smell like the grid

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for the headcanon meme: jason todd

my baby

What they smell like: When he was Robin, he smelt like Bruce and Alfred. He stole into Bruce’s bathroom to use his shampoo and Alfred was always willing to share a small dab of his cologne. It was his favorite scents in the world and made him feel like quite the grownup, as well as safe and at home. Nowadays, he has no time for cologne. He smells like gunpowder and smoke and cigarettes, engine oil and grease and the city air. He uses generic shampoos and soaps, cheap stuff to stay off grid, but indulges in quality aftershave. He smells like leather and beer no matter what he’s wearing.

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): He’s a stomach sleeper. Always has been, probably always will be. It’s his body’s subconscious way of forever keeping his internal organs safe. No real schedule. Usually he’s out all night roping baddies. In his line of work though, it’s not a stretch for missions to last days. Luckily he can also sleep a whole day away (and has… a lot).

What music they enjoy: Rock ‘n Roll. Old stuff to the new stuff; alternative to techno to screamo. Though he has a soft spot for Jazz because it makes him think of Alfred and enjoys some soothing saxophone every once in a while.

How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Practically none on himself. Rolls out of bed, showers, brushes his teeth, shaves. The biggest expanse of time he takes is loading up on weapons and various other toys for whatever mission is next.

Their favorite thing to collect: Bullet casings, the older the better. Also, he has a thing for hubcaps and bottles, has since he was a kid. He has a tendency to pick up knives from various bodies as well, though he usually sells these for some quick pocket money (unless they look awesome, because then he keeps them… or gives them to Roy or Damian, if he feels in a generous mood or in the need of distraction, since it’s frankly hilarious trying to see those two guess just who he pulled them off of).

Left or right-handed: He used to be a dominant right, until Bruce exploded a gun in that hand, breaking most of the fingers and frying some nerve endings (see Under the Red Hood). Now he’s a lefty for most things, though completely ambidextrous and utterly dangerous with either hand. He’s gotten to the point where he’s so fluid that’s its almost difficult to tell that he used to favor a side over the other. If asked, he’d probably say he was a dominant left, especially since he still gets pains through the right sometimes. The left is more dependable.

Religion (if any): None now, not in his line of work, not after what happened to him. He’s still very much aware of the spiritual side of things, however, and it’s not a rare thing to find him lounging across a church pew, enjoying the peace and quiet as he waits for the baddies to show and the fight to begin.

Favorite sport: Hockey and American football. Also enjoys bare-fist boxing and MMA fights - the illegal and underground versions, of course.

Favorite touristy thing they do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): He likes to find the tallest buildings with the best views and parkour up those like a crazy person, because the selfies he sends from the very top to his weird friends and even weirder family always have the best reactions. On calm days, he also likes to hit up the local cuisine, and has a serious (but very sweet) weakness for pastry shops. The first buildings he maps out outside of his missions are always orphanages and children’s hospitals, and he spends a few minutes taking in the architecture of the buildings before moving on, so he knows how structurally sound they are and where they’re located. Collateral damage is a given, but places for children from the same neck of the woods as him are off limits as far as he’s concerned.

Favorite kind of weather: Overcast with a slight breeze for daytime, bright moon and clear skies for nighttime.

A weird/obscure fear they have: Always falling short, never being good enough. That no matter what he does, he will never achieve anything. That he will always be a disappointment and a failure, not only to those he cares about, but to himself as well.

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Fish Bowl Toss at the carnivals, where the fish travel down an assembly line and you have to get a ping pong ball into the cups to win one. He has yet to miss and is the absolute favorite of to bring along whenever the carnival is in town because he can make the most incredible tosses. He always wins you the fish you want… for a beer or a burger, anyway, on you.