#smeezy #flagseries #flag He walked like one who owned another decade–an earlier one, when black men were celebrated for the hop they strutted with in their hips. The rope around his neck brushed against the American flag as if they were old bed fellows, rattling out the beats of the forgotten 80’s on his chest. I interrupted his beboping to ask him how he felt about the t-shirt that he was wearing.
“My home girl bought the shirt for me.I don’t even know where they sell these. If you come to my house you would see something different. It’s fashion for me plain and simple. I know the flag is not for us, not for me anyway.” (at Magic Soul Food)


Rest In Paradise Matthew Smyser 

Hey. Meet Chris Smith Jr. Better known as Smeezy. I became introduced to him while living in St. Louis….actually, first recognizing him as a good ass rapper, and then soon came to also realize him as a cold-blooded producer. The domino effect. Always cool when you keep rollin’ and get to see all that someone is about. What’s even better is that the enjoyment carries on. I get to ride to Smeezy’s “wave” all up on his Soundcloud thang.

Enjoy it yourself here.

- J.

anonymous asked:

Dear person I like


HAHA. I don’t really like this guy anymore but I guess I should just:

So we’ve been through a lot, I guess. 3 years of ups and downs. Never cared to be more than friends. I’m sorry for last year, I didn’t realize that you actually wanted to be more than that. But hey, I guess you got your revenge now, ‘cause this year you’re doing the same to me. But at least I tried. I tried getting your attention, tried showing how I really feel. Even when you ditched that one time to go talk to her. Even when we didn’t talk for 3 months ‘cause me and the guys were just being assholes towards you. Even when you bragged how you met all these girls on your little trip. I still tried. I still had a thing for you. You made me laugh with all your genuinely shitty jokes.

But hey you turned into an attention whore damn it. And I liked you so much.