smell my breath


I love how Yuuri has basically promised Victor that he won’t eat katsudon unless he wins a competition. Did he win in Moscow? Nope.

But the second he gets a taste of it, he’s like…

“OM NOM NOM you know I probably shouldn’t eat this since I came in 4th place but OM NOM NOM it’s my effing birthday and GOMMM GOM NOM yurio’s grandpa made this and NOM NOM UNNFFF OMM victor’s not here anyway so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”


“Can’t let Victor smell the katsudon on my breath.”

So this is how my day went today...
  • Me: *completely minding my own business sitting in a corner*
  • Man: “You don’t look like you need a service dog.”
  • Me: “She’s a medical alert dog.”
  • Man: “What is that?”
  • Me: “I have a medical condition that she alerts to.”
  • Man: “How does she do that?”
  • Me: “She can smell it on my breath before I have an episode. When she does, she tells me.”
  • Man: “But you don’t look sick. Do you really need her?”
  • Me: “Um, yes… I do.” *starts to panic as I’m alone and this man is creepy*
  • Man: “What is your medical condition?”
  • Me: *shaking and completely pissed off now* “Uh, that’s kinda private… ”
  • Man: “So clearly you don’t need her then.” *walks away*
The Unquiet Grave
Penny Dreadful
The Unquiet Grave

My breast it is as cold as clay,
My breath smells earthly strong;
And if you kiss my cold clay lips,
Your days they won’t be long,
Your days they won’t be long.

O down in yonder grave, sweetheart,
Where you and I would walk,
The first flower that ever I saw
Is withered to a stalk,
Is withered to a stalk.

The stalk is witherd and dry, sweetheart,
And the flower will never return;
And since I lost my own sweetheart,
What can I do but mourn?
What can I do but mourn?

When shall we meet again, sweetheart?
When shall we meet again?
When the oaken leaves that fall from the trees
Are green and spring up again,
Are green and spring up again”

                            “When Lucifer fall, it doesn’t fall alone”

The sign’s thoughts during their first kiss

((This post works best if you look at your Venus and Mars signs along with your regular one!!))

Aries: *aggressively tries to wiggle their mouths in whatever way will please their partner most*

Taurus: I wonder if I can figure out what they ate for lunch today by the taste of their mouth.

Gemini: okay but what am I supposed to talk about when this is over???

Cancer: so when’s the wedding

Leo: I’m so good at this :)

Virgo: this will be really embarrassing if my breath smells bad.

Libra: honestly why do our mouths have to make such obnoxious noises

Scorpio: is this when I put in my tongue or

Sagittarius: wowee wow wow I’m so glad I can show this person I love them in this way 

Capricorn: tbh this is a lot more boring than I thought it would be

Aquarius: wait are my eyes supposed to be closed too???

Pisces: how are they feeling about this am i doing a good job mother of god what if i hurt them waht if i bite off their tongue on accident w h a t i f

Seventeen reacting to kissing you for a dare

Request:  Could you do the rest of the members reaction to kissing you for a dare?

So in addiction to this post: Vernon, S.Coups, Woozi and Dino reacting to kissing you for a dare 

Jeonghan: Would be very happy about it all, On the outside he’s all like ‘hehe how funny I’ll do this” and on the inside he’s pretty much the same just a little more excited

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Joshua: He would be pretty concerned if you would even like kissing him, filled with worries like ‘what if it’s their first kiss?’ ‘WHat if My BreAth SmELLs?’ He’ll seem like the awkward blub that he is I had to with the gif he looks pretty nervous just ignore jeonghan or dont ;j

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is it bad that i paid 500 rupees to put links hair in a bun

because i did and am willing to do it again

The Unquiet Grave
Helen McCrory (Madame Kali)
The Unquiet Grave

From Penny Dreadful trailer season 2

My breast it is as cold as clay,
my breath smells earthly strong
and if you kiss my cold clay lips
your days they won’t be long.

O down in yonder grave, sweetheart,
where you and I would walk!
The first flower that ever I saw
is withered to a stalk.

When will we meet again, sweetheart?
When will we meet again?
When the oaken leaves that fall from trees
are green and spring up again.

to everything, there is a cold edge
and it’s metallic on my tongue
my breath smells of unspent blood
my lungs of battle cries
my memory of violence

i close my eyes and dream of fire
but she swears it’s something else
she calls it passion
as her lips trace scars the world can’t see
she calls it regret
as tears catch and turn into stars in her hair

i want to be all she says
an embodiment of goodness
a hero, a bleeding heart, hers
anything to taste lilacs instead of blood
her voice instead of battle
i want to remember only her arms, not the violence

but i am afraid
for i know i cannot trust myself, bloodied as i am
one day i will disappoint her
one day she will open her eyes and see war instead of peace
it’s inevitable
and so close i can taste it’s cold metallic edge

she pulls me close and smiles and i memorize her
because one day, sooner than i’d like, what i memorize now will be all i have left of her
so i better start now

—  memories of lilacs, a.d.
BTS Taking Care of You When You’re Sick


You woke up from your sleep groggy, grumpy, and more than a little exhausted. Feeling as if somebody had slammed your head with a hammer, you desperately tried to sit up amidst your mountain of pillows and covers. Immediately, seemingly out of nowhere, you felt Seokjin’s strong hands on you: the small of your back, the crown of your head. He arranged your pillows so that you could comfortably sit up, and then placed his bowl of homemade seaweed soup onto your nightstand. Seokjin sat down next to your bed, grabbed his utensil, and lifted a spoonful of the broth to your mouth.

