smeargle breeding


wanted to do the pokemon variations thing!

i think these actually came out p bland to be honest

Purebred Eevee are spontaneous and great for pokemon trainers looking to evolve an Eevee. For those who want a more predictable Eevee, the variations are for Eevee enthusiasts looking for a lifetime buddy who won’t be evolved.

Smeargle and Eevee breeding can produce an an Eevee with a knack for the arts called an Artistry breed. Despite two excitable and personal pokemon being bred together, neither of their attitudes show in the offspring, who is very art-critical and prefers quiet company. It’s not odd to see one of these ‘Artistry’ breeds at galleries and film festivals. To get an Artistry Eevee to appreciate your piece is thought to be impossible, but one who latches onto your work will refuse to leave it’s view. A piece that one of these Eevees hates will get defaced with the ink from it’s tail.

Tauros and Eevee create what is often called a Worker breed. Tauros eevee do not get along well with other pokemon, and can be extremely territorial and hard to tame. Because they won’t take commands very well, they’re not as great for battling as one would think, but they’re great at herding Mareep or other pokemon on farms. Much like a sheepdog, Tauros bred Eevee’s are loyal and willing to be lifelong partners if a strong bond is made.

Meowth and Eevee create this Companion breed Eevee, These Eevee love to laze about and look cute, and are entered in Beauty competitions. The fur patterning on these Eevee’s can be random, making for many unique coats and patterns. If left to their own devices/abandoned by owners, they can get into all kinds of Mischief, much to the disdain of other purebred Eevees, and to the delight of Persians and Meowths.

Furret and Eevee create this Spontaneous breed eevee. The amount of energy from the Furret is seen in this mix, and can be hard to handle.Spontaenous breeds will be energetic and excitable, followed by a solid hour of rest before waking and going off the wall again. These breeds are often kept in daycares, as they’re able to keep up with the energy of handfuls of children, and are sometimes given as service Pokemon to those who suffer from Narcolepsy to keep their attention and keep them from sleeping in dangerous places.

CC's Christmas Special Extravaganza Bojangle Jingle

Hey everyone, CC’s here! Ahhhh, what a wonderful holiday to have right before the winter hits us for an extra two or three months. A happy time to chat and spend time with the people you love and hopefully opening some presents and getting the things you always wanted from Saint Nick himself. Many videogames have realized its importance and made sure to remember the holiday in some way or another as well. Some games like Animal Crossing give you Jingle and a whole entire day and event to celebrate, while others have little references here and there. 

Pokemon has given us a few Pokemon that remind us of the Christmas cheer that only happens once a year. For those who watched the anime, we have Jynx… or Stantler, but the main one that comes to mind is this guy. 

And it’s just a belief of mine that most Pokemon, even this guy, can be great in competitive teams. ‘What?!’, I hear you say, 'Delibird, good?! Blasphemy! Delibird and Farfetch’d have been the laughing stock of Pokemon in the competitive scene for ages! They’re pushovers! They can’t be good!’ Well, there’s someone I’d like you to meet. 

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