The thing no one has been waiting for: The MarsCorp - Bunker crossover!

(Ideas provided by me and @smegandtheheads)

  • Colin jumps through his portal and lands in post apocalyptic London
  • He’s kinda bored by the seemingly abandoned world, until he hears a radio signal, and decides to drop in
  • Colin talks to David like he used to talk to “his” David, only to get some very different results [CONFIRMED]
  • After that short setback, he still introduces himself and does a story segment or an edutainment segment about physics
  • Slowly gets comfortable and is his own chirpy self 
  • He tells amazing stories about his adventures  
  • Tom hangs on his lips, fascinated by stories of alien worlds that are not destroyed
  • David slowly but surely loses patience with him, as he can see the effect he has on Tom 
  • Naturally, Colin then focuses his attention on Dave, he’s pretty and easily manipulated, and who wouldn’t want Dave as a travel companion?
  • That leads to even more minus points from David 
  • Colin finally decides to move on and offers a ride to anyone who wants to come
  • Canon-typical discussion about the merit of adventures vs the safety of the bunker 
  • Tom is of course deciding to leave (like always)
  • But David (who eats guys like this for breakfast) kicks Colin OUT. ON. HIS. ASS. protecting his boys from him and delivering some transdimensional justice

smegandtheheads  asked:

Next year I'm sharing a house with two asexuals. Are there any safety tips I should be aware of for having them in such close proximity? Will there need to be an introduction period, as with cats?

the introduction period is actually two milliseconds during which the asexuals will induce a massive explosion and supercollide into each other to ensure that their friendship is immediate and secure.

after that it’s pretty much normal roommate type business

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tell us your top five scifi/fantasy tropes :>

  • groups of people that get stuck together on some long space mission or cross-kingdom trek etc. etc. and by the end of it theyre a family (but theyve also established a complex social structure along the way that gets explored in-depth)
  • hey, so that thing you were trying to stop from happening?? yeah, the actions you took to prevent it actually caused the thing to happen because time travel/self-fulfilling prophecy/youre cursed to fuck up literally everything. wow. embarrassing.
  • The Chosen One
  • ‘oh no, youre transforming into some feral beast!! ’ fuck you, i love my new terrible monster body
  • reincarnation/repeating pantheons of pseudo-deities like oh my gosh yes please. give me horrible cyclical mythologies that no one can escape. give me creatures that just want to Have Fun but turns out theyve been playing the ancient celestial game all along, oops, theres actually several civilizations that have factored you into their creation myths?? sorry, your ~genes have aligned~ in just the right way so now you have to reenact the tragedies of your ancestors. 10/10.

Alastair Campbell request 2 of 2, done (with some bonus Mandy, whose grumpy face I can never quite capture on paper)! Never underestimate the importance of neckties to a good PR campaign.

I am gradually finishing all of the sketch requests from the end of December–I’m just doing it very, verrrrry slowly. Hold tight everyone, I promise I will get to you all.

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4 & 26? :]

4. OH MAN. I love my enthusiasm and interest in things, I love how much I enjoy cheering people up, I love my artistic abilities, I love my ability to care about people. Basically I love when I’m able to be a positive and good person. (And I’m refusing to be modest, because loving myself makes me a happier person.)

26. Do humans matter? I mean, in what way? Everything matters and nothing matters. It’s a pointless and far too vague question for me, not to mention entirely subjective. Humans matter for other humans, that’s what’s important to me. And what we do to the world and the creatures around us matters because it matters to other people.

I type a reply, I hit “create post”, and - ta-daa, it shows me a preview. A fucking preview. This time I noticed it and didn’t lose the post, but that doesn’t answer the many questions I have.


Is it some sort of conspiracy?

Is it because I use Missing E?