular food. He required blood to sustain himself and had almost attacked a fellow Jedi before he had firmly taken control of himself and gone to the Council.

A form for blood substitute had been produced.

Or at least it was tricking his body into believing he was feeding off something or someone and he was no longer starving, looking like his new pale self.

In all honesty, he now resembled the vampire creatures of legends.

But all legends had some truth to them, perhaps others had landed on Litna before and been mutated in the same way Obi-Wan had been.

Anakin had seemingly walked away unchanged.

Keyword, seemingly.

Obi-Wan had noticed a change in Anakin, being closest to him.

The fridge had been filled with more meat then usual, on the rarer side which Anakin was now consuming as much as Ahsoka though she preferred her meat less bloody. And his growling… well Anakin had always been growling but the first time he’d heard it Obi-Wan had looked for a anooba or wolf!

But more disturbing then that was every time they entered the quarters, how Anakin would hover over him, watching him before burying his face into Obi-Wan’s neck, sniffing and nuzzling him as if he was trying to take in the other mans scent.

First time it happened Anakin had trapped Obi-Wan against the door and his body, warm breath moistening the redhead’s neck.

Anakin had apologized but it had happened again and again until Obi-Wan just let it happen since it seemed to sooth the blond. He wasn’t the only one sniffed as Ahsoka was exposed to the same behavior just the one sniffed the longest and a bit more intimate with Anakin lodging his nose in the others neck.

And today…

Anakin had come back, smelling faintly of Padme but more of sharp frustration and hurt, leaking into the Force and then Mace had laid into the knight in the main sparring hall and…. Well.

They had a two meter tall bipedal, golden furred werewolf on their hands with ice blue eyes and only one arm, Anakin’s mech arm on the floor since that had not changed with Anakin’s body and rags of black tunic and leggings hanging off the werewolf. And Anakin’s only arm had firmly wrapped around Obi-Wan’s waist while snarling at the Korun, fur bristling and tail sharp as sharp teeth glittered in the light.

Quick thinking on Obi-Wan’s part had prevented any hasty actions on anyone’s part as he scratched the werewolf’s stomach, cooing at him like he would a dog.

And amazingly Anakin had responded to it, grunting as he relaxed and let himself be soothed until he was flat on his back on the floor with Obi-Wan scratching at his tummy.

“You were, we just thought it may be related to your own behavior change though.” Mace noted faintly, staring down at the large canine. “Force… the Healers did do a blood test on him but we couldn’t find…he’s a damn werewolf!” Mace rubbed his scalp as people gathered around them in a minor circle, mostly senior knights luckily as padawans and initiates were ushered away by teachers and masters.

The sentinels had relaxed too when it was clear Obi-Wan had control of the werewolf.

“Skywalker?” Mace tried.

He got a grumpy growl for his effort that quickly turned into a pleased murring when Obi-Wan dug his fingers through golden fur of his belly, taking in the massive form of bulking muscles and furs as he did.

“Alright, you are somewhat in control then, good to know.”

Obi-Wan reached up to scratch beneath Anakin’s chin. “If he’s anything like me, he’s more liable to follow instinct to reason with the baser brain in function. I can generally control myself as long as I am feed but he’s fully changed, I would recon that means that while its still Anakin in there, he’s more likely to follow the predator mind of the wolf in him like this.” He theorized. He’d have to wait for Anakin to change back to make sure of that.


The way Anakin was tilting his head back to get the chin scratches was kind of nice, a flow of deep affection filling the Force.

Grinning drolly, Obi-Wan shook his head. “Oh Anakin, how do we end up in these situations?”

