smell before the rain

The Signs as Rain
  • Gemini: Sudden storm that wasn't on the forecast.
  • Cancer: A soft drizzle that you don't need an umbrella for.
  • Leo: Really loud rain that you can hear even when the windows are shut.
  • Virgo: Not even "rain" more like mist.
  • Libra: The first few drops before a HUGE storm
  • Sagittarius: Really cold rain on a hot day.
  • Capricorn: The extra rain drops the day after a storm that balance on leaves and fall when the wind blows.
  • Aquarius: A loud thunderstorm with lots of lightning and harsh wind.
  • Pisces: The smell before it actually starts raining.
  • Aries: Rain when the wind blows it sideways and you still get wet even though you have an umbrella.
  • Taurus: A storm that lasts for days on end.

concept: it is nighttime in New York City. the bustling sounds of the busy city can be heard nearly a mile away. my window is open, a softened breeze flowing in and the aroma of the air smells like the rain that had occurred nearly an hour before. refreshing and clean. I can hear car horns and small dogs sounding their high pitched barks. my record player is in a secluded corner of my room, a billie holiday vinyl playing on repeat. from my place on the bed, I can see the various colors reflected off the high buildings. I am content.

Dancing In The Rain

“Come on, Joe. Let’s just walk home.” Y/N sighs, puling her shoulders up against her ears in an attempt to block the chill. Her eyes lifted to the sky, taking in the black clouds that swirled above them. Rain was coming, she could smell it. So she wanted to just get home, preferably before the rain fell and she got soaked.

But Joe had insisted on stopping at some shops, and now was trying to get a car, but no one was in the area.

“Five more minutes, love.” He responded, his own eyes locked on his screen. She rolled her eyes at his stubbornness; it wasn’t like it would be that long of a walk, Joe was just being lazy. And really, if they had started walking back when Y/N had first suggested it, they would have practically been home by now. But no, he just had to get a car.

This was just one of the many things that had been frustrating her today. Joe was just being so stubborn and set in his way throughout the day, and she was fed up with it. It seemed that everything they did had to be his way, with no consideration of how she was feeling or what she wanted to do. Which led to her being stuck standing outside in the deserted streets, being further ignored by her boyfriend all because he didn’t want to walk.

“This is stupid. We could have been home by now.” Y/N didn’t try to hide her frustration, and apparently Joe finally realized it because he lifted his eyes from the screen to look at her.

“It’s a long walk. I was trying to save us the trip.”

“And yet we’re still standing here. I’m tired, cold, and it’s going to rain. So can you stop being so annoying and just walk home with me already?”

He raised an eyebrow at her, shoving his phone into his coat pocket.

“I’m being annoying, am I?” There was a teasing glint in his eye, and while normally it would lead to Joe making her laugh, Y/N was honestly just tired and didn’t feel like dealing with it.

Sighing, she shook her head and turned, deciding that she was going to just walk home, with or without him.

“Yes. You are.” She called over her shoulder. “Have fun being annoying alone.”

“Come on, love!” Joe’s voice and footsteps followed her, and he soon appeared in her side vision, keeping up with her. “Lighten up! We had the whole day to ourselves. Smile.”

“I’ll smile when I’m home.” She huffed, shooting him a small glare as he smiled over at her.

He had a tendency to do this, act all cheery when she was trying to be mad at him. It usually worked in his favour, and Y/N never managed to stay mad at him for long when he was like this, and she was almost willing to forgive him, until the first rain drop hit the tip of her nose.

“Oh no…” Joe mumbled, lifting his head to the sky just as it opened up and rain began to pour down on them.

Y/N stopped in her tracks, mouth falling open at the sudden cold.

“Are you kidding me?!” She yelled up at the sky, glaring at the dark clouds. In response, the rain decided to come down just that much harder. Her glare turned back to Joe as he started laughing.

He had his arms wrapped around his waist, and his head was thrown back in a full on laugh.

