SM Dasma Robinsons Pala-pala Vine Yard McDonalds Mini Meet Up.

The best and worst day ever!

  • I woke up. The end.
  • Kidding aside. I got to SMD a wee bit early. 10 am to be exact.
  • I ought to know that some of my friends might pop up early too, so we can discuss about the plan I have, but no.
  • Then I saw some cute little girls looking at me. OMFG! so cute.
  • OMFGG! They’re bloggers? AYFKM?
  • I read their lips from afar (Yeah I sort of know a bit of that).. they murmured “Tumblr oh, TYEMU pa yung ID nya”.
  • Me not having any shyness at first talked to them. *insert weird crazed look here*
  • The world has indeed changed. 13 year old girls with Samsung Galaxy’s and SLR cameras. *internal explosion*
  • AAO! They’re following me? OMFGGA! *insert super smile here*
  • One of the first guys to come was Aljohn (creatingmyownworld) my homie.
  • He was with two other bloggers who were really shy. OCGS?
  • Then one by one the other bloggers came. I don’t know most of them but I had to do something to ease the awkwardness of the moment. Meaning I talked to everyone I had the chance to. (my skin is that thick)
  • A plan failing. (she came early) So yeah, impromptu change of plans.
  • The number of bloggers went from a few people to a few dozen.
  • By the time almost everyone arrived. They decided to eat first. MCDO
  • Invaded and ransacked the place. Our shrieks and blabbers over encumbered the other unlucky customers.
  • I got scared and coward. I almost didn’t do what I planned for days.
  • Thanks to my friends though, the plan was executed.
  • ~An hour of cowardice, minutes of humiliation, seconds of sweetness, whole day of neglection~
  • At least I did it though.
  • Went to the wide part of the mall in front of Starbucks.
  • Kuya Rhod (Sirhodnamahalay) started to do some “introduce yourself” stuff.
  • But a hellbent Security guard sent us off. AYFKM? It’s his job, so kudos to him.
  • I played with everyone’s chins. Including the sisters Jhap (Jhapepe) and Ced (Pilosopotacio), Josh (Insertoshua), my homies Ian (Kunatt), Robin (Robinpayatot), Arwin (Supladongarwin).
  • Next place to crash: Robinsons Pala-pala. 
  • Exchanged a bit of laughs and blabbers.
  • I got into a weirdcussion (weird discussion) with some of my old new Tumblr friends.
  • When discussions on where we should perform the activities went on. Zab (Zabooology) suggested we go to their place. This place called Vine Yard.
  • “Damn it is so cold I could use my nose drips as chopsticks” - Ice Age
  • Kidding aside. It really was that cold. Just the same chill I have here in Indang.
  • Good thing the guards there were nice and friendly, even if we were that many they let us in. Kudos Guards! Arigatou! kansahamnida! Xie Xie! Terima kasih!
  • We went to this “Club House” place, and OWR they have a pool!
  • Swiz (Themightywarrior) wasn’t able to resist thy temptation so he took a dip in the pool. Only his feet though, so Hakuna matata.
  • Then the introductions began.
  • We formed this circle on the middle of the Basketball court and started talking.
  • Led by the PEYMUS Guil (Guiltytoledo). He always has puns and last second impromptu things to say that will make everyone ROFLMFAO.
  • After the intoductions, some of us played “Bente-uno”, sort of like a multiplying game of tag. When the first “It” tags a player, they both become an “It”, same with those they tag. Until the last one is tagged.
  • Some people preferred to give each other tight hugs, mainly because of the chilly temperature. They all acted like heaters.
  • I only hugged Ryza (Manhidnatorpepa), Daiyen (Lechugasako) and Nhien (Nhienditoakoumiibigsayo).
  • Then when it grew much darker, some went home.
  • The others stayed and went to Zab’s crib for a slumber party.
  • Some of us though, weren’t able to ask our parents about that so we had to go home.
  • We went to McDonald’s first to grab dinner.
  • Then off home.


I would have posted this a lot earlier but my blasted but newly operated braced gamer geek uncle played W.O.T first and finished just this morning. Leaving this post on my drafts unfinished for a whole day.

Sorry for those not mention in this post.

Thank you for the good memories.


Photo credits to their respective owners.