A happy bark was his only answer as Anakin continued kicking his leg with his tongue lolling out of his mouth, tail wagging in glee.

hey friends!! this is an extension of my last post, which you can find here, where I talked about navigating high school when you have a chronic illness. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of asks wondering if their health concerns counted as a chronic illness and what accommodations they were entitled to. Instead of answering everyone individually, I made this post so I could hopefully reach more people who need answers. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and am not aware of every possible limitation + accommodation. These are just the ones I’m aware of, and are a good place to start.

you will most likely need medical documentation to support your request for any of the following!! especially at public schools!!

in the classroom:

  • an individual learning plan - sometimes called an IEP or ILP
  • a classroom aide
  • the ability to record classes/lectures, either audio only or audio/visual
  • the ability to dictate class work
  • a notetaker, or access to teacher notes
  • double of every textbook - one to leave at school and one to leave at home
  • ability to eat and/or drink in class
  • ability to leave class without permission, or without fear of being forbidden
  • priority access to a seat at the front/back of the class for vision/sensory/hearing/etc issues
  • not having to take gym, or only being required to complete the health component and still be eligible to graduate
  • being excused from art or drama classes that are too physically demanding - these are grad reqs at some schools
  • being excused from classes that may be triggering - eg. a sexual assault unit or domestic violence lesson
  • being excused from hands-on science lab work - due smells, allergies, sensitivity, etc.

for tests/exams:

  • extra time on tests - 25%, 50%, 100%, or something custom to your needs
  • a separate test taking space - quieter or smaller space, a more casual space, a different chair/desk,
  • a test taking aide
  • the ability to dictate certain test components
  • a computer for essay or writing-based tests


  • ability to complete any work on a computer where possible, eg. essays on tests, homework, lecture notes
  • use of a calculator when otherwise prohibited
  • use of spell check when otherwise prohibited
  • an online/digital/pdf version of the textbook
  • permission to use audiobooks instead of physical copies
  • permission to use a digital ebook instead of a physical copy - zoom feature, inverse colours, weight in bag

in the halls/around the campus:

  • ability to use the elevator (many schools limit elevator access + elevators are only accessible with a key)
  • ability to carry medications on your person (this is often not allowed, even for over the counter meds like advil)
  • ability to take longer to travel from class to class
  • priority given for an accessible locker (eg. one that doesn’t require you to bend down)
  • a priority parking space close to the school
  • an extra number of allowed absences - ie. not failing out because you miss too much school
  • permission to take breaks in the nurse’s office when necessary - ie. naps, time to lie down, some silence
  • a different in dress code - ie. more comfortable shoes, leggings to accommodate stomas or sensory issues
  • ability to bring your own lunch - some schools (mostly private schools from my experience) forbid this
  • getting a chair during assemblies, pep rallies, or any school event that requires standing

outside of school (homework):

  • extra time to complete homework, or extra time only for big, culminating assignments (like major essays, projects)
  • reduced work load (every other question, only needing to complete enough for a sample)
  • the ability to dictate homework
  • ability to complete homework assignments on a computer
  • double of every textbook - one to leave at school and one to leave at home

examples (!!!!! as in not inclusive of everything) of conditions that could warrant accommodation

  • a mental illness that has been professionally diagnosed
  • a learning disability that has been professionally diagnosed
  • a sensory processing issue/disorder
  • a history of trauma (eg. sexual assault) that has been professionally evaluated
  • a broken bone - accommodations would definitely be temporary in this case
  • a handicap, eg. being in a wheelchair, having a feeding tube, an amputation
  • having a chronic illness, incl. chronic fatigue, chronic pain, diabetes,
  • having an acute but serious illness/disease, eg. cancer
  • recovering post-surgery
  • pregnancy
  • an extenuating family circumstance, eg. a seriously ill family member who needs your assistance frequently

reminder: asking for accommodation, or having one of the above mentioned health conditions does not make you weak. it does not make you lesser. you are strong and brave and capable and deserving of success. you deserve an education. believe in yourself, ask for help when you need it. i’m always here to talk.

love, soph 


P&G Product Special Interview (April 2017):

(This month’s P&G interview with Yuzuru is a product promotion.  But it’s still interesting, so I translated part of it.)

“I am rather sensitive to smells. When I travel, there are times when I am bothered by the smell of the room, so recently I have been bringing along a room fragrance spray and eye masks with a nice smell. I like calming scents like lavender and chamomile. Being surrounded by a nice scent before sleeping, I can relax and the quality of sleep is also improved. Sleep is ‘maintenance time’ for healing body and mind. It is very important to restore the mood/feeling, so scents help with that.”