“What is so bloody funny?” She snapped, crossing her arms.

“You got told off by the rain!” He grinned at her, his hand reaching out to take hers, uncrossing her arms as he pulled her close. He laced their fingers together, his other hand moving around her waist as he began to move their bodies.

They were dancing. In the rain.

“Joe. What are you doing.” Y/N didn’t try to pull away, and she could feel a small smile starting to form on her lips.

“Dancing. With you.”


“Because it’s raining, and there’s no car, and you were mad at me.”

“Only because you were being an ass.”

“Well, I’m making it up to you by dancing now.” Joe replied before he spun her around, and a small giggle escaped past her lips. She couldn’t help it, the whole situation was completely ridiculous. But then again, most times were with Joe. It was one of the many reasons Y/N loved him.

“Much better.” He smiled softly at her as he pulled her in close again. “You are much better smiling and laughing.” Their foreheads touched, and their dance turned into a simple sway. “Sorry for being an ass.”

“I think I forgive you.”

“Only think?”

“We are standing in the rain, Joe.”

“Ah, but that means I can do this, Y/N.” He closes the short distance between them, their lips warm against each other despite the cold rain still falling on their soaked bodies.

Y/N smiles into the kiss, her arms moving around his neck. She had always wanted to kiss someone in the rain.

Meet Your Local Witch ♡
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Name | Náyade
Nickname  | Naya, Pon, Nii, Niimu, and many more. I go by many names lol
Zodiac sign | Cancer
Height | 5'2′’ ._.
Orientation | Pansexual
Nationality | Puertorriqueña
Favorite fruit |  Strawberry and Orange!
Favorite season | Fall, definitely
Favorite book | Too many to choose from D:
Favorite flower | HY-DRAN-GE-AS
Favorite scent | Rain! And the smell of snow before it starts snowing
Favorite color | Practically every color
Favorite animal | Raccoons
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | All three! More partial to coffee though
Average sleep hours | 5-9
Cat or dog person | Dogsdogsdogs, cats are cool but I’m too allergic to them
Favorite fictional character | Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls
Number of blankets you sleep with | 1 no matter how warm or cold it is
Dream trip | Road trips!
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Do You Ever Really Crash

I wrote a Dear Evan Hansen fic! Yay! Just Evan’s thought process and actions before/after The Tree Incident.

On AO3
Words: 1,237
Warnings: Suicide attempt, depression, all that fun stuff™

It was an absolutely beautiful day. The afternoon sun hung high in space, the air was warm and dry, and the forest smelled pleasantly of dirt from rain the day before. And it should have been quiet, too. Sitting at the base of an tree, Evan put his head between his knees and tried, once again, to slow his breathing. He had left his house for the woods while dew was still on the grass, hoping that being amongst the trees would make him feel better, but no such luck. Nothing could help him. He had been feeling progressively worse since school let out in mid June, and well, it was late August now.

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Name: Britt 
Nicknames: Brittie Lou Who, Bubble, B, Stellina 

Sign: Aries
Height: 5′2″-5′3″
Orientation: asexual
Ethnicity: German/Scottish/Cherokee
Favourite Fruit: Grapefruit
Favourite season: Winter
Favourite Book: Currently tied between The Setting Sun and No Longer Human, both by Osamu Dazai
Favourite Flower: Love Lies Bleeding
Favourite scent: That smell right before it rains
Average Sleep Hours: 4 ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ 
Cat or Dog person: Absolutely love both, although I’m also allergic to both too.  (Poodles are the exception though!!!  I’m adopting one soon!!!  So excited!!!)
Favourite Fictional Character: I really really love Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, and Oshima from Kafka on the Shore, by Haruki Murakami.
Number of Blankets you sleep with: 2
Ideal Trip: I’d kill to go to Japan with my grandfather.  He grew up there, but hasn’t been back since his college days.  One of my first memories is of sitting on the stairs with him at 5am as he told me about living there.  
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