10 Norwegian idioms - Part 1

Idiom (literal translation)
Equivalent English idiom

Å ta seg vann over hodet (lit. To take water over one’s head)
To bite off more than one can chew
To try to do too much at the same time

Å være i fyr og flamme (lit. To be in fire and flame)
To be very enthusiastic

Å hoppe etter Wirkola (lit. to jump after Wirkola)
To embark on a task which someone before you has done remarkably well.

Å gå på limpinnen (lit. To go on the gluestick)
To swallow the bait
To be deceived or tricked

Å bite på kroken (lit. To bite on the hook)
To take the bait
To be deceived or tricked

Å være ute å kjøre (lit. To be out to drive)
To be in for it
To be in trouble

Å slå to fluer i én smekk (lit. To hit two flies in one smack)
To kill two birds with one stone
To solve two problems with one action

Å krype til korset (lit. to crawl to the cross)
To eat humble pie
To admit that you were wrong

Å ta bena/beina på nakken (lit. To take one’s legs to the back of the neck)
To take to one’s heels
To run very fast (often in relation to fleeing something)

Å sette griller i hodet på noen (lit. To put ideas into somebody’s head)
To put ideas into somebody’s head
To give someone an idea that they can’t stop thinking about