“When I participate in ice shows, I am very much indebted to 'Febreze’. (laughs) The temperature at ice show venues are set higher than at competitions, so that customers do not have to protect themselves from the cold and it would be more comfortable for them. But it is hard for the performers as we perspire a lot more compared to competitions.
Our costumes are delicate and need to be hand washed, but sometimes there are 2 shows in one day and there is not enough time (for washing and drying). At those times, I will spray Febreze, 'shu’, directly on the costume. It can remove smells and germs. Plus, it has a nice fragrance, so I can go for the next show with a good feeling.”

Source: P&G,

For my previous translations of Yuzu’s interviews in P&G, see HERE.

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u got any sprace hcs..... in desperate need

i ALWAYS have sprace hcs ;)))

  • spot is the first one to drop an ‘i love u’ and race responds with ‘no homo rite?’ and spot deadass decks him
  • race carries spot everywhere. bridal style, piggy back, or over the shoulder literally 24/7
  • about 60% of the time when race goes to hold spot’s hand spot tried to arm wrestle him right then and there
  • race is only allowed to vape flavors spot has approved bc he’s rly sensitive to smell and once race did some cotten candy bullshit and spot puked on him bc that shit is nasty and overwhelming
  • for mush’s birthday race made their friend group a big meal and spot was literally drooling bc his boyfriend cooking was just ungoldy hot to him and no one has ever let him live the incident down
  • they own hermit crabs togther named scontroso and sorrisi who race and spot are very proud parents of and never fail to remind everyone of that fact
  • race asked spot to prom via a giant handmade yugioh card and was like ‘u have activated my trap card promposal! now u have to go to prom with me!’

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Hellooooo!! May I just say your blog is awesome and I commend you for running it while being ft! I was wondering if you had any general headcanon for Sesshomaru. Anytype is fine by me! Thank you!

Do I have headcanons for Sesshomaru? DO I HAVE HEADCANONS FOR SESSHOMARU!?!? DO I EVAAAARRRR~


  • While most believe him to be heartless, Sesshomaru has a very big heart, he just guards it very closely. Few receivers of his kindness are Jakken, Rin, Kohaku, his mother, his father, and… Kagome on occasion.
  • Greatly enjoys the freedom of roaming the lands. Being in the quiet woods late at night or resting under the stars when his ward is tuckered out from travelling; he has never felt more alive than when he is allowed to just be free.
  • His worst fear is to do something that would disappoint his dad. Though his father is gone, he would hate to become the kind of of son that his dad wouldn’t like. He works very hard to take a path that he believes would make him proud, as well as stay and the right side of moral and logic. 
  • He can still recall every single flower crown and bundle Rin has ever given him. He knows every color, every scent, every combination, and why she gave them to him. He would never reveal this to a single soul, but it remains precious to him. 
  • Loves to stay clean. Though he can come off as rather violent in nature, he likes to remain clean. He especially hates when he gets blood and guts on his clothes and mokomoko. Bathing regularly, using scentless cleansing oils, and being clean is very important to him. He also makes it a rule for anyone that travels or stays with him, that they must bathe regularly as well. 
  • Sarcasm and jokes fly right over his head. He can be very patronizing, and he understands underlying hostility; but there is something about sarcasm and humor that he just doesn’t quite understand. While someone may try and explain it to him, he will just brush it aside and think it completely ridiculous. 
  • He is an extremely… EXTREMELY… picky eater. No one has ever really seen him eat, and part of the reason why is if there isn’t anything he want, he will just skip a meal. He knows it’s not good for his body, but being full-blooded youkai allows him the ability to go without meals and water much longer than humans. 
  • Is extremely sensitive to smell. Some human stenches are so string that he has taught himself to hold his breath for extended amounts of time. He relies on his senses for hunting and tracking, and he doesn’t want them to be dulled by human disgust.
  • Highly ruled by logic. He has little room for his life to be ruled by emotions, so he is always using his head. Rarely, very rarely, will he use his heart in any given situation, unless it’s life or death. 
  • Due to this, he finds most females of any species to be rather annoying. He hates when females try to approach him, especially if he can smell any sort of hormone leaking from their pores. The smell if stomach-turning to him, and he tries to hide his scent the best he can during heat/mating season.
  • He enjoys a great challenge. Anything that pushes him to the limits and expands his mind is very enjoyable to him. However, the chances of actually finding anything that challenges him is little to none. He worries about bettering himself if there are no true challenges to teach him.


