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not sure if this has been submitted already, but for folks w bad reactions to synthetic smells (like sprays or perfume or deodorant or cheap smelly soap/shampoo especially, etc) or any smells rly you can put coffee beans in a plastic bag or smth to open up and smell or sew them into a little cloth thing to keep w you, theyre basically a super palate cleanser for ur nose and are the only way i can be around problem smells like that w/out getting a migraine before i can get away from it

the signs as smells

aries- the smell of sunscreen

taurus- the smell of a blown out match

gemini- the smell of spring flowers

cancer- the smell of the heater turning on during winter

leo- the smell of a cake in the oven

virgo- the smell of old books

libra- the smell of fall 

scorpio- the smell of wet pavement

sagittarius- the smell of christmas morning

capricorn- the smell of a bakery

aquarius- the smell of rain

pisces- the smell of cedar wood

The Signs and Smells

Aries: Petrichor; lilies; gingerbread cookies

Taurus: Cherry cigars; turkey; vanilla and chapstick

Gemini: The beach; plastic; shampooed hair; american apparel pants

Cancer: minty gum; water; grapefruit; new shoes; cucumbers

Leo: ink in a brand new journal; liquid makeup; cinnamon

Virgo: campfires; creaky summer beach houses; seashells

Libra: Cologne; high end stores; sweat and pheromones 

Scorpio: Musk; wood; freshly washed sheets

Sagittarius: Sea salt; leather; an airplane corridor 

Capricorn: The moments before a storm; wood; honey and cinnamon

Aquarius: Grapes!! ; bubble bath; school

Pisces: lavender; poptarts; breezy nights 

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im a smell person and things i do to get nice smell: theres solid perfume, which you wipe on with yr finger usually, and i put that under my nose, but its p strong. i also mix less-strong smell with petroleum or scentless chapstick and put that under my nose. i also apply nice-smelling chapstick Non Stop. burts bees honey chapstick is my fave

Scientists claim they’ve found a way to bottle a person’s scent.

After watching her mother keep a pillowcase to remind her of her late husband’s smell, 52-year-old businesswoman Katia Apalategui decided to try reproducing the practice using perfume. Now, following years of trial and error, Apalategui and researchers at Université du Havre in France think they’ve come up with a way to bottle unique human scent, paving the way for individuals to preserve the powerful smells of their loved ones. At a cost, of course.

Snow White was requested to be the focal point of this print from Laura Wojtalik. The story behind this quote is fantastic:

My daughter Jacqueline said this when she was 3. I was kissing her one early morning and whispering to her how beautiful she was. That she was mommy’s beautiful little girl. I thought she was sound asleep and stealing this precious moment for myself. When all of a sudden she raises her arm up next to her head on her pillow and says this without opening her eyes or moving her head - “Smell my armpit, my armpit is Beautiful”

Veterinary Hygiene

Ah, veterinary medicine will provide you with ample opportunity for hands on experience, and the associated smells on your hands. To get straight to the point, here are some of my tips to keep those smells from permeating your every waking minute.

  • Wash in cool water first. Hot water will open your pores and allow some scent molecules to be trapped with you. Wash in cool water, then when you have the bulk of the ‘substance’ removed, wash in comfortably warm water.
  • As I’ve mentioned before, citrus like lemon work really well for removing cadaverine, or the smell of death. Lemon scented things work well, and remember to wash hair if the scent is lingering with you. Gentlemen, this includes arm hair.
  • Those nifty little refresher towels from KFC are great on hot days between livestock calls, particularly for your face. You will get all sorts of ‘mud’ splatter on your face. 
  • Yeast ridden dogs have the most clingy, permeating odor. You can actually smell a bad ear infection as it walks in through the door. Washing your hands with malasseb shampoo, even if you don’t have time to let it soak, goes a long way towards stripping through that smell where normal soaps wont.
  • Itchy dogs with prickly skin, like shar peis and SBTs sometimes make me come up in a rash. Washing with chorhexidine is actually soothing for me, and if that’s not enough neocort works wonders.
  • Double glove for enemas. Use one pair of gloves that is larger than the others. You will often get splash into the larger pair.
  • On a related topic, learn to perform your rectal exams with your non dominant hand. Whichever hand you usually use to bring your lunch to your face, learn rectal exams with your other hand.  
  • Check your elbows. Its surprising how much stuff ends up on your elbows.