smell beautiful

I am sitting at my desk in my sun room (I have posted too many photos of it hehe), and it is still cool outside today after a warm and sunny day…the sun is setting, and the most beautiful breeze is coming in through my window that I am actually sitting here in tears because it is magic. pure magic. the air is so fresh and light and smells incredible and beautiful. and it makes me think of life in the most beautiful way and…I can’t even begin to articulate it but this is what a spiritual moment is like, like this is where I feel God and know He is here and I understand that we are in the moment we are in because we are meant to be there

The bottom floor of my house smells so beautiful like vanilla and roses but at some pt climbing the stairs there’s a rly strong “well smells like some decadent loser has been chain smoking in bed up here”

The movie kinda zooms through the whole part after Beast transforms and everyone’s just sorta like YAAAY but c’mon, that’s gotta be a huge shock to the system.  On his part, BOOM, human again after beastin’ it for like a decade, and meanwhile, five minutes ago Belle just watched him die.  I mean holy shit.

So bottom line I think maybe they’d just wanna hug it out for a few hours minutes.

When you arrive after a long flight and inhale the smell of a new country a smile creeps upon you. It’s unknown and it’s beautiful. It’s an adventure and a new vibe. A new way of looking.
—  Annedi Bergsma (The smell, culture and vibe of a different country is so stunningly beautiful)