“No, Jin! I look like a trash bag and my breath smells so bad–”

“You look beautiful, and I don’t care. Open up… Ah, that’s a good girl.” 


Sweaty was an understatement as to how gross you felt. Your hair wouldn’t stop sticking to your face, your feet were cold whilst your head felt hot, and you found yourself snuggled under thousands of blankets with the air conditioning on full blast. Feeling like the north and south poles were raging a war on you, you didn’t notice Yoongi gently shaking you awake. With a small cloth, he wiped the sweat beading upon your temples, whispering softly in your ear as to not startle you. He patted your back comfortingly, hand rubbing circles into your waist, massaging you.

“Wake up, baby.”


“Come on, princess. I’ve got a bath waiting for you–how does that sound, hm? Do you want to take a bath?”

“…Will you be there?”

“Of course, baby. Come on, up you go–’atta girl.”


You’d been passed out for two days straight, and Hoseok was beginning to seriously worry. Though you’d been sick before, you had always been able to bounce back quickly. Wringing out a cloth with ice water, Hoseok quietly walked back to your room. He folded the cloth into a neat rectangle, and smoothing away some of your stray hair, he gently placed it onto your forehead. You twitched and hissed slightly in your sleep from the cold, and Hoseok felt his heart ache. Sitting down next to you, he curled his hand around yours, still remembering how you had tried to get out of bed yesterday, half delirious.

“Baby, seriously! You can’t go to class, okay? You’re sick!”

“I’m not sick, Hoseok! I need to get to rehearsals… I need to… I need to–”

“God no, please, honey! Just rest! Can you rest? Please? For me?”

Rap Monster

It was like the minute you were sick, Namjoon knew all of the ins and out of your symptoms. Whether it be cramps to fevers to vomiting, he would always take you to the doctor immediately, even if your prescription was the usual “go home and rest”. He spent his time taking care of you, never letting the thought of you leave his mind, even when he was focusing on work and his new compositions. In fact, he almost grew obsessive, constantly checking up on you. But you couldn’t blame him–after all, what would you do without that smile? What would you with those supportive words? He saw to it that you took your medication promptly, and even tucked you into bed at night. What more could you want in a boyfriend?

“So the doctor said to take three pills after each meal, and then another three right before bed, okay?”

“The doctor just said ‘go home and rest’, Namjoon.”

“No, that’s not your doctor. I am.”


There was nobody more perfect to take care of you than Park Jimin, you were sure of it. From the minute you had started vomiting, he never once thought you to be disgusting or gross. Though you constantly denied your so-called “beauty”, Jimin showered you in a ridiculous amount of love. The two of you had officially moved into the living room, where Jimin created the best fort of pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets just for you. He lit your favorite candles and played your favorite shows, never letting you for a second do anything for yourself. Ask and you would receive, that’s what he kept saying. And ask and receive, you did.

“I just want you to stay here with me forever and give me kisses and cuddles. Is that too much to ask?”

“Oh baby, you know I’ll give you all of that, and so much more.” 


You had never been sick in your time dating Taehyung, and you found yourself extremely humiliated. Most of the time, you were strong and sarcastic and the epitome of the female warrior, and here you were, curled up on the bed, defeated by the most stupid of things: cramps. Cursing your stupid menstrual cycle, you wanted to throw something at the wall–that is, if you could leave your fetal position for more than a minute. Taehyung couldn’t understand why you refused to see him, even going so far as shutting the door in his face. You were embarrassed, okay? It was stupid, you knew, but you couldn’t help it. But then you saw Taehyung at the foot of your bed, and before you could process it, he had thrown the covers back and sidled himself next to you.

“Tae, what are you doing?!”

“Sleeping with you.”

“Oh my god, please, just go away–”

“That’s not going to work on me.”

“Tae, there is blood coming out of my vagina. I don’t think that–”

“You think some blood is going to scare me? I don’t care about your period, you know. You’re still my girlfriend, and I’m going to stay here and take care of you whether you like it or not.”


Crutches. You blew some of your hair out of your face and cursed the heavens. Crutches–you hated crutches. Of course, of course you had to break your leg right before tryouts. It frustrated you, not being able to do a single goddamn thing without having your armpits hurt. Thank the lord for you sweet, dorky ass boyfriend. Jungkook constantly cheered you up, especially on days when your injury truly hit you hard–you couldn’t go to tryouts. You would not be on the team for this season. And yet every time you began to cry, tears and snot running down your face, Jungkook made you smile and giggle like an idiot. He swept you off of your feet (or should you say, foot?) and twirled you around. Pecking you on the lips, he comforted you shamelessly despite the pink blush filling his cheeks.

“Don’t cry, okay? I’m here. And there are always tryouts next year, aren’t there? So don’t be sad. You’ll be better in no time at all. I believe in you.”

bc i’m sick af rn :(


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