  • The probability of him finding a mate is slim, yet he too needs to continue this legacy. He goes to great lengths trying to find a mate that is both strong and tolerable. While he initially believes that his mate is purely for reproduction, he surprisingly finds himself slowly falling for them, and their heart. 
  • He believes in the old ways of courting, and spares no expenses when presenting his mate with gifts that prove his wealth and ability. He is a Lord, after all. 
  • Often proves his strength by guarding them personally. Any threat, major or minor, will be handled and eliminated immediately. He would gladly lose a limb (again) if it meant protecting his intended. 
  • Built them a garden to visit. He planted as many exotic plants as he could obtain, creating the perfect oasis for his mate to relax in. He visits them there often, and tells them some of his deepest secrets and feelings while under the shade of the trees. 
  • He typically hates the perfumed and oiled scent females of all species wear to entice the opposite sex. However, there is something about his mates’ scent, something completely natural and right that he is completely addicted to. When in their presence, he often finds himself taking long, deep breaths so the scent sticks to the back of his nose.
  • He has obtained his mate a rare piece to wear around their neck. It visually marks them as taken, so that other males of any species know to keep clear, lest they lose their heads. 
  • Also has a habit of rubbing his scent on them subtly every time they meet. There is something about the action that speaks to the beast within, and he almost becomes obsessed with the action. His partner doesn’t mind, and finds it rather cute that he is so possessive. 
  • His mate is the only creature, aside from Rin, that is allowed to tough or wear his mokomoko. He gladly drapes it around their shoulders and into their lap when there is a chilly breeze. He would gladly strip layers of his own robe to assure they are not affected by the elements. This would also lead him to buying them appropriate wear for every season and occasion. He even has their very owl fur stole made for them to wear… out of the same material his is made.
  • The marriage ceremony is by the standards of his mate. While he makes sure they are officiated in his own species culture, he wants them to do whatever they please, or whatever is expected of their own species or religion.
  • Once finally married and mated, he takes pride in looking at the mark left on his mate’s neck. While it marks them as his, and makes their hormones not as appealing to other males, it also releases a tiny amount of his own scent that mixes with their own and creates a natural perfume that has him drooling. 
  • He wants multiple children. He wants to be involved in the lives of all his children. He wants his children to be raised in a better environment than the one he had growing up. He wants his children to know that their father will never leave them, no matter what.
  • Loves doting on his mate while they are pregnant. His clawed hands are constantly, carefully, rubbing over the bump of their belly holding his precious child. When the child is restless, he can make a purring noise deep in his chest that calm them, as well as his mate, immediately. 
  • Is never more than a couple of feet from his mate while they are pregnant. Not even female servants are allowed near them while they are pregnant because his protective instinct goes nearly feral. Also sleeps wrapped around their delicate body, and wakes any time they shift in the middle of the night.


  • He works as a CEO for his late father’s company, and struggles with the fact that half of the conglomerate belongs to his half brother, who knows absolutely nothing about the family business. 
  • Jakken has been his faithful assistant for years, going as far back as knowing his father before he passed away. While he finds him extremely irritating on a regular basis, he knows he can trust him with nearly any task given, and relies on that loyalty often. 
  • Rin is the daughter of a person who used to work closely with his father in the corporate world. When it was released that they were laundering money and abusing their daughter, his father took the steps to have them turned in. Something in Sesshomaru’s heart couldn’t stand to see the little girl go into the foster system, so he filed the appropriate paperwork to adopt her. Not only was his father pleasantly surprised, but his mother was furious.
  • His brother’s fiancee is one of the strongest women he has ever met in his life, aside from his own mother. He finds her annoying and surprisingly quick to anger, but she is very intelligent, and has earned his respect on more than one occasion. 
  • He keeps his hair short, though he does nothing to try and hide his natural markings and colors from the world. He has nothing to be ashamed of. His status as a demon, and his stature among his community far surpass that of any social prejudice or expectation. 
  • He lives in a lavish home that is extremely modern and cold. He likes to keep everything clean and in order, like his life. The only exception is Rin’s room, where he lavishes her with toys and books. He even let her paint the walls a light cream-sickle orange, her favorite color. 
  • He works hard every day of his life, and believes it is through hard work that he can become accomplished. He doesn’t believe in using status favors to get something he wants. He works for it, and nearly always gets what he works so hard for. 
  • He shudders at the idea of being preyed on by females in the industry. He doesn’t like the women who are primped and preened into some false sense of perfection. He hates it… loathes it. 
  • He finds himself charmed by someone who is not in the same industry as him, and they lead a life quite opposite his own. He knows they are truly worth pursuing when Rin approves of them wholeheartedly. 
  • It takes him quite a lot of time to fully trust them in his life, as well as hopes they understand that his business ranks very high on his list of priorities. He starts to fall for them when hey agree and happily work around his schedules, even going as far as caring for Rin when he can’t be there. 

