Kiss. <3 Trying to do more with my film “video” camera, the Lomokino. It shoots 35mm film, sort of like a Super 8. This video is a bit dark (I knew this would be the case, but there wasn’t much I could do with the timing and sunset), and I left all of the dust marks and such in. It gives it a vintage feel, right? Um…sure.

I can’t wait to do some more with my camera! I treated myself to it as a Birthday gift last year. I don’t really treat myself often, so I need to keep experimenting with it! Have any ideas for short films?

Day 24/365. January 24, 2013 - Working hard from home, then taking a break to pick up library books & drop off film…AND…order my Instax! Driving over my favorite bridge (and snapping this photo by sticking my camera out of my sunroof while going over it). It’s also my last day of financial class (to get ready to buy a home), so dreaming of a home is becoming more real! Everett fell asleep on the couch, so perfect. I sneaked a kiss in. He didn’t notice. :P

Camera: Olympus XA4

Film: Lomography Chrome 100 (cross processed)


Song of the day: The Little Things by Carlos Bertonatti.

This is definitely a theme song for my blog. I’m glad I found it, it makes me happy. :)

“If life has taught me anything, it’s all about the little things.”

Friends, THIS home. This one will hopefully be MY home! The sellers just signed my offer, meaning that we are in contract and it is on the way to becoming my new home!

Now, we are still walking on eggshells because the house is now a short sale, meaning that there are a number of things that can still happen…but I am holding out hope that this will work!

I am IN LOVE. You have no idea. I am not thinking about the possibility of it not going through because, well, I’d be heartbroken.

So friends, please think VERY good thoughts for me. I need them. Cross your fingers, pray, send me good vibes - all of the above. All of it. I NEED THIS.

You’re the best, thanks for your love and support!

Day 6/365. 1/6/13 - I got new batteries in my Polaroid Land 100 camera, and took my first photo after converting the battery compartment! I haven’t taken a photo with this camera in months, so it was exciting. I walked out of the shower to this moment. It made my heart melt. Also, I hit a benchmark today - I ran the farthest I have ever ran! 8 miles! It was rough, but I am so proud of myself. Each week from here on out will be a new benchmark. It’s kind of odd to think about breaking goals so often. But I am excited to do it. I broke my goal in the freezing cold, but wrapped up in my brand new running shoes and gear. Feels good.

Camera: Polaroid Land 100

Film: Fujifilm FP-3000B

Our cat is food obsessed. But I think the cat is getting confused by the darker days. She starts begging for food at 1PM instead of 3PM. But dinner isn’t until 5. After all these years, she still doesn’t get it…