3DS Homebrew Channel imminent ⊟

French coder Smealum is preparing to release a 3DS Homebrew Channel hack for 3DSes soon! Here’s why this project is awesome:

  • It works on the latest 3DS firmware, unlike previous hacks that require outdated versions from a year and a half ago
  • This will not load commercial or pirated 3DS ROMs, only homebrew applications and games (though it will be able to run emulators like this SNES one for 3DS)
  • It will support North American, European, and Japanese systems
  • While Smealum hasn’t implemented region unlocking yet, he says “playing games from other region[s] should almost definitely be possible” – I expect this will be with imported cartridges, not ROMs

Smealum has previously said that 3DS owners will not need to use a flashcard to get the exploit to work. Much thanks to @gemesisDev for the photo above and to Octopus for the extra info.

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Remember this? The guy who got those images is the same who few days ago ripped the alternate color models of Kalos legendaries: Smealum.
Now, since Diancie has been confirmed, I suppose he earned our trust.
Smealum likes to play with codes, but he never revealed anything about stats or whatever. So, the rumors about Megalatias Dragon/Fairy with Multiscale don’t come from him, and are only rumors.

Those Vivillons seem so cute, and I’d really like to get AZ’s Floette, with that black-n-red flower :3 MegaLati@s seems a bit too anonymous to me, but I really like Hoopa like Diancie. Not totally convinced about Volcanion, but maybe I just have to see it in my own game.

regionthree: 3DS-Region-Lock auf aktuellster Firmware umgehen

Smealum hatte schon lange angekündigt, dass er den 3DS-Region-Lock umgehen möchte, nun ist es ihm gelungen: Mithilfe des Gateway Exploits kann nun der 3DS-Region-Lock und Update-Warnungen umgegangen werden!


Regionthree funktioniert auf dem 3DS/3DS XL/2DS (nicht New 3DS!) mit der Firmware 9.0 – 9.4.

So führst du den Loader aus:

  1. Verschiebe die Launcher.dat auf deine SD-Karte
  2. Lege das Spiel ein, dass du spielen willst (regionthree umgeht sogar Update-Warnungen!)
  3. Starte den 3DS und starte die “Download-Spiel” Applikation
  4. Öffne das HOME-Menü (nicht Download-Spiel beenden!) und öffne den Internetbrowser
  5. Besuche  (vorher evtl. Cookies und Verlauf im 3DS-Browser löschen!)
  6. Warte etwas und das Spiel sollte starten

regionthree : 3DS region free game on latest firmware:

— smea (@smealum) January 17, 2015


Homebrew 3D Portal DS is out ⊟

Aperture Science, a homebrew project adapting Valve’s Portal series for the DS, is now available to download and play with its first public release. As you’ll see in the “test chamber” footage after the break, this is a totally different beast from StillAliveDS, that awesome 2D homebrew game based on the same series.

This new release comes from Lobo and Smealum – you’ll recognize the latter name from his work on the old but impressive Minecraft DS project. The team admits that Aperture Science is “very buggy and incomplete,” but this release should be “mostly playable” and include 14 stages, plus an on-board level editor.

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I have respect for mister Smealum mostly because he stated that he does not wish to share/release his work so as not to “ruin online.”

I’m kind of glad that he gave us a sneak peek at those three other supposed Event pokemon, and the two Megas that we didn’t know about.


Let the hacking begin. #3ds #smealum #ninjhax


What you can do with a hacked 3DS ⊟

You might have heard about someone uncovering Pokémon XY’s hidden legendaries lately, mostly finds from homebrew developer (Aperture Science, Minecraft DS) and 3DS hacker Smealum. He’s done some fun stuff with the custom – and unreleased – firmware he cooked up for his 3DS, too.

While 3DS flashcard makers focus on updates like multi-game support and firmware spoofing to make piracy more convenient (their region-locking circumvention is impressive, though), Smealum has hacked useful non-piracy stuff into his handheld, like the ability to take 3D screenshots from anywhere, including on the system menu and inside any game.

Now that we know it’s possible, I’m extra annoyed that every 3DS game doesn’t have this in-game screenshot ability (the PS Vita has this, by the way). It worked fantastic in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so why isn’t it in Ace Attorney: Destinies? Why are the only user screenshots in Pokémon XY available from photo spots?

We shouldn’t need to shell out $250+ to get unauthorized capture boards installed just so we can take in-game screenshots of our Pokémon and share them with our friends online.

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Here’s what you’ll need to run homebrew on a 3DS ⊟

We now know what game you’ll need to enable homebrew on your 3DS once the long-awaited exploit is released: Cubic Ninja. You can snag a used or new U.S. version for pretty cheap on Amazon right now, and Japanese copies aren’t too expensive either (the game’s also available on the JP eShop).

From what I can gather, the exploit allowing people to run homemade games and apps requires a copy of Cubic Ninja and a special file saved on your 3DS’s SD card. Once you have both, you will be able to install a Homebrew Channel onto a standard or New 3DS, no matter what your firmware. From there, you’ll be able to launch unofficial programs. Please note that this exploit does not support commercial or pirated games at all – the Pokémon and Zelda icons in the photo above are just there as placeholders (they’re actually an FTP app and homebrew first-person shooter Yeti3DS).