I could go on for ages about Sesshomaru. If I haven’t made it obvious at this point that he is my favorite character then… well, he is! lol. Thank you so much, anon, for giving me the opportunity to gush over this perfect creature. If you are interested, then I also have a lengthy list of nsfw headcanons about him as well. Or, if you would care to hear more headcanons from any of the sub-categories, then please feel free to drop in and ask.Thank you again!

~Admin C

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Any face care advice on a budget/ natural remedies?

Budget Face Care

Oily Skin:

  • Mud masks: Dead Sea (a little pricey but lasts forever)
  • Acne scrub: Beauty 360 (literally $3, lasts forever, and is the only thing that keeps my oily ass skin from getting acne)
  • Facial wipe: Say Yes! or Garnier ($6 at your local drugstore, don’t buy them online)

Sensitive Skin:

Dry Skin:

  • Mud masks: CVS brand (so cheap and works so well)
  • Acne scrub: ??? Followers got any suggestions
  • Facial wipe: Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes ($6 at your local drugstore so don’t buy them online) 
garden spirit!jeno

garden spirit!jeno
• hey lets go to visual king jeno now which only makes SENSE THAT HE CAME OUT OF NATURE he is so ethereal ANYWAYS LETS BEGIN
• you were just a little kid going out to go out in your parents garden with a bright blue pail and shovel because you wanted to plant these daisies that you had picked up from the store
• and you don’t know why you enjoyed gardening so much as a kid??? but you were a pretty patient kid contrary to what most other kids were and you just kind of found peace in it
• and you’re headed out to the garden when you notice something is a little off?? why are there flowers already in your little spot of dirt because the daisy packet was right in your hand
• and you’re confused now because that was supposed to be your spot and someone took it and you’re pouty and about to start crying before you hear a rustle in the bushes and a pair of mesmerizing eyes flash at you in the bush
• and you drop your bucket because right by the pair of eyes is the prettiest flower you’ve ever seen and you’re like OOH PRETTY and so of course you go to approach but the pair of eyes moves backwards
• and you were so distracted by the flower you forgot about the eyes and so now you’re even more curious and you crouch down and cup your hands around your mouth and tell whatever it is not to be scared
• and of course the figure flinches because of the decibel of your voice??? and you realize that and mumble out a quick sorry before saying it quieter and you put your hand out as a harmless peaceful embrace
• and instead of being greeted with a hand A FLOWER JUST APPEARS IN YOUR HAND LIKE IT JUST BLOOMED and you guessed it it’s a daisy
• and now you’re even more curious you’re like who are you??? are you a tree with eyes???
• and this makes the “tree” laugh and it’s such a light and whimsical sound but he says his name is jeno and from now on you only called him jeno the tree
• jeno was in fact actually a boy, a boy of the forest if you want to be SPECIFIC, and his skin was adorned with vines wrapped around his arms and legs with little leaves poking out of random places and jeno’s eyes sparkle green and his hair is so soft and blonde
• but jeno doesn’t reveal himself to you for a LOOOONG time let me tell you but he’s there everyday when you come skipping home from school and you go to meet him in your backyard and he tells you how to plant things correctly and what’s the right soil to use and he tells you he can talk to plants and you’re just like WOAH
• but one day when you come home it’s raining and you’re instantly like oh no jeno is going to need some shelter so you run out with the biggest jacket you can find because you’re expecting to cover a tree are you not
• and so you’re screaming for jeno and holding the jacket out in front of you and now you’re getting drenched but you have to cover jeno and you keep calling for him and your voice is hoarse until the jacket disappears from your hand and is suddenly covering your head
• and it’s jeno and he just has this concerned look in his eyes because you’re still so small out in the rain where you can get sick??? and this is when you finally see that jeno is in fact not a tree but his height difference is almost big enough to be compared to one even for your age
