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Women's colleges should reinvent themselves as havens for trans women | Meredith Talusan
Trans women have great potential to provide insight into male privilege that can enrich women’s colleges
By Meredith Talusan

“Trans women offer a perspective into how gender perceptions work that cis women don’t have. Many of us have a history of having been assumed male and heterosexual, regardless of our true gender and sexuality. This allows those of us with that background to understand differently how these identities are perceived in ways that cis women do not. Many of us know what it’s like to be judged for our intelligence rather than (or in spite of) our appearances, to be praised rather than reprimanded for speaking up, and to be more valued simply because of our gender. We also know the price of giving up those privileges to be who we are, and experience this unfairness in a way that can bring great insight to other women – if we’re given the chance.

At the same time, the harmful policing of gender expression is an experience both trans and cis women share. Just as cis women have historically sought women’s colleges to be able to express themselves without default assumptions about how women should behave, trans women also have a history of feeling burdened by the expectations of a male gender many of us are fundamentally alienated from. Thus, trans women have great potential not just to provide insight into male privilege in a women’s college setting, but also the ways in which default gender expectations themselves – whether male or female – can be limiting at best and severely destructive at worst.”

Fascinating how thaat male privilege that apparently females need to be taught about (cause there is NO WAY WE WOULD KNOW WHAT THAT IS) is never linked to what causes the need for women’s colleges or women’s oppression.

WHAT FUCKING INSIGHT can that possibly provide?!  Motherfucker, we’ve known all this shit for our entire fucking lives!  We have lived every moment working our ways around these inequalities!  That’s why the damn colleges were opened in the fucking FIRST PLACE.  You are the ones who have no idea what it might be to live without that!  

This person also talks about this as though male privilege is not directly related to female oppression.  Here, male privilege is only discussed as a tool to educate the poor, widdle, unknowing girls.  That we should make sure to use female-only spaces to learn about male privilege.  That’s what trans women have to offer women’s colleges and we should be gagging for it.

You know what is not mentioned?  That male privilege causes female oppression.  Not a part of the conversation.  Our oppression is literally scripted out, and male privilege is now a valuable conversation to focus our time on.  Not how male privilege staunches our freedom, but that male privilege is a teaching tool for what we never had.

This is truly becoming so unbelievable.