French hacker Smealum intends to release the exploit later this week. As you can see in the image above, he’s updated his Minecraft DS project for the 3DS to show off the exploit. It seems like the game and the Homebrew Channel are still a little rough, but these are important first steps toward developing a healthy homebrew community for the system. Thanks, Ubisoft and AQ Interactive, for helping make homebrew on the 3DS possible with Cubic Ninja!


Newer 3DSes hacked for homebrew, not piracy ⊟

Up until now, if you wanted to run unauthorized code on a 3DS (e.g. load homebrew, play pirated games, bypass region-locking), you needed to procure a system without any firmware updates newer than v4.5, which released 15 months ago. But in this new video, hacker Smealum demonstrates an exploit he’s uncovered that runs in v6.3 (released six months ago) and potentially current firmware.

While Smealum doesn’t want his work used for piracy, he says that’s not an issue with his SSSpwn exploit, as by it’s nature the hack can’t be used for that:

“It’s the sweet spot that gives us just enough to get awesome homebrew code running in arm11 user mode, but not enough to break the system bad enough to let anyone do whatever the hell they want. As such, I personally have no qualms with releasing the exploit into the wild.”

Smealum hasn’t released it yet, as he doesn’t want to “burn such a nice [vulnerability]” when it’s possible the hack can work with current and even future 3DS firmware. He’s hoping to give other reputable developers/hackers a crack at the exploit, though, so they can create 3DS homebrew dev tools.

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Homebrew coder Smealum just posted a new public update for DScraft, the unauthorized adaptation of Mojang’s Minecraft for Nintendo DS. He’s actually put out a number of new builds in the past several weeks, but those were available to only closed beta testers.

There’s a ton of features introduced since that first public demo, including dynamic water, a dynamic lighting system, cave generation, an inventory, and more.

Now all we need are some enemy mobs! Oh, and an update for Lumikha/LuaCraft, the other homebrew  DS project obviously inspired by Minecraft, but in 2D like Terraria.

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Watch on

DScraft beta test footage. Development continues on the two homebrew, Minecraft-inspired DS projects – here you can see plenty of additions Smealum’s added since the first rudimentary release, like basic controls, torches, texture pack support, new block types, and more.

Smealum hasn’t put out a public release showing his progress with DScraft so far, but you can see more of what he’s added in this recent fanmade trailer

The other Minecraft-style DS project, Lumikha (formerly LuaCraft), which more resembles Terraria with its sidescrolling 2D presentation, is also coming along nicely, though I think it really needs more attention so French developer Fantasix will continue to work on it.

I can’t wait until both projects start adding enemies, as the hostile world of Minecraft’s Beta always appealed to me more than the safer Classic version.

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3DS-Exploit SSSpwn für nächste Woche angeteasert

Smealum hat ein Release-Datum für seinen 3DS-Exploit gefunden und teasert fleißig auf Twitter.

Er ist der bekannteste 3DS-Hacker: Smealum, Entwickler von SSSpwn, dem ersten 3DS-Exploit, der eine Modifikation des 3DS ohne Flashkarte ermöglichen wird (um es gleich vorweg zu greifen: Nein,  “Backups” können nicht abgespielt werden!). Vor langer Zeit angekündigt, dann verschoben und jetzt kurz vor dem Release: Auf einem Bild, welches Smealum auf Twitter gepostet hat, sieht man rechts am Rande des Bildes “ONE MORE WEEK”.


— smea (@smealum) November 14, 2014

Das ist nicht etwas das Datum seines Examens, wie viele denken. Er hat es sogar bestätigt, dass es nicht das Datum des Examens ist, es fällt nur auch rein zufällig auf nächste Woche:

@GizmoKuroko coincidentally, yes, actually.

— smea (@smealum) November 14, 2014

Es mutet auch etwas seltsam an, dass Gateway ausgerechnet jetzt Support für die 3DS-Firmware v9.0 bestätigt.

SSSpwn wird die Firmware 4.0.0-7 bis 9.2.0-20 unterstützen – außer chinesische Regionen. Außerdem werden alle Revisionen des 3DS unterstützt, also auch der 2DS, der 3DS XL und der New 3DS (XL). Außerdem wird ein Spiel zur Ausführung des Exploits benötigt. Mehr Informationen bekommt ihr im WiiDatabase Wiki!

3DS-Update 9.2.0-20 veröffentlicht

Nintendo findet die großen Versionssprünge cool und überspringt daher gleich mal eine Nummer, zumindest außerhalb Japans: das 3DS-Systemupdate v9.2.0-20 ist verfügbar! Die v9.1.0-20 gab es nur in Japan und ermöglichte den Transfer zum New 3DS – der außerhalb Japans noch nicht verfügbar ist.

Smealums Exploit funktioniert noch! Flashkarten sollten auch nicht geblockt sein, dies hat Nintendo zuletzt mit v6.0 versucht.

PSA before i get flooded with questions : yes it’s ok to update to 9.2.0-20 !

— smea (@smealum) October 30, 2014

Geändert hat sich… nichts!

  • Verbesserungen der Systemstabilität und weitere Anpassungen

Quelle: Nintendo