• and you see the vines around his arms and woah you just are staring at him in awe and now jeno’s flustered and pulls you into the shrouded area where a little leaf rooftop comes over your head and wow he just did that
• and you’re just staring at him so intently that a blush is creeping into his cheeks and flowers JUST START BLOOMING OUT OF NOWHERE
• and you don’t know at the time but whenever jeno gets flustered and nervous flowers appear but these this time are roses
• and you’re just having the time of your life like you’re out in a rain storm with jeno who isn’t a tree??? and now it’s basically a botanical garden???
• and so of course you start asking jeno all kinds of questions like how long has he been here how old is he can he make any kind of plant grow and he responds he’s just a few years older than you and he’s been here ever since he was born because he’s sorta forced to this area???
• and you’re like oKAY but you stay in the forest the whole time and just watch the squirrels and jeno’s face is confused yet amused and he’s shaking his head and leading you back through the brush past a lake where you’re pretty sure you saw another boy watching you until jeno gestures to the house
• he tells you he can go into the house and that’s about as far as he can go because if not he gets really weak since nowhere is like his forest and you’re like oh jeno it’s your forest are you it’s prince
• and he’s shyly like does that make you its princess and you’re like what and he’s LIKE NEVERMIND
• and as the years go by you and jeno are becoming teens and IS PUBERTY A ROUGH TIME FOR YOU TWO mainly because jeno decided to go through a phase where he would wear a leaf mask like nct do at airports because he was self conscious if he broke out and you’re just feeling the emotions of being a teenager but you always found peace in the garden
• and jeno’s feelings are getting softer because he’s growing up and so YOUR BACKYARD IS COVERED IN ROSES and you’re like hey jeno are you in LOVE or something
• and he’d get so nervous that even more roses would pop up and he’d run off into the forest for a few hours and just lie there with his heart fluttering
• and whenever he did come back you’re like why can they be daisies next time and jeno never makes any promises but you sure as heck know that boy is going to spend the whole night working on a flower
• and of course later on you’re like jeno I WANT TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS and he’s really like no but there you go already inviting yourself in
• and you’re just giving everyone a big smile and like hey everyone im jenos
• and then your face is red and jeno’s face is red and all of a sudden these roses just start appearing out of nowhere???
• and doyoung’s yelling for jeno to cut it out and renjun and sicheng are sneezing their heads off because of sensitive smell and ten is just like why is it all of a sudden a rose festival is it because of jenos girlfriend
• and you’re like jeno ??? what have you been telling them and jeno’s like as red as the roses now and he kinda wants to just leave but he’s kinda forced to explain
• and this boy confesses to you literally in a room full of roses like come on THATS REALLY ROMANTIC and you don’t even let him finish before you envelop him in a hug
• and everyone is just collectively aww'ing because LIKE MARK THIS WAS LOOOOONG OVERDUE
• so now the boys wouldn’t have to worry about random roses in the house at least now when you’re not there
• and jeno rushes to his room and comes back with a pot and the prettiest daisy you’ve probably ever seen in your whole life???
• and you can just tell that jeno’s put his heart and soul into this one because it seems just as ethereal!!! and it’s like the purest symbol of his love for you ISNT IT SO SWEET
• you and jeno are just like the cutest couple ever let me tell you he’s always showing you a flower field or helping you out in your garden still to this day
• because hey that is where you guys met right!!! its basically your unofficial first date spot
• and of course jeno would tell you out of all the flowers that you were the most beautiful THIS IS A SOFT BOY RIGHT HERE
• all in all, jeno is the sweetest boyfriend who showers you in his love and flowers everyday just to remind you how much he loves you

another part of my collab with @dest-writes !!!